Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here are a few other photos from Montana

Everywhere you looked there were views like this... The opportunities for lovely photos were everywhere.
The wildflowers were prolific! Not only humans were enjoying them, either. I watched these butterflies a very long time. It was great just to take the time to watch butterflies.
This wildflower is the like the sun meets the earth!
There were field and fields of wildflowers!
The beargrass was just starting to bloom. The bears really love this as a food source.
And speaking of bears. We saw this grizzly mama and her two cubs enjoying the early morning by the river. They were having so much fun.
And this blurry photo of the big horn sheep was because the she was moving and so was I! LOL I took this from the car. But we did not want to stop and create havoc in that particular place. Over the 18 years of visiting this park, we had never seen the sheep this close up!

Now I promise I will not bombard you with any more vacation photos! The next post will be a bit less personal. At the moment I am in Vermont, but I hope to be able to get a few posts up while I am here.

I wish for you all a beautiful and creative day!


~Babs said...

wi-fi abounds!
Woo Hoo
Bombard us all you want Kim,,,LOVE your photos!

Ahh, butterflies and wildflowers,,,it doesn't get much better,,,and these are such great shots,,I'm 'feeling' them with my eyes.
Enjoy every second of Vermont, Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

Yup! No cell phone service here at this hotel, but I do have wi-fi! LOL

Really, you don't mind? Well, I have a couple of small canvases here to paint and thought I also might get a few photos of the area up here. It is truly a beautiful part of the NE US. They say they have moose (moose crossings), but I haven't seen any. :)

I do love the butterflies and wildflowers, too. Thanks for the kind words. I love that butterfly and wildflower eyes! Oh, doesn't that sound like a painting?

I am enjoying it, is lovely to know my sweet, dear son is just down the road.

Thanks so much, Babs!

San said...

I had to read the conversation between you and Babs before I commented. Your son is down the road? HOW WONDERFUL! Mine just went back to college for his sophomore year. He's less than two hours away, but I miss him already.

I agree with Babs--I love touring Montana with you. And I look forward to touring Vermont with you. And I always enjoy touring your home and studio and creative mind. Any time you want to post the insides of your closets, I'll be happy to take a peek because I am sure I will learn something. And I will enjoy the glimpse.

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh San,

You make me laugh so much! Maybe you have given me an idea. When Fiona Long was doing her "under the sink" series, she asked for photos of under people's sinks. I took some photos at my house! Maybe I should post them here! LOL She did get some incredible photos, I have to say! Wouldn't that make a hell of a show? Photos of people's closets, cupboards, etc.?

Well, my son is just beginning his college career. His program allows him to come and go a lot, which I adore. So for right now, he is just down the road because I am in Vermont...seriously. I brought him up here just yesterday. But I completely understand how you are missing your son. My daughter is in Los Angeles in grad school, so she is all the way on the other side of our large country. I miss her terribly, too.

Okay, so I am going to think about that closet or cupboard post...and will clearly give you an idea of Vermont's beauty!

Thanks San

sukipoet said...

Kim I love looking at your photos. The mountains wow. And all those wildflowers. I have never been to Montana, so I can travel there vicariously through your posts. Best of luck to your son on his venture, and to San's son on his. An exciting time of life for sure. I have never seen a moose up here either, but I have seen those signs "moose crossing."

Andrea and Kim said...

Awe, thank you, Suki!

I do love the Rockies, in general, but I am a bit partial to the Montana Rockies. I am glad you feel you can visit through my posts, too. One usually thinks of Montana as a cold place...and you would think so with that much snow in June...but when we lived in Billings there were winter nights where the temp was -25 F, but also summer days where the temp could be 110 F. The other thing is that it can turn warmer or cooler on a dime. I like that kind of uncertainty...what does that say about me?

Now that is funny. When we were driving up here yesterday, my son and I were getting really punchy. You know all of that road construction for 11.5 hours will do that to you! Anyway, we were seeing those signs for the Moose Crossings and Deer Crossings and were teasing each other about this being the only place they might cross the road...if they chose a different place the authorities might arrest them for jay walking. They are kind of funny when you take them literally, I suppose. At least since you haven't seen any moose, I don't feel quite as though I am loosing my mind!

Thanks Suki!

Lesley said...

Hi Kim,

I can just imagine you and Jonathon driving along and having some fun!

Ah, enjoy this time - make the most of every moment (I know you will), and keep lots of creative stuff around you for the next few days/weeks. It's a funny old time, this nest emptying.

We have Penguin crossings in Golden Bay where I come from, and we have seen penguins in the middle of the road - especially on very dark stormy nights! They have regular "tracks" that they use, and our road just gets in their way.

Your beautiful butterflies made me think of a wonderful book I just read - I think I told you about it - "When the Heart Waits" by Sarah Monk Kidd - about periods of waiting and cocooning in our lives.

Thinking of you especially this week.

Love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I am enjoying your photo journal too! The light purple flowers with the yellow centers look like wild asters.

I LoVermont. (smile)

Andrea and Kim said...

Penguin Crossing! Now you don't see that one just anywhere! I love it! I have never seen a penguin in the wild, but I would love to.

I am on the lookout for that book. You had mentioned it and I put it on my list. I can order it, but haven't been home long enough to do that! I rather like that photo, myself.

Well, Jonathan and I tootled right up the road yesterday. It was a good, but long trip. You are so right this business of emptying the nest is a strange one! You only know that all too well!

Thanks Sweet Les!

Andrea and Kim said...

Wild Asters...well, I sure would not have known that! I am terrible with such things...well, I did know beargrass! LOL, but normally I can barely remember my name!

Hey, is a great state! Love the fierce independence of Vermonters and who can argue with a state capital without a Micky D's (heck, they only have a Subway for fast food and it doesn't get a lot of business)!

Thanks Chewy!

Lesley said...

Wow - no golden arches in Vermont???

I'm impressed and shaking my head in amazement and delight!

I'd consider living in a part of the world that didnt include that stuff!


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lesley,

Well, I am sure there are some golden arches in the largest city here...Burlington, but for the most part there are not a lot. The capital city (Montpelier) is small, but it is the only state capital city without them. I am also impressed with that! Don't you think it says a lot about the people here? And most of the businesses are locally owned as opposed to being large chains. It is pretty would love it and love the attitude a lot!

Thanks Les!

marianne said...

Wow what a trip!
Do you live there? Or were you on holiday!
Amazing animals! How cool to see them up close and in real, I only know them from animal Planet.......
Thanks for these beauties!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

This is a lovely, wild part of the US. Actually we did live in Billings, MT some years ago (however that is in a different part of the state with even different landscape...but lovely just the same.

I am sure you have animals I have only seen on Animal Planet, too. Just like Lesley says there is a sign for Penguin Crossing near where she lives in New Zealand! You know?

I am thinking you will probably be getting some photos for the next week or two now. :)


Katiejane said...

Wow, Kim! I'm loving your photos. I read several blogs from different areas of the country/world because I love armchair traveling. I have not time for the real thing. Post more!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate,

I am glad you are loving these. Anyone who is interested in seeing more can email me. I am very happy to share. I took far too many photos...

I completely understand about not having the time to travel. My family keeps me going with travels which I love.

Thanks Kate!

Lynette said...

Thanks for sharing more of those incredible photos Kim! Wow, a grizzly bear and her cubs and ooh those wildflowers are gorgeous! I'll be looking forward to seeing some of Vermont now.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette,

I am glad you enjoyed them. Those grizzlies are clearly one of the animals most people like to see. While they are a wild animal and fiercely protective of their cubs, they are really very fragile in the US. They need a lot of room and ranchers do not like them at all. My family loves these majestic animals...they truly deserve to be protected.

I am collecting photos here...they will be very different, though! :) But I hope you will enjoy them. Suki has a lot of images of this area on her blog.

Thanks Lynette!