Monday, March 3, 2008

Staying on Task! Is it important to Creativity?

"An Afternoon With NPR" 24" x 36" Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This is a piece I did about 4 years ago as I was listening to National Public Radio on Saturday afternoon when they were doing an afternoon of classical music. I just had this huge urge to prepare some colors and use a small brush to paint those marks on that dark canvas. I can't explain it any other way. I do not even know the music which was playing, and I don't even normally turn on the radio!

What made me think of this? If you read this blog, you probably know I have started a series based on music. This work is approached in a very different way, though. It is a lot more planned and there is a particular path through the process of these particular new canvases. And it is important to interject my series work with things I just feel like doing. In addition, I am working on two series at one time! With my little studio, there is a lot of painting and waiting going on at this house. So when I am waiting...I visit you!

Now, here are my questions for you! What is your approach with your work? Do you have to have a plan or prefer to fly by the seat of your pants? Do you work on lots of things at one time or just one at a time? Do you sometimes put aside the work to do creative things just because you want to do them, even if they have nothing to do with your current "project"? Is there anything else that moves you forward? As always I am eager to hear what you have to share.

Have a Very Beautiful Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! As you may already have realised, I tend to go with the flow because I find that as soon as I force myself to do something, it's just wrong wrong wrong, so I've learnt to give in and let my creativity take over!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hiya Jess! I have noticed that with your work! I think I have a bit of this in me, too, and that is probably why I can't create these HUGE series some artists have.

Creativity is the name of the game, my friend!

Thanks so much, Jess!

Kim Hambric said...

Kim, I love your NPR piece! Looking forward to see how music inspires you.

I find it impossible to work on just one piece at a time. I have to be able to step away from a piece for a day or two, and what will I do in the meantime? Work on another piece. This other piece will probably be totally unrelated to the first piece. And if I find that I am pacing and not working. I may just throw colors together for fun. This may result in a new piece that I love and can't resist. If so, I'll throw some white flannel over the other pieces to cover them up and move on with the newest piece.

ADHD? Who knows?

I may not have the most efficient system, but it is an inspiring one. Why must I run at full efficiency all of the time. Don't I have the artistic license to veer off course every now and then (or frequently).

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kim!

ADHD, who cares if you know how to work it to your advantage, and it sounds like you sure do! And what is efficiency without creativity? Rote work! ARGH! I can't stand that. My friend, you have the artistic license to work all over the place. I totally agree! The world might just be a better place if some of that kind of thinking happened more often than it does.

Kim, thank you so much for sharing how it works for you! I think we all learn so much from this kind of sharing.

I am glad you liked the painting. I think my web designer will probably be able to add some of the Music images to my web site later this week. I will also be showing them here as they are finished. I have already shown the first one and the second one probably later this week!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Babs said...

LOVE this work Kim,,,gorgeous color,,,and it looks so 3-D.

As for staying on task,,not especially. I can have many things going at once,,,I can be planning to work on one thing,,,but when I get into the studio it's possible something else will call to me,and that's what ends up with my attention.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs! I missed you...if only for a few days!

I am glad you like this painting... It is one of those that just HAD to be painted.

You know, I would love to find an artist who really does stay on task! I think the ones who appear to do that probably don't want to tell us what happens between what we see! LOL

Thanks for being so kind to me, Babs!

Unknown said...

Kim, your painting had this 3D effect on me, when I first looked at it, I thought you had put together lots and lots of small coloured paper ribbons! This is just great and I can feel how the music has it's part in it!
I have to go now but will be back to answer your interesting questions,

Andrea and Kim said...

Wow! I have never thought of it as 3D, but you are right! It is one of those paintings which just flowed right out of me, and I have always felt that came through. I am glad you can see the result of the music.

I would love to hear the answers to the questions when you find a moment.

Thanks for stopping by.

Elis Cooke said...

Staying on task... sticking with one thing through to the end? definitely not for me... I just keep on cycling through different kinds of work, processes, media, different kinds of series waiting for an interesting place to stop lol! most of my 'series' are ongoing so I revisit them... often monthes, even years later. nothing is safe from revision [or gesso] until it leaves my house. I am embarassed to admit I usually have20-30 pieces of work in varying states of progress going at a time [to be fair, handmade paper takes a long time to dry]. I use my bookart for alot of my working an idea through... layout, building etc... even if the experiment is a flop, it is at least 'decorative' on a book lol!
Btw, love the calligraphic markings on this Music piece! namaste Elis.

Unknown said...

Hi again Kim, with reference to the questions you asked us:
In general, I like to work on one project a time, but it happens that I "put" a theme aside, in order to dive into some other creative idea which is tugging at my sleeve repeatedly:) and which has to be developed in order to help me getting my art out to the people.
I have a plan, but it is surrounded by a very large time frame for the moment, so that I can juggle with the necessities coming up.

Have a great day

Daphne Enns said...

Holy smokes Kim! There really must be something about interior design come artists in terms of thought process.

In university the design students including myself were taken to the symphony in preparation to do a project to on designing the large public spaces of a concert hall.

As I listened to the orchestra with my eyes closed I saw rhythms of colour flow from one eye lid to the other and the beat looked liked colourful fireworks.

Your painting resembles that quite a bit. And I am only partially joking that your painting was probably made with a different song...but clearly something with a full orchestra!

Andrea and Kim said...


I so get what you are saying. You are an incredible media juggler, so I can see what you mean about how you work! I love your creativity and how you always find a place for everything you create! No corner of shame for you! :)

Do you ever find as you are working on one issue, the solution comes for something else you are working on?

Thanks for stopping by an enlightening us here! I always enjoy what you have to share, both here and on your own blog!

Andrea and Kim said...

Okay Andrea! I think the designer in you shows through here. I can work this way sometimes, but since I have given myself the permission to be an artist...I take it to the limit and work all over the place. Well, at least to the limit my tiny studio will allow!

You are so sweet to come back here and share this with us. I know how busy you are, but we all appreciate it very much!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Daphne, I do think you are right about thought processes. As you know, designers are taught to "think" a particular just happens with the education. The whole idea of do not respond until you know the parameters (a la, your trip to the symphony)is difficult to let go of. Wait until you can see what I post a little later today!

You are right, Daphne...full orchestra.

Thanks for stopping by!

fiona long said...

Hi Kim,

I like to work on many things at once. I used to do one oil painting at a time but nowadays I jump from one thing to another, painting, making, sketching etc. The theme of the work may also jump around a bit but I find that this process helps me to think in a broader way. I can draw on the strengths of the ideas and often learn from a cross hybridisation of ideas. I also find that I often think just by doing. The best way to get over a block is just to do something, anything and see what happens. I love working in this way and I often come up with my best ideas when I have one thing in the back of my mind but work in this somewhat haphazard way.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Fiona, I am so glad you have shared with us how you best work. It seems as though many artist need to have a broad range of things going on in order to really progress. And you bring up a good point about not only staying with one medium. I have recently recognized that plays a very important part in moving me forward, as well.

And you are right...JUST DO the greatest cure for blockage! Or at least what one might consider blocking.

I also think what appears to be haphazard to many people is really quite organized to an artist...

Thanks again, Fiona. Your insights are really appreciated. They give us all something to think about.