Friday, November 2, 2007

Back to Blogging

Of course it has been forever since I have blogged. It is sad, really. Like most artists, I prefer to be in the studio. The thing is I want to blog. I like to write. So I am back. Hopefully, I can keep this up better.

Recently I have been considering the placement of some of my current series in a gallery. So I thought I would post an image here to let you see some of what I am doing.

This particular painting is from my Horizon Series - Horizon 3. It is a 30" x 40" deep, gallery wrapped canvas done in acrylics and oil sticks.

It is for sale. If you are interested in this work, email me. If you have any comments, please leave them.


Unknown said...

Hi Kim,
I've finally joined Google and found out how to comment here. I'm a bit slow....:o).
I love the way the light creeps in on this one - I feel that it's a sunset from the colours.
I also wonder if the size of the image doesnt do the detail of the colours justice?

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Les,

I feel so honored you have stopped to see what I am doing.

It is great you have been able to join google and post here. It is kind of crazy, isn't it?

You know with this one, I think the light is really helped along with the oil paint sticks I have used over the acrylic paints. They are more difficult to work with and take longer to dry, but you can kind of do a push-pull kind of thing with them using your fingers. That kind of motion with those tools :) gives a texture that kind of runs with the light.

There is a little muddling that happens with the image size, you are right. In real life, it has a stronger presence. At least I think so.

This one I did while we were still at the cottage in England.