Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Inspiration

My family enjoys traveling to the Northwest corner of Montana with some regularity. While there are many things which draw us there, the colors are very close to the top of the list. As artists have known forever, nature knows what she is doing.
In this area of Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana the reds and greens of the rocks have become an inspiration for me when I am drawn to particular hues. But it is not only the rocks, but the glacial lakes, and one cannot forget the sky! The beautiful clear skies of the summer are an inpiration in themselves.
In the photograph on the right you can see some of the colors which draw me in. In the photo on the left, you can see a close-up and clearer image of the red rock which is seen on the side of the mountain in the long view photograph. The other interesting thing about this particular rock is the hue actually beomes quite purple when it is wet!


~Babs said...

You're so right Kim, Mother Nature knows what she's doing. Great snaps!
Also enjoyed your mixed media below!


Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Babs! I do get so inspired by nature, although my work probably wouldn't bring that to mind immediately. Then again, sometimes I think it is often several bits and pieces that come together to inspire me!

jafabrit said...

Sometimes I just blown away by the magnificence of nature, of the colours of butterflies, birds, flowers. I rarely feel the need to capture it on canvas because nature already does such a magnificent job lol!

Andrea and Kim said...

I sure like the way you think! I feel the same way...I am more about capturing how it makes me feel...anyway, I have my camera which does a great job! But the inspiration and volumes of information nature provides is absolutely amazing. The key is being able to see it.

Unknown said...

Kim, these photos have a special effect on me, they make me the opposite of homesick. I wonder whether there's a word for this in english,

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Andrea, this place is amazing! I have a spiritual experience each time I go there. I have some Native American blood in me (although not from the tribes of this area) and feel as though the earth actually speaks to me when I am here...of course I can become still enough to hear it! You know? I suppose the opposite of homesick would be just this...a spiritual experience.