Friday, June 22, 2007

Part of the Beginning

A few afternoons this week, I was able to get into my studio and work on a couple of projects there. In the last post, I talked a little bit about what is inspirational. I use my digital SLR a lot to capture bits and pieces of what calls out to me. I do not tend to be a people photographer, but sometimes parts of people hold an interest for people photos are really snap and shoots. Anyway, back to the inspiration...with the canvas I am currently working on, this image of an old apple tree on my parents' Virginia farm prodded me along. While the final result will not look anything like the photograph (thank goodness), it is what inspired what I am currently working on. So stay tuned to the end result.

Do you ever find a photograph and being to wonder about the parts and what they really have to say? I think this old tree has a story to tell. Do you?

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