Saturday, November 10, 2007


Horizon 9
24" x 36"
Mixed Media
After a ten hour drive through some bad weather and traffic, we returned home after a good, productive week in New England. I am ready to get back to the studio, and hopefully I can make that time soon.

I have several paintings going, right now. The one I am showing you here is also from my current series.

As you can tell, water and light play an important part in this series.
Once I get myself back to "normal"...okay, so not honestly normal...I will be able to compose more text. Until then, this will have to do.


Unknown said...

It is so interesting to watch your work. Here for example I can see a flash back to the structure, with this little cube and on the other hand there is the splashing waterfoam, a great contrast!

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, you know I am all about contrast! I love the tension. I think there is a lot of my structure that comes up in these works. Yes! Thanks Andrea!