Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Inspired by Materials

I am inspired by many things, but one place I can go to always be inspired is the local art supply shop or even the online shop. The supports, the colors, the mediums and even the art furniture make my head spin.
This photo of a WIP shows the use of lots of items. Clearly there is black acrylic paint, but this paint has been painted over rice paper in some places, then torn away. Oil pastels show up in the form of "pink" matter. And the sparkly, textured surface is pumice which has been "stained" with acrylic paint. If you look closely along the edge, there is also a line of yellow oil pastel which is kind of dug into the pumice. This little corner is heavy with layers of materials.
This painting has never been completed, but just working with these materials has inspired other works. So when I feel uninspired, I will either head off to the art shop or head for my computer. As has been said before...inspiration is all around us.

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