Friday, November 30, 2007

Friends and Inspiration

Yesterday Flo replied to the "Between Holidays" posting. I had said I really liked working large, but found it difficult right now getting stuck into those large works. Flo remarked working small may help as it also didn't require as much energy (which is helpful during very busy times). In this photo, you can see a few of my doodlings with smaller bits and pieces...maybe Flo is right, I should be more serious about those. Visit Flo's web site at:
She has some beautiful work there.
Additionally, Jafabrit commented on yesterday's posting about how awesome mother nature is. She said she had no need to reproduce nature in her art, because she felt as though it was awe inspiring just as it was. I thought that was a fabulous way to see abstract work. I clearly paint from the emotions I feel from my inspirations. Visit Jafabrit's blog at: I am sure you will see what she means.
Oh Yes, Babs left a lovely comment on yesterday's post, too. On her blog at, Babs has a painting of Penelope. Penelope has made quite a stir on the Wet Canvas web site. If you visit her, I think you will see why.
If you look closely at some of the bits and pieces on my work table, you might see the work show up one day as an image all to itself. So, for now, I am thinking smaller. Although, I will not be giving up my large paintings any time soon.
Have a Wonderful Weekend.


jafabrit said...

Thanks for the shout out :)
Yes, it is true, I feel abstract is an an emotional response to things that move us. Most of my work is the same, but in a representational way. Not trying to always capture a specific image as much as my response to it.

Andrea and Kim said...

You bet!

My work is so emotionally driven. When I did most of my creative work in interior design (interpreting other people's emotions into living and working enviroments), I found it so confining. Now, the interior design works comes so much easier and is so much more creative.

Art is a powerful tool.

Lynette said...

I agree that art is a powerful tool and makes life much richer and better for us all. It looks like you are in a creative mood in this photo!

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes Lynnette, I seem to have more creative drive than I have time to create these days! I suppose we all know what that is like.


Anonymous said...

Kim you look like you've been very productive with in your work space with your smaller paintings
. I find that working small can be a great outlet too. But sometimes the really small ones are as time consuming as the large ones. Right now I'm working on 8"x10" canvas. They seem to be a nice size to allow for looseness while taking less time to complete.

~Babs said...

Kim, thanks for your kind comments about Penelope. :-)

I'd like to say that I wish my workspace looked as organized as yours does. :-)

Mine is currently a wonder to behold! I MUST get more orderly in the New Year!

Andrea and Kim said...

Cindy, thank you for visiting. I am trying to get to these smaller ones. I still like my large works, but it seems the smaller ones are finding a place in my practice, too.

Babs, Penelope is such a dear! You make me laugh, though! I drive the rest of my family crazy with my studio mess! It is a very, very small space with a lot in it! But you know, I have come to realize I am truly a very visual person, so I have a need to "SEE" all the options I have to work with. Do you think what appears to be visual confusion is really highly organized to the artist?