Monday, December 3, 2007


This weekend, Steve (my husband) and I went to his company's holiday party. It was a lovely time, and we actually stayed at the hotel rather than head out into the early hours of Sunday morning. When we returned home late Sunday morning, we found this new friend sitting on a branch of a dogwood tree in our front yard! Jonathan grabbed the camera and took a few shots. For me, s/he was so content and happy just to hang out there a bit to see if it was the place to be. This owl is a good artist, don't you think? S/he was willing to take the risk of resting on a low branch of the tree, happy just to see what was happening around her/him and allowing the next door to open where it might. Sometimes I feel as though I am not a productive artist if I don't spend "X" number of hours in the studio, but maybe I am like this owl...I am doing art as long as I am living my creative life, and all I do has an impact on what I do when I finally make it into my studio.


Lynette said...

What a fantastic photo your husband got of the owl!! Did he use a telephoto lens on the camera? What a great picture! We have had a ring-tail hawk hanging out in our backyard recently, but when I take a picture of him, he's so tiny in the photo. He's usually at the back of the yard and flies away when we try to get closer to him though.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Lynette,

Actually my son was able to get the husband will not touch a camera :) He did use a telephoto lens, but this guy let us get really close to him, too. He just wasn't concerned at all we were there watching him.

I can imagine you are really eager to get a shot of your hawk! He must be a beautiful creature. Is there any way you can get a shot of him in flight? I have a feature on my camera which automatically adjusts for movement...children playing, animals, etc. Do you have that? I can imagine a photo of your hawk, in flight, would be very impressive, too.

Let me know if you get him!

Unknown said...

Aren't owls supposed to be symbols of wisdom? This is a very wise post, I love it and I enjoy to spend my days like her:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, I believe that is true of owls. Thank you, again! It is lovely to have you visiting me so deeply into my world. Love, Kim