Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Layers of Color

Horizon 2 (also titled Looking into France)

24" x 36" Deep, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Mixed Media


Yesterday my friend Lesley McIver posted a comment about using color in her glass art. She sometimes feels limited in color choices since the glass is pigmented when she purchases the raw materials. I wondered if layering the colors would make a difference in how the hues were perceived.

In this painting, there is a great deal of layering with the pigments. Some you can see and others are more subtle. But the point it layering the transparent pigments gives a greater depth than can not be achieved by just mixing various hues.

Anyway, Lesley has me thinking about I better get in the studio and see what comes of it.

Please do visit Lesley's web site to see her beautiful art jewelry. Christmas is just around the corner and her work makes the greatest gifts.


Unknown said...

Well, that's high praise indeed! Thank you Kim.
Yes, by layering transparent colours over the top of one another, or transparent over an opaque glass, the colours do change remarkably. That's a wonderful part of the alchemy of glass which keeps me going. There's always a surprise in the way glass colours have mixed, blended, sunk and altered.
A fun thing to do, that I think you could also do with paint, is to lay on an opaque colour, then add layer on layer of transparent colours to make the initial colour either receed into the background or come right forward - almost magnify.
The three dimensionality of glass is very intriguing in this way.
By the way Kim - I love this new painting - I love the way we can make our own interpretation of your art, and I also love that most of them are very restful - not unchallenging, just dreamlike.


Andrea and Kim said...

Okay Les, that is so great. I adore glass art and especially your work. I think I have seen where you have used this technique of laying transparant hues over opaque ones. I can imagine how exciting it is to see these colors change when you are working with them.

I love doing similar things with paint. Although our mediums are different, we can learn so much about how to play with manipulation from each other.

Thank you for the kudos on this painting. I like it a lot, too. It was so much fun to see how the new owner was so drawn to it. While I encouraged him to hang it the way that he wanted, he was absolutely certain it would hang as it was painted.

Yes, my art isn't all that challenging. But most people would agree I am not that challenging a person...Steve may feel differently, though. :)

Thanks Les!