Monday, December 15, 2008

The Euphoria of Creativity

San, who writes A Life With A View, handed out this award. I am going to hand it out to anyone posting a comment to this post. Enjoy and share the love.

Last night some thoughts kept nagging at me - again...I have got to get these things out of my head so I can get some sleep (thank goodness for my journal, right?) All of the lovely comments to my last post kind of got me going...mainly for myself last night, but this morning I am interested in what is true for you.

Do you feel as though all parts of your life are your art? Is each day an artistic expression? Do you create art when you are paying the bills and emptying the rubbish bin?

As I said in the previous post, I think I believe art is the perception of the person experiencing the work in question - the creator or the viewer. I feel as though it is the state of mind at the time of creation or experience. If this is true, then I could find the art in everything, though. I am not quite sure that happens for me. So maybe my idea of art is not quite right.

When I paint a canvas I feel a euphoria which cannot be explained, and I call it art. I can only hope anyone who sees my work may also consider it art, but I am not assured of that fact.

When I go to a gallery , I am told I will see art there. I have no reason to doubt that and enter with a sense of anticipation I hope will evoke that sense of euphoria. Sometimes it really happens and other times it leaves me wondering how some things get away with being called art. The thing is I am certain to another viewer it is without a doubt art.

There are times when I sew, cook or plant a flower when I feel as though I am creative or artistic. I have said before that being a mother is the most creative and rewarding experience I have ever had. I feel creative when I do these things as well as when I paint. Here is the rub, though, I can tell you without a shadow of doubt I DO NOT/HAVE NOT EVER felt creative when I write checks, clean the house or do laundry.

How about you? What tasks completely fill you with a sense of creativity and artistry? What tasks do not?

Have a Beautiful Day!

note, my posts and comments on your blogs may be a little less frequent over the next several weeks, but I will be getting to you.


Sabi Sunshine said...

Hi Kim,

Actually, when you post last article on searching for an answer and left me a comment on my blog.. I dont know for some reason I am keep looking at your art on the faces and today you said life is like an art and reminded me the old saying " We are like a toy and only who has string is a GOD and Only GOD Can play with that string anywhere GOD wishes us to reach" If something happen in life, we blame other people; but if you look into depth, GOD wished that for us.Life is like an art too, you never know what next comethrough in life.

Take Care
God bless you

~Babs said...

Absolutely,,,and not. Both. Maybe.
(how's that for decisive answer?)
Creative home making has it's rewards,,depends on my mood. A really nice meal,,,a perfectly placed stack of clean towels,,gives much satisfaction. Maybe this feels artistic at times, the nice meal part certainly can,,,but loading the dishwasher,scrubbing the floor,,,sorting laundry,,naw.
That being said, I often find myself using this mundane time for thinking out an art project. My newest collage on my blog was sorted out in my head while doing chores,,,so maybe this time can be called creative time, at least sometimes.
Other times, I get a project all together in my mind,,,and when I finally get the time to actually DO the art,,I find that the 'spark' is gone, and nothing much happens.
As for art in galleries,,,I agree totally. Sometimes I am blown away by the creativity,,,and other times I wonder how a piece managed to be there in the first place.
Yet another interesting post, Kim!
Oh! And thanks for the Flutteryby Award!

Andrea and Kim said...

Sabi, we are constantly "creating" our lives and we never know where the road will lead. That is so very true. Sometimes I feel good about the creating part and sometimes it feels so much like rote drudgery. :) I so suppose it is all how we handle it and how we truly face it. At least that is the way it seems to me.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks very much for leaving a comment.



Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Babs, you are so on it girl! Not so much about decision making, but that is what this is all about, right...not so much about firm facts, but fluid artistry.

I think for me, I don't contemplate all that well when I am doing these things I am not crazy about. I just keep thinking how I want this done with the least effort so I can do what I want to do. LOL I think you are right, too, it is finally getting to the project and having it completely fall apart. I have found if I go into the studio without any thing but a need to paint...just put paint on a canvas, then I am able to accomplish much more and feel good about it.

I am glad you like the post and also very happy you nabbed that award. I thought you would like it and hoped it would find its way to you.

Thanks Babs and have a Great Day!



Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

You come up with the most interesting subjects. I feel creative gardening. I feel creating thinking too. I too find if I dont put it done right then I will lose it when I finally go to create. but I think things thru and figure out creative ways to fix something too. Ane a lot of the times it is when I have slept and woken up with a great idea. There isnt always the one way to do something. We have found more creative ways to by pass a sure thing. LOL
I dont always feel something for every piece of Art I see but then that is why we have so many different view points. I may not want to hang something in my home either but that doesnt mean I dont like it or can't appreciate it either. I sometimes wish I had a larger home to do different ideas with different art pieces. :)
oh love the award. Thanks Kim.

marianne said...

Hi Kim!
You enjoy these coming days!
may they be filled with joy and love and inspiration!
See you around later.

And what is art......I would not know, I consider myself creative and I am happy with that.
If I walk around a museum I can presume that everything is art , but what good will that do to my perception?
I love it when I enjoy art and beautiful things, to judge whether it is art or not I leave to others.

I recognize these inner discussions...... Don´t loose too much sleep , you have the whole day for thoughts!

Love >M<

soulbrush said...

hiya have this one, congrats.
i miss my blogging and my bloggy friends while away. lotsa love and hugs from sa.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

Enjoy the season with your family! I know there is a great deal going on here at the end of the year!

:) It seems by the time the evening comes, I can finally relax and things begin to playing around in my head.

Have a Beautiful Holiday Marianne!



Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Soul,

You are truly missed, too, but we know you are having a great time with your brother - and that is so important!

Have a Beautiful Day!



Andrea and Kim said...

Cris, you slipped in without me seeing...

You know I have a lot of respect for all kinds of art. I really look for a new way of seeing something ...that seems so important to me.

I really appreciate you stopping in to give us your thoughts on all of this.

Have a Great Day!



sukipoet said...

The Buddhists, esp Thick Nhat Hanh, but all really, say that if you remain present in the present moment each task becomes special in itself. IE process. Also, I have read this too: to pay a bill with gratitude. Maybe that is not artistic, but it gives a present moment meaning to the task. It takes the task beyond a boring chore. I thank you fuel man for bringing the fuel to heat my house, you say that as you write the check. I feel most creative when I write, paint, garden, cook, I love to create an interior soothing environment and one I consider artistic, when I think, ponder, read. Reading to me is a creative act. The writer guides my mind down through his/her words and meanings and opens my mind to new ideas. Being a mother is creative and also being a daughter. Finding many solutions to one "problem" is creative.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family, Kim. Thinking of you, suki

colorspeaker said...

Greetings Kim!
Like these Subjects within your Posts...Hmmm.
I would say that your statement "that being a mother is the most creative & rewarding experience.." is, in my humble opinion, truly: A WORK of ART IN PROGRESS. I have not had children (Ummm, Yet??), but I still agree strongly about your connection to it being creative and rewarding. I have come to believe that having a passion for one's life endeavors-and not everyone has to experience the level of intensity I do-or seek-(speaking of myself) to have it be deeply fulfilling. That said, paying bills and laundry, well, I won't even examine my version of a "clean house." I will, however, agree that planting just about anything has a creative relationship different to it than perhaps painting, but very definitely connected to something bigger. And peaceful.
Oddly, I am realizing that my creative paths do not often bring about such an immediate peace...It takes more work to even get close to that kind of reward.
Okay. That, this is more than enough on the subject.
I will write an email!
Have a Wonderful Holiday, my friend,
Best wishes,

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, you remind me of what is truly important. I love the writings and thinking of Thick Nhat Hanh. The key for me is to remember more of what I am suppose to practice! I know it is important to look at each mundane task in a positive and good intellectual side knows this, but my ego gets in the way and pushes its way to the fore of my brain saying you don't like this horrid, mundane task. The worst part is I believe talk about ego, right?

Sometimes the result of things is very pleasurable to is harder when what is pleasurable to me isn't always pleasurable to others...then I have this issue. You may have guessed it...I like to please. :)

Suki, I also think reading is a great art. It is a pleasure I find trouble in understanding how it is not pleasurable to some.

I have to tell you reading that being a daughter is also creative brought tears to my eyes. Of course it is...I have shared your words with my own daughter who was very touched to hear them. You are a very wise woman, my dear Suki! I look forward to your insights each and every day.

Suki, I hope you are planning something very special for your Holiday Season. I will keep on posting, although maybe not as often.

Thank You Sweet Suki!



Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Julianne,

It is lovely to hear from you...and are you trying to tell us something? (re: Ummm, yet?)

I love this connection of creative and rewarding. Maybe that is the key here...when it is rewarding then it is easier to find the creative/artistic part of it. The other issue is the passion (the feeling of fulfillment, right?) for doing what you are doing which means creating that important relationship. I like these points you are making.

Oh, I am looking forward to your email...which are always so insightful and full of ideas.

You have a SUPER Holiday, too, Julianne! I look forward to hearing from you.



Anonymous said...

Have a happy holiday.
I think it's best to stay away from creative check writing. (wink)
I feel creative when house cleaning, because I usually play dance music and move to it as I clean and rearrange things in the rooms.
Since my ironing board is in my studio painting area... I'm in creative mode while ironing, even if it's only thinking about what to do on a painting.

Dianne said...

Dear Kim, what a lovely posting, being here is SA, by the time I get to read your inspirational writing, I get to read all the interesting comments as well. I feel this creativity thing is something we recognise in ourselves and then nuture. I feel absolute contentment when I am being creative - I have discovered this is where my state of happiness lies. It is about looking at everything we do with new eyes. I agree with Chewy, I put on music when doing my chores and move to the music, this makes me feel better doing mundane tasks. Suki, you are one of the most creative souls I have met blogging! You inspire me!
One thing I dislike intensely is grocery shopping, I try and think how I am gathering ingredients to create wonderful meals, but I still can't convince myself that I am doing anything creative. The positive side of this is that it gives me a contrast, perhaps I wouldn't so love getting into a creative frame of mind if I was there all the time?
I feel every person on this earth has the ability to be creative in some way and have huge respect for the results of any creative outpouring. So if a work of art, whatever form it takes, is a genuine expression of that person, somehow it jumps out at me, even if the end result is not of my taste. I was reading a book about women artists through the ages and there was a piece on Tracy Emin's "My Bed" - I have never liked this installation or thought it art until I read that she created this piece as a "self portrait" and suddenly the whole piece makes sense to me and I now feel it's creative essence!
So perhaps the viewer needs to know something about the process and thought behind the work to view the work as "art"?
Have a lovely time with your family!
Love Dianne x

Dianne said...

PS Kim, I love it when a posting makes me come back and write some more! I like to put out my paintings in progress around the house so that while I am doing my chores, I might suddenly look up at one of them out of the corner of my eye and a flash of where to go next with the painting comes to mind. Just off to do my ironing!!!

Heidi Alfonzo said...

Dear Kim, congrats on your award! I shall display it proudly on my blog and I shall be reminded of this insightful entry!

To answer your question, I honestly believe that in my life-as in the life of any creative soul-even the most simplest of task becomes a work of art.

To me anything that is done with the heart becomes a masterpiece.

I try to follow these principles each and every day!

Thanks again for inspiring us!

Andrea and Kim said...


You are probably right...there has been too much creative check writing going around lately...seems to have gotten the world in trouble, too :)

You seem to have things set up just right for enjoying getting, otherwise mundane, things done. Music as you clean is a good idea. I will have to take that on, as it seems to be positive to several people.

You have a beautiful holiday season, too, Chewy. Do you have some lovely plans? More of the same as after Thanksgiving? :)

Have a great day!



Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Dianne,

It is truly how one is feeling which makes the difference in things being creative or not. You are so right, one of the keys is you have to nurture this once you recognize it. I had not thought of it in that way. Our art we nurture, so we need to do the same with other parts of our lives.

I agree with you about everyone being creative in some way...some just find it easier than others to find that part of themselves. Art being created from the place of genuineness is really something which makes art, true art. You are also so right about that.

Tracy Emin really creates a stir with her work in general. I typically find her creativity brilliant, but I can understand how understanding the process and the intention becomes a critical part of her (and other's) work.

I like this idea of putting works in progress out to help you see them and contemplate them. Great Idea!

I love posts which bring people back time and again...or bring me back time and again, too!

I hope your husband is feeling better, Dianne!

We are having a grand time here! Thank You!



Andrea and Kim said...

Heidi, I am so glad you are nabbing this award! All of your blogs deserve it!

Doing tasks with heart is critical, you are so right. The key is keeping this focus...just like what I was saying to Suki.

I have some lovely people to turn to when I need inspiration to help me get through the mundane!

Thank you, Heidi!



Yvette said...

Hoi Kim you wrote it on my blog today, art of living your life as a happy person, the art of being grateful , being without ordeal, To live your life fully is the greates art for me!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Yvette,

Yes I adore the felting you are showing in your recent post...the colors and texture are incredible.

I have to say you are completely right..."To live your life fully is the greatest art..."

Thanks Yvette!



Lynn Cohen said...

I think I would have agreed with your last comment about not feeling artistic cleaning house. BUT, I have to tell you, I cleaned my kitchen counters the other day (because my family is coming on Saturday and they were a MESS and DIRTY)...and now they are NEAT, CLEAN, and SHINY!!
And they look beautiful. Objects de art are arranged artfully along the counter top without the fore mentioned messes and it looks COOL.
ARTY. I am proud to come into my kitchen and see the glare! (I know it won't last long, I hope till at least Saturday...but hey, for now it is ART!!!!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynn,

Oh I think we are probably kindred spirits in the cleaning world! LOL I am in the middle of doing the same thing here today and tomorrow as we are having some of my husband's colleagues here tomorrow after work! Whew! They are all engineers and if you are familiar with this breed they can be very precise, particular in ways many creative types are not!

Like you, I will say for the moment it is art, but there are so many more things I would much rather be doing.

Thanks Lynn...and I am going to add you onto my blog list, too!



Lynn Cohen said...

Good luck with those engineers Kim. I hate to think I'd have to please those who are precise. That is precisely WHY I make art quilts and not traditional quilts, as I do not have to be precise.
I cleaned my art studio area yesterday and there is so much order there now it hurts. Where are all my piles of fabrics and embellishments? I liked that mess. It spoke to me.
Well it will all come out again believe you me as soon as the company leaves...and they are only family!!!! LOL

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Lynn! Whew they can really make things crazy from time to time. Sometimes you just can't please them...lord knows I try, though.

Traditional quilting can really get to me. I have never been successful with those, either.

You make me laugh...but I completely understand when you say there is so much order in your studio it hurts. I think mess speaks to me, as well....I love that idea. You need a studio where you can just close the door, if you want...then only you get to know what is behind it! I always say I know where everything is located...and most of the time, I am right. I have had my husband call me from his office and ask me where I would have filed something if I were him. LOL His desk is completely cleared of everything but what he is working on.

I am glad to have found a kindred spirit!

Thanks Lynn,



Lynette said...

I'm frequently 'painting' pictures in my head as I'm going about my daily chores. Kim, I hope that you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I have baked soo many cookies and more to do before Christmas Eve!