Monday, November 26, 2007

Between Holidays

24" x 36"
Mixed Media


After 25 people here for Thanksgiving and getting Elizabeth back to Los Angeles, this week will feel like a breeze. Oops! Wait! No! I need to work on those transcripts and other documentation for Jonathan's college applications. Oh well, so much for getting back into the studio any time soon.

But with this block of busy time, I have been thinking about how to incorporate some bits and pieces into my days. I have tended to paint large pieces, but maybe it is time for me to consider the aspect of small work to work on during excessively busy times of my life. Maybe even some works on paper. Possibly picking up pastels again would be a positive move, too. That way I could pick them up quickly and also tote them along easier. The most difficult part for me is I like to use my whole arm and not just my hand when I paint. But I need something and this opportunity is presenting itself. I must have a need to go in that direction. I need to follow the instinct.

The title of this painting has nothing to do with my current state of mind. I try to remind myself that life is really great, but sometimes moving through the confusion gets messy.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for your comment on my website. I like this painting, it has a lot of energy. I don't see any confusion, to me it speaks of joy.

I agree about working small, it's something to do when you don't have time to work big, or even just because you don't feel inspired, because it's less intimidating.

I am too busy and tired right now to work big, that's why I made the small pastel you commented on. I also use ink, charcoal, color pencils, oil pastel, felt pens... it's a good opportunity to just let go and just have fun :-)

Andrea and Kim said...

Flo, you are so right. I think I need to just do this thing of working smaller. When you said you don't have the enery right now to work big, a light went off in my head!

Thank you so much for the encouragement.

Lynette said...

This looks like strings of ice crystals forming on the window, very lovely work!! Maybe things will calm down after the holidays for you and maybe you might find a new love for doing some smaller ones during the 'busy' time.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Lynette.

I do hope things will calm down a bit after the holidays. Usually it is a very quiet time, but these other things needed to happen this year for Jonathan. A good friend reminded me to enjoy doing this application process with him as there will be little else he asks for my help with. I was grateful for her reminder to enjoy all the processes of life.

I have a couple of small WiPs going, so maybe I can find a few snatches of time here and there.


Philip said...

This is an interesting piece. How do you approach abstract work in terms of layering to give depth?

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Philip, with this particular painting, I literally added paints over dried paints. So waiting for paint to dry before adding other colors. Then I also did layers of clear medium over colors, then added more color over the clear medium which makes the bottom colors (below the clear medium) appear to be below water or glass. I also embedded the metal flecks in the clear medium which makes it appear to be floating. At least that is how I did it for this one. It is a longer process, but I think it is effective.