Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This morning I woke up to some winter weather, again. It really makes me want to paint, but I do not have my studio! I do not even have paints! I purchased a small pad of Bristol a few days ago, so I am going to pull some pens out and see what develops there. I really want my studio items to come so I can begin to sit up my space again. I had some basic items air shipped, however they have also not arrived. I know the challenges are there for a reason. I just have to be patient with it all. Sometimes these challenges are to remind me how important it is for me to do my work and meet my needs. It also reminds me of the other supportive work that needs to happen.

I know when I am able to paint again, I am going to have so many forms of inspiration. I know slow and steady is a positive pace for me, but my life doesn't allow that so very much. Instead it challenges me to work in other ways and provides me with tons of inspiration. Lucky Me. A focus on the positive keeps me working.

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