Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thank you to Meek Gallery for this image.

I have been thinking about how much inspiration I gain from my interaction with other creative types. Recently I had a great conversation with Bill Meek, glass artist extraordinaire! My husband and I recently visited Bill and found him to be full of conversation about how he finds inspiration in his every day experiences including dealing with a house re-build along the Texas Gulf Coast after last years Hurricane Ike (where his glass sculptures were the only pieces of art to survive the flattening of a gallery). He talked about how he is inspired when hiking the Pacific Coast Trail with his son. Each of these times, he couldn't wait to get back to begin pieces which were playing in his brain.

Several of you know I have a glass sculpture by Bill called Mariposa. My husband and I recently celebrated a wedding anniversary and decided we would mark the occasion with one of Bill Meek's pieces. We choose Antler of which you can see a similarity in the photograph above. Bill talked with us about the process he went through to produce this piece and the process of finding glass this thick to work with and how the veins and subtle impressions happen which is sometimes by happenstance. It was fascinating to listen to him talk and to hear about how his adventures influenced him to create these pieces.

This has made me think about how I find inspiration for my work. Clearly, I know, travel is a HUGE inspiration for me. I learned something else, though, I am also inspired by other artists and their work. My mind cannot stop racing with ideas since talking with Bill and seeing all of that beautiful, lovely glass. How about you find inspiration from the work of other artists?

So please visit the Meek Gallery web site. I think you will be delighted. If you ever have a chance to see his work in person, you will be glad you made the effort. He has many fabulous architectural installations which might be near you or near a place you might be visiting. Bill also can be found in various 'shows' throughout the year. I hope you can see his work sometime.

By-the-way, the bowl is called Antler because he shapes those veins with an antler.


Michelle said...

How beautiful!

And yes, always finding inspiration from other, if only they could give me time to act on it :)

Unknown said...

Oh yes, always and constantly, I'd say, inspired by other artists, may they be contemporary or from past centuries. This piece here inspires me through it's wonderful color, like sea and ice, and also the veins which look like ancient runes or signs. It inspires me because of the thickness of the glass and the shape. Thanks for sharing, Kim. Love his sculptures. Have a great day

sukipoet said...

congrats on your anniversary and your wonderful treat/gift to yourselves. this is just gorgeous! I agree, talking with an artist, visiting their studios is very inspiring. One reason i love the art tours that take place up here is I return so inspired. even though i dont travel much, travel also inspires me. you, kim inspire me too!! Be well, suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Tee Hee!

I know just what you mean, Michelle. Time is such a critical factor. It is interesting as my husband and I were noting how this artist has his wife who takes care of so much for him. Have you ever known how having a 'wife' to clear the creative path makes a huge difference? :)

Thanks Michelle!

Have a Beautiful Day!



Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Andrea,

You know the more I explore and interact with other artists the more I enjoy the conversations. I think it is more the process and inspiration conversations which encourage me. I keep thinking about some of the things he said and the same thing happens when I read blogs where someone talks about the process. I think about how this effects me.

Then there are times when I have stepped away from something or a place and evaluated what I have taken away or added to which is important. Here is an example of that. You have heard me talk about the light in Northwestern France and Southern England a lot...that light along the Channel coast, specifically. It was not until I left there did I understand it fully. That keeps tugging and tugging on me. I keep working and working to get back to that place of 'light inspiration'.

The thing you keep reminding me is that in some way the ice and sea continue to come up in my work. You are often seeing that imagery in what I paint and what I am attracted to in other art. See, this is how other artists inspire me so much!

Oh his sculptures are amazing. You probably remember the 'Mariposa' one we have. I love it so much!

Thanks Andrea!



Andrea and Kim said...

Awe, Sweet Suki, you are so full of kind, kind words. Thank you so much!

Those art tours must be amazing. I can imagine you have some really wonderful conversations with artists there. Wow! I can see how they have probably inspired you a lot in your visual and literary work! How cool is that?

You know, I might be wrong, but it seems to me you are often inspired by your trips to the Cape. Now that I think about it, I wonder if it is the light? :) Oh, how my mind travels strange paths.

Thank you Suki, for saying I inspire you. Here is what I know, that inspiration comes from a huge web of interactions and experiences and it means I do not own it...just the sharing. You see, those of us who share (and I think you are probably one of the greatest sharers I know) are the real sources of inspiration. Yes, I think that is right, sharing is directly related to inspiration. Thank you for making me think through that one, my dear friend.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!



~Babs said...

Beautiful piece,,,,the chunkiness and sea green color really appeals to me.
Of course they're so completely different,,but I really think I like his style better than Chihuly. Thanks for the link to his gallery, the glass furniture was fascinating.

Jess said...

Hi Kim,
Oh yes - without a doubt! I need other artist's work to feed my own, not to copy but to spark my own enthusiasm for being an artist. I love to hear how other people work and to see their work spaces too. We're very lucky here because there are several Open House art trails throughout the year. A chance to 'fill the well'!x

fiona long said...

What a beautiful thing to celebrate your anniversary! I love glass too!

I agree, other artists are a great source of inspiration; their work or the way they think. If I'm ever stuck, I love taking a walk around a gallery. It always helps. Sometimes though, just taking a walk seems to help. I don't know why but it really seems to make the ideas flow.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Babs,

I am glad you enjoyed his web site. I am quite fond of his work as you can tell. He was wonderful in making us feel he had all the time in the world for us, but also continued to work on pieces as we wandered around. His methods are so unconventional which is also very appealing.

Have a Great Day!



Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Jess,

You are quite fortinuate there to have so many wonderfully talented artist. I know I enjoyed visiting galleries (even in the smallest villages) when I was in England. Here, you really have to be in a city to find good galleries. We lived in Sway and there was a wonderful gallery there which taught classes, too!

Maybe that is another reason I found myself so prolific there....Mmmm.

Thanks Jess!



Andrea and Kim said...

Ahh, thank you Sweet Fiona!

Glass is truly amazing, isn't it? I love working with it, however the dangers drove me away when my children were small...not to mention the brutality of trying to move the raw materials all the time.

Well, walking in London sure can be exciting. Okay, walking in the New Forest is also exciting. I understand just what you mean about the walks...but each time don't you think you are observing the work of artists (in some form or another?). When you find a bird's nest, don't you think that bird was an artist? How about pony paths? I don't know, but I always thought the gorse was quite inspiring. London street art is very cool along with the architecture and the river! Then there are those actual galleries on every corner, it seems. Yes, you are full of lovely inspiration there.

Thanks Fiona!



Yvette said...

hoi Kim, too long no see! About inspiration..always everywhere somewhere you translate everything you see into your own creations.Concious or subconcious.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hoi Yvette! It has been too long. I hope you are feeling better, my friend!

You are so right, we do translate everything we see...sometimes it just takes a bit of poking to move us forward.

Kisses to you, too!