Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Snow

I am still trying to get to my studio to paint, but my son's applications are still commanding a lot of time. We really want these things out of our hair before next weekend, too. The information some of the schools ask for is amazing. I know some schools just want you to fill out some forms, but the schools he is interested are asking for lots and lots of stuff. Anyway, it is all for a very good cause. Once the holidays are over, I hope to get back to my studio and get some serious art work done.

Today is the fist snow of the season here. It is very beautiful and puts me in the holiday mood. I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy this special gift nature provides from inside my house. Jonathan and I are busily working on our computers in front of the fire, today.

With all that is going on, I know my postings here will be fewer and fewer as the end of the month draws near. So, in the meantime, enjoy all the season has to bring.


Jafagirls said...

arg! I remember having to go through all that. Yes very time consuming.
I am finding it difficult to get down to any serious painting and I think it is because I am so distracted with the holidays and art business (such as writing a blasted artists statement for a cv-arg!!!!!!!!)

Lynette said...

Kim, oh my gosh, what gorgeous snow photos!! There's no snow on the ground down here in the south central part of Virginia where I am but it's so cold tonight! brrr, 22degrees but dry and clear!

Andrea and Kim said...

Jafa...oh, you are in the same place I am - overwhelmed with appropriate words! That is the way I feel sometimes when I have to do a lot of "official" paperwork. Art business stuff is right up there with the applications. Well, they are both for a very good cause, so let's see what our best words can make happen. Maybe we will be hearing good news about a show for you sometime soon.

Awe, Lynette! I know you were wishing for some snow down your way! We did get quite a little bit here in Vienna. I have to say I am enjoying it very much. Maybe for Christmas, uh Lynette? That would be cool, don't you think? We haven't had a white Christmas since we lived in Montana, so I am ready for it this year. What about you? Let's put in our order.