Friday, January 23, 2009

Exploring in the Studio

I wanted to share this with you since I thought it turned out kind of nice. Like many of you, I get going sometimes with trying different things to see if I might use them for larger pieces in some way.

This is just a 5x5 piece of what I purchased as Acrylic Paper. I am not sure what that means, but I will not purchase kind of seems like a plasticized paper to me. That aside, I want to share with you what I did to get this effect. The acrylic paper was painted with acrylic paint (in this case a blue) and while it was wet I sprinkled pearl powder (this was Jacqurd PearlEx brand) using a few layers of gauze. I then allowed that to dry. The powder was still easy to remove from the surface, so I did not want to use a brush to move it around because I liked the effect. What to do to seal it? Mmm, I was not sure, but what did I have to loose? I spooned the clear acrylic glaze into the middle of this piece...spoonful by spoonful. Yes, it was tilted the paper until it seemed smooth over the surface. If you click on this image and look around the edges, you can see where the glaze did not get to every edge of this paper. Once it was spread out to the edges, I left it to dry for a couple of days. Now you can see the final result.

While I will not use the acrylic paper for anything but testing (and will not buy more), I will use this technique again without a doubt! What do you think? Would you consider trying something similar? Do you think it would work out with other base colors, too? Do you have any other ideas for sealing the powder on the surface?

Now, are you planning a fun weekend? I hope to get a bit of creative time in sometime this weekend!

Enjoy Everyone!


soulbrush said...

what an interesting effect. looks like snow...and then again it looks like the galaxy, what you plan to do with it?

sukipoet said...

I love the way this turned out. Never heard of acrylic paper. Re the gauze, is it attached to the paper? Or did you just use it to sort of sift the powder pigment? This looks so rich to me and is sort of what i was trying to do with my painted "galaxy." Hope you have a great weekend too.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Soul,

I will probably use this for working out an idea for a larger painting unless someone has some other idea for it. Then it will possibly go into a notebook as a reference piece.

It is interesting for me, too.

Thanks Soul,



Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

Yes, the gauze was used to only sift the powder pigment through. I am glad you like it...feel free to give it a try sometime, if you like. The one thing I should have said, though, is I do use a mask when I work with those powder pigments. In this case they don't go everywhere, but it is powder and I do not want to take any risks.

I also see this in a lot of other colors!

Thanks Sweet Suki!



Dianne said...

Dear Kim,
This looks so beautiful, I wonder if you can get the same effect on a canvas? Perhaps you can seal it initially with one of those pastel aerosol thingies, you blow in it and it sucks up and sprays the sealing mixture onto the surface - the mixture would have to be quite liquidy.
Have a great weekend!
Love Dianne x x

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Dianne,

We are going to see as I have some little canvases drying right now. That is a good idea about the aerosol thingy. I am not sure I can get this that thin, but it might be worth a try. I know Elis uses a spray bottle with some thinned matte medium, however she says she really goes through them.

Thanks for the great thoughts here. I will let you know how it turns out on canvas.

You have a lovely weekend.



Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I've never used powdered pearl or the acrylic paper but it all sounds interesting. I agree with Dianne about using a spray thingy for sealing. I buy printmaking paper and seal it with gesso as my base. Your two pieces seem to have a lovely reflective quality...must be the pearl.
I have a gift card at an art store and that means buying things I would never buy otherwise...maybe I'll get some of this pearl acrylic. Have a great weekend!
Mary Ann

~Babs said...

Upon enlarging, this paper looks like what I have that is called Canva Paper.
I've not worked with powdered pigments,,but it looks really interesting!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

You might like working with some of the reflective acrylics. Have you ever used the metals or the inference paints? They are also fabulous. You can mix them in or apply them (the pearl and inference, anyway) on their own. This is a powdered pigment, but you can also purchase pearl paint. I used the pearl acrylic on the piece in the post before this one. Some of the paint which was poured in that piece had inference paint added, too.

Have fun playing with your new creative toys...nothing like a gift card for the local art supply shop.

Have a Lovely Weekend Mary Ann



Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs,

Yes, this is kind of like that canvas paper in that it has the same texture. I don't know, for me just a good heavy watercolor paper works better. I suppose if you really like to use a paper where the paint sits on top of the paper it is fine, but you could also gesso the paper. I suppose it is all in what you are looking for, right?

You would probably like the powered pigments...they are good for applying or if you want to create create super saturated paint. I bet you could come up with some great work with them, Babs!

Have a Fun Weekend!



marianne said...

Fun experiment and the result is marvelous!
Never heard of acrylic paper.......maybe something like wallpaper?
I will go to Rotterdam this weekend. Will start with a standby period of 5 days. well at least I will be in the neighbourhood when something changes with Dad.

Have a nice weekend Kim!

hug >M<

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne, I am glad you like the result of this little experiment.

The acrylic paper was purchased in the sketchbook section of the art supply shop. It is basically a plastic type of paper with a texture stamped on the surface. I suppose I just did not see the point, but maybe I just did not use it the way it was intended or something.

Oh I know you don't like being away from your family, but I am also glad you are going to be nearby your parents with your father so ill. Maybe you will just have to be on standby and not have to go anywhere. Be Safe, Marianne...I hope you find your father doing better.



Lynette said...

It reminds me what we may get a little of here tomorrow...sparkly ice crystals. Kim, I really like the effects of that powder!

Yvette said...

to be honest, I hope you don't mind, only the experimental with pearl powder looks nice. If I enlarge it...I,m not as exited as I am with yor art.
hope you don't mind me saying

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Yvette,

I do understand what you mean, Yvette. This was just a test piece where I was trying to work out if I wanted to use this technique and I will also use this to work out what might go over this. In doing these little tests, I do not have to create a large canvas work to realize I do not like it.

It is nice to hear my art excites you.

I do not mind you saying at all.

Thanks Yvette!