Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brainless Wednesday!

I thought you might get a kick out of this mess! This is a little 3 x 5 canvas. It has so many layers on it. At one time, there was wire poked through it with beads stuck on the wire, you can see some gold foil pieces where I was checking out that. The blue shape just above the foil is painted paper, there is a thin layer of paper that was stuck down on it and then ripped off. The pale turquoise paint which is running is a Golden glaze. There is graphite, charcoal, marker and all kinds of things on here I can't even remember. I just use this little canvas to see how something might look, how the best way is to lay it down, how one thing will react to another and stuff like that! There is no planning, no creativity, no anything to this. But I always think it is interesting to look at...and I have no idea why. Oh, I also have lots of paper with lots of paint hanging out on it. I will have to show you that sometime. Do you think I have really gone off now and lost my brain? You may be right....

Do you have anything like this you have around that has no real meaning, never meant to have meaning, which you continue to use and are not willing to let go?


fiona long said...

I think it's rather wonderful! Perhaps an artist always has composition in mind even when they are not trying to paint. Especially an abstract painter. You just can't help it. Perhaps there's a reason that you show it to us now. You've seen it go through many different stages and now you are happy with it but you're unsure as to whether or not you want to admit to that because you are embarrased because it happened so unconsciously. Maybe that's what's so good about it. I may be way off beam here and apologies if I am but I really do like it and I commend your experimentation. It's something I love to do myself. May I suggest you start a new experimental canvas though and leave this one to reflect on for a while? What's the harm?

At college, I've been admiring some of the beautiful pallettes lying around. (Perhaps more than the paintings!)My friend Russell who is interested in the same sort of urban decay aesthetic that I am thought the same thing and is doing a piece all about elevating the artist's pallette. When I went to watercolour classes I often found that the beauty of my pallette far outweighed that of any painting I'd attempted. I think there's a lot to this unconscious creativity thing ;0)

Andrea and Kim said...

Boy Fiona, you sure know how to stroke an ego! Maybe you are right...maybe I did feel bad about it because I did not have any plan at all and this tiny canvas happened over years - off and on, mind you, but years! I will take your advice, too. I will begin another test canvas and hold on to this one as it exists for now. You are right, no harm done!

I have seen those pallets which look so amazing. With some of them you can't save the image, but I have an idea for the watercolor pallet. If it is dry, mist it well and use watercolor paper laid over it to absorb the colors..this works great if you use a butcher tray as your pallet. I have also seen a piece of art for sale where the pallet was also for sale...the one the artist used when painting the painting. True! Interesting, isn't it?

I would be very interested in seeing Russell's piece about elevating the artists pallet when it is complete.

Thanks Fiona for your beautiful, ego building, thoughtful post!

Preity Angel... said...

Hey Kim,

I loved your thoughtful provoking post...what a thinking I love it.

W ill be back


Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Angel, thank you very much. I am glad you liked the post and look forward to your return!

San said...

Kim, I find the "layeredness" provocative. There's something really innocent and childlike about it, also something old and wise.

No wonder you like to refer to it. It speaks to the timeless artist within.

Andrea and Kim said...

Really San! Provocative? I agree, there is something quite childlike about this! LOL Old and Wise...that would be the Kim part!

Seriously, you are very sweet to say these things. I am only picking on you.

You always have some excellent insights for me to consider. I appreciate that very much, San!

Lynette said...

Kim, I think this is a wonderful piece and it shows your unique creative processes! Yes I do have some that I save and every now and then I bring one out to study, experiment with and add to. These special pieces seem 'to grow' with us as an artist and have a special meaning to us!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Lynette! I appreciate your insights here. You have said it just right, too...these 'grow with us'. I was enjoying this piece, myself, but I thought it was the individual elements I was appreciating. You and the others here have helped me to understand maybe it was not!

I am glad to hear I am not alone in having these play pieces.

Thanks so much, Lynette.

Unknown said...

Hi Kim, sure I get a kick out of this:) My eye is connecting to my brain and sees the many layers of things that are on this canvas, and I see the "whole" thing, it is great! Some crusty precious stratification.
Now to your last question (you got us addicted already to this ritual last question, I love it:) :
I have a little painting lying around, which I find ugly but beautiful at the same time, it is dark and messy. It has been around for, let's say at least 15 years. If I can find it in my cupboard, I'll make a picture and put it on Visual Salon!
Have a wonderful day
thanks for your sharing your inspirational work with us every day,

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea! I am glad you like it. I posted it almost as a joke, but people like this little thing. I thought it would be funny for you to see how I kind of hold onto something like this! LOL But I am often surprised with comments here.

I am glad you like the last question part. I know there is so much to learn out there, so I am interested in what each person thinks about something or how they work through things, etc.

Oh, please do show us your 15 year old canvas! Yes! That is great! I have promised Fiona to move on to another canvas for now. I will do that. But I want to see the one you have!

Thanks Andrea! Your insights are always so thoughtful and give me more to think about and look forward to!

~Babs said...

Loved seeing your 'work-out' place!
Yes, I have them too,,,,and some times they even become a part of another work, saver that I am!

Most of all I love my paint jeans!
I am a messy painter,,,and can't be bothered worrying about clothes.
I wear them every time I'm painting,,I clean a brush on them,rub my hands on them,,,scrape a palette knife on them. What stories these jeans could tell! I have 2 pair, as if I'm working in oil I can't put them back on until the paint is dry.They are SO old,,,ripped, nearly faded white in places, and my best friends.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hey... Babs! You have given me an idea here with this little piece! Mmmm, thanks! All you had to say was "become a part of"....sent me right off!

So do you ever consider cutting up and stretching your paint jeans to make individual paintings. They would probably be tiny little paintings, but I bet could do a narrow, long one for each leg...make it a diptych! :)

I love the idea of these jeans, though!

I am also a fairly messy painter...I have an old apron, but specific clothes I also paint in...depending on the time of year! :)

Thanks Babs!