Monday, April 13, 2009

Reviewing The Basics

Do you ever feel it is sometimes important to review the basics of the work you do? I feel as though it has been important to me over the last few weeks. One of the reasons I think I have wanted to do this is because I am exploring new processes and new mediums, too. As I have said before, I am enjoying the use of FW Pearlescent Inks along with liquid and regular acrylics. No, no I have not given up on the glazing, but it seems as though I have to keep myself interested in other things while I also enjoy that very time consuming process of clear glazing. This is a little bit of one of the pieces I am currently working on. I know I should be documenting the process, however I just can't seem to take myself out of the flow of work to prepare that linear type document. There is more to do with this and you are not seeing the entire piece, I thought you might like to see how the inks are responding.

Now getting back to the idea of re-exploring the basics I have found a wonderful book called Painting Abstracts by Rolina van Vliet. While I am not one to follow a program, I am finding picking and choosing some of the exercises are quite helpful. It is helping me to think about the working methods which work well for me and reminding me to evaluate my work with the elements and principles of art in mind. While they sit back there constantly poking at my intuition, I think it is helpful to bring them to the front of my evaluation process from time to time.

If you enjoy abstract painting, I think you will find this book useful. If you are interested in exploring abstraction, I think this book is very useful in helping to understand what it is all about and what actually goes into the work of abstract painting.
Thanks to Amazon for the use of this image.

Do you find you have to make yourself step back from your work or does it come naturally? Have you ever felt as though it is important to return to basic ideas to begin to build again? How does the process work for you?

I hope all is well where you are and spring or fall is finding a way into your days!

I will be back with you soon!


~Babs said...

Hi Kim,
I have this book. I'm always attracted by what paintings are on the cover.
I've found this one to be more informative and helpful than some,,maybe most,, of those in my stacks.
I like seeing the inks you're working with,,,they can be so much fun. Interesting to me also is your color palette.I immediately know it's Kim's work. Her style.
Nice, to have a style, I suppose I should work toward that.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

It is good to hear you like this book, too. For me, the best part is it makes me step outside myself more and evaluate what I have done... I tend to want to just paint and leave it at that and of course I do not grow that much from not 'taking stock', if you will.

That is so funny you see me as having a style. I can also pick out other people, but think of myself as all over the place with my work. It is nice to hear someone thinks I might be a little cohesive here.

The colors...gee, they are so much a part of what I am drawn to. I am sorking hard to force myself into other color genres, I just can't seem to get the satisfaction from them as I do this combination. Of course, there will be some changes as this one progresses, although the colors will still be jewel like.

Thanks Babs for making me think harder here. It always helps to hear what you have to say...stays stuck in my head for sometime.

I am eager to see the eggs!



sukipoet said...

i really love this segment of a painting. mysterious and evocative. i have stepped way back, as i havent done any artwork since mom died really. except for a few little collages. nice to see your work and hear your words again, Kim.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Suki! It has changed a lot already today. I am happy to have this image, though.

You know sometimes it is really difficult to be creative when so many things are happening in our lives. You have clearly had your fair share over the last 6 or 7 months...and it seems to be continuing, too. (Although I think I read a nice poem over at your blog.)

I know I am easing into things again is just taking me a while to take care of all which needs to happen. I am eagerly watching, though, to see what road you are following.

Hugs to you, Sweet Suki!



Wurzerl said...

I love the blue color in all variations. It 's a harmonious color and so it 's possible to think "to much blue is boring". But when I 'm looking at your blue picture I see a lot of suspense. It 's great I love your artwork! I had a lot of inspirations in Rom, it 's a great old town with a lot of history and art.

Have a great time. Wurzerl

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Wurzerl,

I love the blue, too. I have to say it does remind me of my time in England a lot. I am not sure why that is, except in southern England, where we lived, the sky was so beautiful and then there was also the water. Maybe it was more the water which inspired me. At any rate, it is a color I love and blended with the analogous hues around it makes me feel very comfortable.

Your trip to Rome sounds great! I will be watching your blog to see what you have to say about it!

Thanks so much, Wurzerl. I love to hear what you have to share with me.



Jess said...

That's intersesting what you say Kim about the blues in england. I adore blue and am always drawn to it in paintings. The sky and sea is a different shade of blue here each day and it never ceases to thrill me. Another thing about the colours here, I never used to realise how green it was in the UK until I saw it out of an aeroplane window on the way back home. Getting back to your question, I do agree it's important to review the basics. I did it regularly as an abstract painter and do now as an illustrator. It's good to touch base and I believe it strengthens us each time.x

soulbrush said...

mmm i am so 'hhoked' at the moment, this is all i do, play play play....usually i get fed up with something quite soon and move on....mmmm interesting question. hugs to you friend.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Jess! You know I found the colors where we lived in Hampshire were incredibly vibrant. I have yet to be able to reproduce the blues here I could get there (just because of the light, I think).

In my education here in the US, I was always taught sometimes green can be used like a neutral as it helps 'pop' colors (is this why chlorophyl appears green around colorful blossoms?), but I also found blues to be the same way! It is amazing what blue can do to help pop other colors. That was a realization I came to in is not only green, but also blue!

I find it completely amazing how much location affects my work! I have to be totally surrounded by it, however. It can't be just a visit for me.

Reviewing the basics is also somehow pleasurable, don't you think? It interjects something new each time. At least that is the way it feels for me.

Thanks are always so insightful!


Kim PS Enjoy the spring there in your beautiful my mind's eye it is incredibly breath taking about now!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Soul!

Well, you never know where obsessions will lead you!



Unknown said...

Kim, thanks so much for sharing this painting, or part of it, and such the process, with us! I love the way the inks build this background which looks as if frozen under a thick layer of clear ice!
The book looks and sounds so interesting, I think I will buy it, just to dive into the "abstract" process a little further! Thanks so much for sharing this too!
And there is this need of stepping back from work, I thought that the other day, when I took my watercolors out just to play with them and let myself swim in them , in order to work at something I had on the "inner list". Sometimes the inner list is suffocating me, and I have to bypass it. And perhaps that is the same thing as going back to basic ideas?

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Andrea,

Isn't it funny how I keep being drawn into the expression of ice covered waters? I wonder what that means? The inks are great fun.

I think you will like this book a really does remind you to take stock from time to time in what you are producing.

You know I think you are right about the basics forcing you to loose yourself on the inner list. We get so busy sometimes we fail to recognize what the basic elements are in our work and in our life. When we connect with the basics we at least give recognition to what is important. So I think you are right, they are connected and sometimes the same.

Thanks Andrea for your thought provoking comments.



marianne said...

Like a magical night!
I admire that you can dig into things this way!
I hardly ever use books I just learn along the way.
Sometimes books are mentioned and I would like to read them and follow a process but I just don´t know where I can find all the time........

hug >M<