Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where Oh Where Will It All Go?

It seems the last of the winter weather is clearing out for us. With temps in the low 50's F, I am feeling Spring 2007 is just around the corner. Today, I have been going over the plan sketches of our new house trying to decide how to set up my studio space. It seems there is a call for lots of space from the men in my life! I suppose they are wanting to spread their wings after living in our little European cottage. Well, that is fine. I can find space for my work.

Our air shipment arrived and I quickly pulled out the few things I had in there. How nice it was to see those boxes of pastels and make a mark on the page with them. They felt so nice in my hand. I also had some metal bits my friend, Silke, had given me tucked in the bag of supplies. A few of those escaped from their containers and made me wonder what it would be like to combine oil pastels and metal bits. I think that will be something to try out soon.

But I am still longing for my paints! I have a feeling, though, painting on the house walls will probably come before painting on Kim's canvases. Oh well, that wall painting is going to give me time to gather more inspiration. I have painted so many walls in my day, I should be able to crank those out quickly. I just have to get them all planned out, so I can get them taken care of.

Mostly, I think we are all just eager to get settled. We are going to have to wait, though. We still have 3 weeks before we close on this house. That is probably just enough time to get things ready so we can toss everything else up in the air, again!

Friday, February 16, 2007

The mark on the page makes the biggest difference in my life...but I have to make the mark!

Yesterday, I purchased a few technical pens to make a few marks on the Bristol while I wait for the air shipment to arrive! What a difference that has made. Today my spirit is much brighter. It is very cold here today, but my son and I ventured out to meet my daughter for lunch downtown. It was lovely to be out in the cold air, then arrive back to have a cup of tea by the fire while I put a few thoughts down here. What have I learned? Do not trust your air shipment will arrive close to the same time you do when moving. I just trusted the process too much. But without this happening, I would not have been allowed the chance to re-evaluate what is important to me. So, in the end, I still won. I just need to remain focused on my intentions and my needs.

Now, back to those marks while I wait for the other items to arrive....

It is a lovely day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This morning I woke up to some winter weather, again. It really makes me want to paint, but I do not have my studio! I do not even have paints! I purchased a small pad of Bristol a few days ago, so I am going to pull some pens out and see what develops there. I really want my studio items to come so I can begin to sit up my space again. I had some basic items air shipped, however they have also not arrived. I know the challenges are there for a reason. I just have to be patient with it all. Sometimes these challenges are to remind me how important it is for me to do my work and meet my needs. It also reminds me of the other supportive work that needs to happen.

I know when I am able to paint again, I am going to have so many forms of inspiration. I know slow and steady is a positive pace for me, but my life doesn't allow that so very much. Instead it challenges me to work in other ways and provides me with tons of inspiration. Lucky Me. A focus on the positive keeps me working.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting Started

Creating is something that is very important to me. I find there are many ways to feed this need, but painting is one of the most rewarding ways to satisfy my cravings. Since we are in the middle of an international move, I have not had the opportunity to make marks for a while. I have intended to create a blog for some time and felt now is the moment.

My work is greatly influenced by physical locations, emotions and materials. When I get going in my studio again, I know I will be unstoppable. In 2006, I painted over 50 canvases. My intention is to begin to get these up on a web site soon. The good news is, even without a web site, clients in the United States, Europe and New Zealand have begun to collect some of my paintings.

I am eager to get back in the studio....