Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Being "All Over The Place"

As all of you regular readers of this blog know, I don't mind showing you some of the messes I have made. You are all so kind about them all, but that is not why I show them to you (although it is a great benefit to my head to read the words you have to say to me). As you can see, I am again today showing you some messes...real messes. Why? Because my friend, Jess has brought up a subject on her blog about being all over the place with her work right now, and I wanted to talk about that. This posting is dedicated to Jess, as she is the one who has me thinking. Thanks Jess!

this is another test piece

I think so many of us create so much between the work we show to the public and this places us out there as elite. The view of artists in the world is often very romantic. However being an artist is anything but romantic for most of us. I know the same is true for many creative professions...think of designers, writers, architects, etc. Why do we have that image? I think some of it may be because the public sees the ultimate in our work. And another part of it is we do it because we can not do it...clearly we are not money driven. But when artist see the bits and pieces of work created by other artists they stand in awe because they understand what is going on with that person. We see the "being all over the place" as normal, brave, creative, true to ones self, etc., and we admire that greatly. Because we understand.

a real mess of just cleaning off brushes

So this is what I want to ask. If we begin to use this world of blogging to show the world what it takes to get to the finding of voice, to create bodies of work, to show struggles, to show the messes it takes and to continue to show the greater aspects of being a creative person, do you think it would make a difference to the future clients? I know there have been artists lately who have shown their sketchbooks along side gallery shows. Has this helped them? Has it hurt them? Can we make a difference by showing processes? Can we gain anything from doing this? I know, on my part, it is helpful to hear what every one has to say. I know I have never learned so much as when I put work out here for you to see. If we collectively did this, could it begin to change the views of others?

I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Tomorrow, we will be hearing from Julianne Richards about her art! Join me as we have another conversation.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kim :)
It's only through blogging that I've had the courage to show my 'warts and all' art. I used to hide the workings away and only show finished pieces to the world. I lurked around other people's blogs for weeks before the day came when I couldn't contain myself any longer and had to make a blog of my own!
However, I don't put a link to my blog on my main artist web-site. My creative life is something I share with other artists only!

Andrea and Kim said...

Jess, your story sounds so familiar to me. I also was a huge lurker, then decided I wanted to be a part of this community. I am glad I did.

It feels too much like opening up to the general public to share your blog beyond the art world? I understand that, too.

Thanks for visiting me here! I love to point lots of people in your direction. You have a lot to share with us all.

~Babs said...

I'm agreeing with Jess here. I'm not sure that it's always a good thing to engage non artists in the creation process. I prefer leaving some mystery, magic if you will, as to how the results are achieved.
That being said,,,I love the shared ideas and efforts by other artists, supporting each other, cheering one another on,,,,,in the quest. Blogging artists and sites such as Wetcanvas! have been of tremendous value to me.
I don't have a website, but if I did,,,I would not link it to my blog,or Wetcanvas! where all the mystery, is unveiled.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs! As always I love to hear everyones take on anything I bring up. Artists are incredible support for each other and I am so grateful you all are so supportive here.

As you know some artists do link their web sites and blog...including me. I will be eager to hear what some of those people have to say. I know for me, it helps me to not having to repeat myself all the time to people who view my art.

~Babs said...

That really makes sense Kim,,,not having a site, I didn't have the feel for that particular issue. It becomes very aggravating having to repeat things over and over, for sure!

Andrea and Kim said...

Babs! You know I think there are so many ways to look at things! Me? I think I am just lazy! LOL! Seriously, I really do not mind commenting and posting at all, but when it comes to having to share things by talking...I hate repeating myself. Does that sound ugly? It is not intended to be at all.

But I feel glad to know you don't like repeating yourself, either! You know how much I appreciate your insights on any issue!


CrypticFragments said...

Since I don't yet have a client base, this is really not an issue for me. I use my blog as a way of sharing my work, and myself, which I am trying to bring closer together. I am also very grateful when I receive validation from other creative souls, since I was always told art was not a viable way of life.

Thank you for your comment at my site, hope to see more of you!

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, at least we are giving you something to think about while you are building a client base. From what I saw, you are doing quite a nice job of bringing these two parts of yourself closer together.

There are a lot of naysayers out there. The best advice I can give is to follow your heart!

I will be visiting your site often, and I hope you will visit here, too.

Unknown said...

Hi Kim, being all over the place! Oh how I understand these lovely messes:) I feel that many people love to see the idea, sketches, messes, which lead to a "final" piece of art, because it makes them feel like participating in the process.
So I'm wondering if there is a finality? And sketchbooks are always interesting because they are also like a part of the creative chain. And the messes are often lovely in the onlooker's eye:)
Have a wonderful day,

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea, I think I have hit upon something we all understand all too well as artists...doing lots of other things while or between the particular series or body of work one is currently working on.

You are right about viewers feeling as though they participate in the process. I have learned in my design life clients are always happier when they can participate, so that point is very well taken. And the creative chains do become important when trying to bring the final work to the viewer of a single painting or work or to the entire body.

Your point about the messes not being messes at all to the viewer. I think all of us who share what we consider messes have experienced the "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and maybe as artists we are just too close to the entire process...even the part which cannot be viewed (that which comes from our own intuition).

Thanks Andrea, your comments are always so thoughtful and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

I find I am my own worst critic. Many times I have reluctantly posted a painting which I had doubts about only to find viewers making positive comments and preferring them over the ones I am pleased with. I've learned to keep mum over my little failures. I may have failed in my mind, but found success from viewers.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Chewy, I think we are all our own worst critics. I like the way you don't admit what you feel about your works...and let the viewers decide for themselves. This makes tons of sense.

Now, failure...I prefer to call them opportunities to learn.

Thanks Chewy!

Anonymous said...

"opportunities to learn" Yes, indeed.

Andrea and Kim said...

I am glad you like that thought!

San said...

Kim, I like what you have to say about our culture's "romanticized" view of the life of the artist. Having a gallery, I am constantly hearing people say (looking at someone's art), "Wow, he's having fun, isn't he?" I'm always at a loss to reply. I know that even the most "whimsical, fun-looking" art is very hard work. Sometimes it's drudgery.

But, yes, it does help to share with others who are themselves toiling in the art trenches.

Andrea and Kim said...

San, I would like to explore this subject a lot more. Throughout my life people have seen the work I do...from being a mother, an interior designer, a painter, etc. as romantic work. My writer daughter finds the same thing to be true. So many things which requires a great deal of creativity and patience come across as romantic to so least that is my experience.

I can sure imagine if you could have information in place for the viewer to see what the process might be for your artists to achieve the final work, it would be easier for you. But here is a you think it would make any difference in the long run? Do you think it would help people change their views of the artists world? Would it help sell paintings? What do you think?

Thanks San, your views are always insightful.

Wurzerl said...

Hi Kim, at first many thanks for your answer after my commenting, I read it. And I know that you come from Andrea, we three are a very good 25.3. team, don' t you think so?
I love the interview with Julianne Richards very much, it' s a very interesting artist but I want to answer in this post.
Here are two good works of you and a lot of interesting questions and aspects of your art. I think the same like you because if I go through my garden I see it with other eyes as before I began with blogging. It' s a discussion, a comparison, an interchange and and and...!!! Ok, some bloggers are always coureous (or they don' t find the right words in English like myself)but I' m sure blogging helps to be better in painting and gardening and in understanding!!!
Have a great week

Andrea and Kim said...


I really love your blog so much! The post when you talked about your friend's garden in England...oh, that made me so homesick (I am an American, but I miss England where we lived before living here). And I adore your Easter Eggs! You were so kind to give a tour of them.

When Andrea told me about you having the same birthday I could hardly believe it! This year I turn 50 and this is the first time I have found someone anywhere near my age with the same birthday. Now in just a few months I have found 2 people. I agree with you about us making a good team! I remember reading your comments on Andrea's blog...I have to use a translator to see what you say...and just hanging onto your sweet, kind words there.

Yes, I am a curious person where my art is concerned and I can see you do the same with your beautiful garden. Andrea is also the same thinking, thinking, can we make the experience better? That is always of interest to me. It is as though I cannot absorb enough about what I can do to help people enjoy what I do.

Yes, I do think you are very right in saying how much blogging can help us realize our own goals.

It is so lovely to have you visit me. I will be visiting you often to be sure.

Wurzerl said...

Dear Kim,
you answered so kind and detailed. So I will show you that I read it with pleasure. I am 55 at Tuesday! And I drink a glass of wine to your and Andreas' health!!! It' s so great that we find us in the bloggers' world.
Have a nice day Wurzerl

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Dear Wurzerl, I also will be lifting a glass of wine to the health of my dear birthday friends on Tuesday!

You are a joy to know.

You also have a beautiful day!