Monday, February 2, 2009

A Book and An Award

I want to thank everyone for your kind comments on my conversation with Dianne last week. I also want to thank Dianne for all her work on this wonderful conversation. It was a true delight. Please visit Dianne's blog to read more comments and join in there talking about this wonderful conversation.

I really am painting and with our ice and snow here last week, I spent some of every day in the studio. Yippee! Of course there was the regular kinds of things which had to be taken care of as well, so it is not as though I spent all day every day painting. I should have some new work to share with you before too very long.

Today I thought you might like to see this book. Do any of you own it? I received it for a Christmas gift this year and really do like it a lot.
This focuses a bit more on truly abstracting work and not as much on intuitive type work. I have found it really helpful in tuning up composition and looking at color in a different way. While I would love reading about intuitive painting all the time, these books are truly helpful in helping me understand how another type of artists meets their art. I never know what will come out when I am in flow. It may be a book you find valuable.

Sweet, Mary Ann, at Blue Sky Dreaming has bestowed this award on me. Wow! I am honored she feels I am a writer! Thank you Mary Ann. This is a real honor.
I am going to try to come up with 5 who have not received this award. Try is the operative word.

1. Soulbrush who writes about life in Snowy London and being a new Grandma

2. Marianne who writes Mandalas and More from any location in the world.

3. Juan Belisa who writes Poetic Painting from his favorite spot in Spain.

4. Cris who writes about her art and her life from Oregon.

5. Rachete who writes A Painters Diary from New York City.

So here are the rules:

1. Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most deserving Bloggy friends.
2.Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award
3. Each Superior Scribbler must link to Scholastic Scribe, which explains The Award.
4. Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, will be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this Prestigious Honor. (and it is really interesting to go there to see the list! wow!)
5.Each Superior Scribbler must post these links on his/her blog.

I hope you enjoy getting to know any of these bloggers you do not already follow and reconnecting with the ones you do.

It seems as though I have spent a lot of time this weekend in front of this computer, so if I am not as fast getting to your blogs, I hope you will understand how tired I am of this machine...I truly have a love/hate relationship with it! :) How about you? Do you find you love to hate your computer from time to time? Do you feel as though if you don't take care of things when they pop up, you are only going to get more and more behind?

Everyone have a Fabulous Day and Great Start to the Week!


soulbrush said...

what an honour kim. thanks so much. i love it. will definitely pass it on to some other superior scribblers. yes, my computer seems to draw me to it, yet i am alwasy relieved to get away from it too! ha ha. btw, did you ever hear from TTATF as to whether they are publishing your submission. I never did.

Unknown said...

Hello Kim:) Congratulations for this award, which is so well earned cause your musings about art, fellow artists, work processes are always interesting and challenging!
The book looks very interesting too, of course it makes me want to look into it. I like the cover!
And concerning your question, I answer that with a HUUUUUUUGe
YES! I'm always "behind", so that often I cannot comment on comments or go and visit all I want to visit, that makes me feel so selfish. But then, I guess we are all alike cause there is this other life to be taken care of, isn't it? So, I let things pop up and then down again, thinking of the BWO, Blogging without obligation- concept....
Have a wonderful day, give your computer a break:)

Andrea and Kim said...

You are so welcome, Soul. You so deserve this! I know you have some excellent people to pass this on to.

I did hear from TTATF about a photo, actually. I am surprised you have not. Mmmm... I did hear they had quite a few people to contact, however. Make sure they have your contact information absolutely correct.

Have a Good Day, Soul, In Snowy London!



Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Andrea! You are very sweet to say those kind words about this blog.

The book is interesting and I, too, love the cover. :)

Thank you so much! Sometimes I think I am going crazy with trying to keep up with things here. Sometimes, I think I need a standing level desk so I can type and move around at the same time!

Okay I am now in the fram of mind of BWO...I am posting that on top of my computer! Thank you , thank you , thank you! I absolutely do feel selfish from time to time. I care about all these people, but I can't seem to make it all happen, you know?

I am very grateful for your understanding!



~Babs said...

Mornin' Kim,
Feeling just a tad Blogged down today? Sometimes we need to step back;take a breather.

I think that's one art book I've missed.
#:-D (but I too like the cover)

Cool award, well deserved.

I've taken a good bit of studio time lately myself, and seem to be drawn to continuing the clay play.For whatever reason,,,,it feels like what I'm supposed to be creating right now.
Meanwhile, the house is piling up,,,I don't care,,,,but I do have to go to the grocery this afternoon.
Congrats on your Gallery Promo,,,but the link didn't work for me.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Sweet Babs!

Yes, I think I am feeling that way right now about bloggy. I have moved my computer, though...standing to type now...and maybe I will like that better! I hope so.

You know, I think you absolutely might like this book. It is funny, when I put it up there I thought of 2 or 3 people off the top and you were one of them.

Oh, I am glad to hear you are giving yourself a lot of studio time. I LOVE the clay work you are doing...I totally understand how it can feel right to be doing something particular. These are very appealing to me. I love the way you are combining things.

I think I have fixed that link...thank you so much for alerting me about it. I hope it stays fixed :)

Congratulations on the award yourself, my dear! Completely well deserved on your side, too!



Juan Bielsa. said...

Hi Kim,

Thank you very much, it is an honor.

I'am going to read the rules another time; I'll do my best to direct the links in the right direction.

The important thing and the real award for me, Kim, is your kindness including me among such a great bloggers. That's the privilege and the award for me!

Really, really, your great blog deserve this kind of awards. I have so many blogs in different languages that Poetic Painting suffers from that. Besides, my English is not so good...

Dear Kim, I'm fully grateful to you. Thanks again.

From the Realm of Aragon (Spain), your friend

Juan Bielsa

Yvette said...

yes, this really suits you..the reading your writing

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Juan! Of course you deserve this award and you may add it to any blog you like...I am just used to your Poetic Painting blog! :)

These rules are a bit complicated and you may have to translate them a bit. They do sound a lot worse than they really are, though.

You should be honored, Juan. You are a fabulous blogger (and one of my very oldest readers here, too). Sometimes I come to your blog and know kind of hang out without posting a comment), too...just telling you the truth. I think your English is wonderful! Truly! I sure could not do Spanish at all. I was grateful for your countrymen speaking English when I visited there!

Thank you for your kind word, Juan! You are a true friend!



Andrea and Kim said...

Yvette, you are so sweet. Thank you so much!



sukipoet said...

So glad you have had some time in your studio. The book looks interesting and stimulating. When I pace myself, I'm okay with the computer but sometimes I get sort of "addicted" and then pay for it with aching neck and a sort of "burn out." However, except for a few emails and blogging I dont spend a lot of time doing other things on the computer. Take care Kim, Suki

sukipoet said...

ps congrats on the award

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, you also deserve congratulations on this award! I thank you!

Good for you pacing yourself. I am one of those people who puts my head down and goes...I also have the some times annoying quality of focusing on the tiniest details when something is important to me...and my blog friends are very important to me!

I have a lot to you think I can at this late date?

Thanks Suki!



Dianne said...

Dear Kim,
Thank you for our lovely conversation, Kim, I have so enjoyed reading all the comments on your blog and mine.
Yes, a friend lent me this book and I enjoyed seeing her interpretation of abstraction from reality. Her colours remind me of the Fauves.
Congrats on the award, you deserve it with all your wonderful postings.
Yes, I also fell guilty about not getting to visit all the blogs I follow, I just can't find the time, this could become all encompassing - painting has to take priority.
Glad the weather gave you opportunity to paint up a storm!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Dianne, it was absolutely my honor to do this with you. I have learned so much! Thank you for your many gifts to everyone.

You are right the colors are very much like the Fauves...I had not thought of that!

As did you deserve this write such a lovely blog.

I am learning as I go here. It just seems as though sometimes the computer really does me in. This change of moving my computer and working here while paint is drying has worked for today...we will see how long it lasts. At least I am not sitting so darn much...waiting for some things to load sometime when I try to get too many things going at once, you know.

I feel very determined to get into the studio each week day if there is any way at all to do that!

Thanks Dianne!



Cynthia Pittmann said...

Congratulations! Of course you are a writer...and you have a great art/heart blog. Interesting cover. I like the color juxtaposition.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Cynthia! You are so kind to say this. Sometimes, I wish I could express myself better and clearer, then I tell myself I can't do everything...nor do I wish to do everything. :)

Have a Beautiful Day!

Vikki North said...

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Lynette said...

Kim this looks like a good book to read and congrats on your award!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Lynette! You would probably like this book a lot!



marianne said...

Thanks so much Kim!
So sweet of you!
I don´t consider myself much of a writer........but It´s a honor getting it from you!

Andrea and Kim said...

What? Marianne, you share so much on your blog. Think of all the insights you give on color, spirit and animals. You are a writer! You are also ever so welcome!