Monday, August 18, 2008

I've Been Chasing Waterfalls

I know the song says, "Don't go chasing waterfalls" but I just couldn't help it!
Over my blogging break I went to Glacier National Park in Montana. Please excuse this photo, but I really like the look of it.
Our family loves this place so very much, and we have been going there for 18 years now. It was good to get away from the phone, the computer, the television and all of the trappings of everyday life for a while. There were a lot of people, though.
But this has to be the most lush year we have ever experienced, so I was able to chase these waterfalls everywhere!
This is known as the Weeping Wall and it has been dry for our last several visits...not this one!
I am still in transition here...literally as I leave again this week for Vermont. I will be back, though, the end of the month. I am told I will have wi-fi service, so look for some more posts later in the week. I have some more things to show you which I was chasing.

Anyway, who does sing that song about 'chasing waterfalls'?

I hope you have had a pleasant two weeks. I have been thinking about you all and wishing I could share some of these beautiful vistas with you!

Come back and catch me later...


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh these are beautiful. How nice was that to have all the falls running. Vermont should be pretty.
I googled the song and came up with TLC. Three hip hop gals?
I loved the photos on your Flickr post too. Cant wait for the rest. :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris,

It was so great to see the results of the snow melt this year. They have been below average for several years, however this year they ended the season in JUNE with 11 feet, we heard! Now to this girl who struggles with heat, that sounds nice!

Mmmm, I suppose I don't know TLC, but the song kept playing in my head! Thanks for googling it, though. My guess is I heard it a lot from my daughter or something :) There I go giving away all my secrets (not really, I love being my age).

Oh, I really enjoyed this trip, I can tell you that! :)

~Babs said...

Hi Kim
Great to have you back!
Sounds, (and looks) as though your trip truly was fabulous,,and I'm so glad! Knowing you enjoyed the cooler weather!
All great photos, as are the Flickr ones!
As for the Chasing Rainbows,,,I immediately thought it was from an old, old song. Like a 'standard' from the 40's or 50's maybe. I too Googled,,,,but came up with nothing much other than several references about some t.v. show. So I give up on that one!
Anyway, welcome home, boy voyage,,,,and catch ya on the Wi-fi!

~Babs said...

Of course I meant chasing waterfalls, not rainbows,,,,,but that doesn't sound bad either.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

Somehow I have this song in my head...but now I agree about "Chasing Rainbows", too! I saw those, too! There was a heck of a hail storm (while my boys were in the back country), then the sun came out and so did the rainbow!

I am glad you liked these photos! Taking pictures up there make you feel like you can do nothing wrong, I can tell you that!

It is good to be back and share here again.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the wi-fi!

Katiejane said...

Oh Kim, what a wonderful trip. My husband and I have discussed taking a trip there for several years, but we always end up someplace with a beach. Just can't help ourselves. But it looks like you had a great time. And now off to Vermont! How lucky. Have fun.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate,

I love some beaches, too, but these days summer heat really gets to me. And my boys really adore backpacking, so this trip always works out. So many people feel this is just too far out of the way, but if you like wildlife and don't mind heights, this is one incredibly beautiful place to explore.

Ah, yes, I suppose you can say my children have introduced me to Vermont. My daughter also has her undergraduate degree from a school there...I suppose we are just fiercely independent people who do love the mountains! Some people say Vermont is to the east what Montana is to the west! LOL

I am going to Vermont to be support for a young man who is making some big changes...but it will be lovely, too!

Thanks Kate!

sukipoet said...

Love these waterfall photos. Very inspiring. Your trip sounds fabulous and your upcoming trip too. Be sure to bring some warm clothes. This am it was 38 degrees when I got up!! Though the days can get warm, warmish to me. Good luck to your son as he strikes out into the world in Vermont. Thank you for all your comments re: my sister in law. Blessings, Suki

San said...

A magnificent place! That "Weeping Wall" really turned on the tears for you, didn't it, Kim?

I'm glad you had such a glorious time unplugged. (And that you took pictures.)

Lesley said...

Hi Kim,

Yummy pictures - I really get a feeling for your outdoors from them!

The snow has just started to melt here, too, but with none of that beauty.

I'm sooo longing to get outside with my camera this spring - you INSPIRE me!



Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Suki!

It was cool this morning here, but the weather couldn't be more perfect now. One thing I noticed on my drive up was how the trees are changing....already! Wow! Some were even changing in Maryland!

I am glad you enjoyed the photos...

Please take the time you need to deal with all which is going on there.

Andrea and Kim said...

No kidding, San! That wall had been so dry over the last few years I was so moved to see it weeping again! How well you know me! :)

I may leave the phone behind, I might leave the computer behind...I might even reluctantly leave the paint behind, but I don't leave the camera!

Nope, nope, nope!

Thanks San!

Andrea and Kim said...

Ohhh, Lesley!

I do hope you take the camera out soon! Your Kiwi photos are incredible! You have always inspired me with photos of your beautiful country!

Thanks my friend!

marianne said...

Oh here is the answer to my question already!
Wow what a break! Enjoy it!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

I am glad you found the answer so quickly.

It was a lovely trip, to be sure!


Lynette said...

Omigosh Kim those photos are so incredible and I always thought that Montana must be a gorgeous place to visit. It sounds like you are having a great vacation! Ah those waterfalls look wonderful and I'm glad that one was weeping this time for you. Speaking of waterfalls, I do remember that song 'Chasing Waterfalls' because my daughter used to play it when it was popular. arrgh, it's playing in my head now LOL.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette!

Well, this is north western Montana and a National Park! You are right, though, this is a beautiful state with a very diverse landscape. The eastern part of the state is really the plains...very flat similar to North Dakota. The high plains around Billings is really interesting as they have rim rocks and canyons. Then there are the Montana Rockies...of which I have a soft spot.

And if only those waterfalls were like that each summer...but alas this is the first summer in a long time they have been flowing like this.

Darn it...that song really has me going too! It must have been something which wasn't of our time, though. I think our daughters are probably about the same age...must have been something we heard from them. I will have to ask E. about it.

Thanks Lynette!

Roxanne said...

Gorgeous pictures Kim - thanks for sharing :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks so much, Honor! It is a beautiful, beautiful place...

Thanks for visiting...