Monday, June 18, 2007

Do you find inspiration in all kinds of places? I know I am so very inspired by natural things and many people are. I am also find inspiration in other places as well. I carry my camera around a lot and take photos that many people would not take. For example, food photos can show some of the most amazing textures. Are you inspired by retail? I know I often get bursts of inspiration when I spend a bit of time exploring art supply shops or farmer's markets. Beautiful shop displays can tons of fun and very inspirational. I also find that store fronts and street scenes can get me going.

This is a photo of The Tea House in London. It is the greatest little shop on the inside. You can probably imagine all of the tea leaves, the tea pots and cups, the tea tins and all of the tea making necessities you might find inside this shop. But the exterior is tremendous fun and draws you in to enjoy the inside. In this photograph, take a close look at the light, the textures, the shapes, the lines and the colors of this photo. Do you feel inspired to create? I know I have a few things cooking in my head.

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