Friday, February 16, 2007

The mark on the page makes the biggest difference in my life...but I have to make the mark!

Yesterday, I purchased a few technical pens to make a few marks on the Bristol while I wait for the air shipment to arrive! What a difference that has made. Today my spirit is much brighter. It is very cold here today, but my son and I ventured out to meet my daughter for lunch downtown. It was lovely to be out in the cold air, then arrive back to have a cup of tea by the fire while I put a few thoughts down here. What have I learned? Do not trust your air shipment will arrive close to the same time you do when moving. I just trusted the process too much. But without this happening, I would not have been allowed the chance to re-evaluate what is important to me. So, in the end, I still won. I just need to remain focused on my intentions and my needs.

Now, back to those marks while I wait for the other items to arrive....

It is a lovely day.

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