Friday, May 1, 2009

Be Warned

This blog was spammed earlier today. I hope 'ed' did not find you. I am in the process of trying to clear this all out, however you might want to comment on anything over at my other blog, in the meantime. What a mess! I hope I can make this work.


marianne said...

Ed found my blog too and left 36 comments.......
I think there should be a way to report these mis users to blogger!

Menawhile Hope you have a wonderful Sunday Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh No, Marianne! I had some number like that, too. I just wanted to get them cleaned out before he was able to grab someone else through here. I think I posted on a blog before I realized he had also posted there before me. I sometimes do not read other comments until I have finished commenting.

I am so sorry you have been dealing with this, too. ARGH...a real pain!



San said...

Ed got to my blog and commented all over the place. I mean he went WAY BACK. What a pain to scrub everything down.