Monday, July 27, 2009

New Beginnings

Hello Everyone!
I appreciate you giving me some time here to evaluate and get some thinking time about what I need and want to do. I have been working on quite a few projects...some in their infancy others slowly coming to their fullness. I will be letting you in on what is happening as they become ready to share. As for now, it is this blog I want to talk about.
As many of you know I have place a great deal of emphasis on my blog and love this part of my work. Blogging is a great way to share with other artist and those who love art. I have made some decisions about Creating Space, though. One thing is I am going to be pulling back a bit as far as the number of posts I create. I have started some new work which is very time consuming. I am loving the time I spend in the studio more and more with this, or maybe I should say these, project(s), so my time is limited. As many of you know because you are doing the same kinds of things, my online presence goes beyond blogging. You can find me on my web site (which should be featuring some of my new work soon), facebook, twitter, art bistro and several venues on ning. I have also been asked to do an interview with whohub and found that to be an excellent experience. I also have some other online projects in the works which I will let you know about when they are ready. Needless to say, the computer takes more time, already, than I would like it to take, but I am really enjoying meeting all of you.
So what does it mean for Creating Space? It means my actual paintings are going to be reserved for my web site, but you will be able to find some of my preliminary work and detail shots here from time to time. I am going to be using this venue to explore the work of other artist and other venues which are an important part of my day to day life. I will be talking about things like the books I am reading, writing, art of all kinds, travel, and all the parts of my life which help bring my paintings to their final form.
The photograph above was taken during a travel earlier this year. I thought it was a lovely representation of finding the subtleties this wonderful world has to share with us and trying to learn where to place the emphasis.
I hope you will join me as I begin this new adventure. It feels right for me right now. I am looking forward to hearing from each of you. For now, I plan on the first of many exciting posts to be up later this week!
Thank You All For Your Friendship and Your Patience!


Cynthia Pittmann said...

Kim, it's so satisfying to delve into a project with deep concentration so it's no surprise you want to pull back a bit. Good luck on all of your projects. Sending you support and love. <3

marianne said...

Hi Kim,

Good of you you see what you need at this time and that you make choices.
You can only spend your time once just like money.
Good luck with all your new projects and see you around and creating!

hug >M<

Andrea and Kim said...

Cynthia, thanks so much for your understanding on this matter. You are right, it is very satisfying to be completely consumed with projects you love.

Marianne, I love how you said time is just like money, you can only spend it once! So true! Thanks for your understanding, I truly appreciate it!

Have a nice day, Ladies!

Yvette said...

hug Kim!!!!!!!take your time with everything!
contemplation is a great good!
we don't walk away


sukipoet said...

kim, sounds like you are busy and have many plans. That's great. I too have geared back on my blog posting. As with all things, they rise and they fall, the become intense and then less intense. It's all okay. Be well and have fun with your projects.

San said...

Kim, as you know, I am inclined to vanish into my studio and away from Blogland. I don't believe people judge us for this. I hope not anyway. I too cherish the friendship and support in our blogging community.

You sound all fired up. And that's good. When you have a chance, wander over to my place and read about the dreaming event. It might be up your alley, lady.