Monday, December 8, 2008

A Little White...A Little Blue...

On Saturday night we had our first snow fall of the season. I was not at home, but my son grabbed a few photos for us. The snow was only a dusting where I was, but it was pretty anyway. I have been waiting for a little snow to fall... and this was a little.Of course the sky was beautiful and blue when the snow clouds had passed the next morning. That clear sky also meant it was a little nippy and with the wind blowing, it was pretty cold for here. But it was nice to see a little winter arrive and enjoy a fire.
Now, this blue reminded me to share with you something I have been working on little by little. Do you remember the canvas bit I had painted and wondered what in the world I might do with it? Babs recommended possibly matting it with a large mat to provide emphasis, and Andrea thought maybe I could work it into another work on canvas. I decided to combine both with this idea.
There is more work to do on this as I want to create some kind of vertical element to it, even if subtly. I thought, however, you might like to see the progress this little bit of loose canvas has made. At least now you can still see it was created as a separate piece. I have not decided if that will stay or not. I just have to see how it all evolves. Do you have any thoughts for me on this progress? Any direction which seems to jump out at you?

I hope everyone is off to a good beginning this Monday morning. I will be making my rounds to your blogs later today. Are you making plans for the holidays?

Have a Lovely Day!


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh lots of lovely blues. Even in your canvas. What a perfect segway to showing your lovely painting. :))
Your son did good getting some photos for you. That looks like a fish or bird in the snow melting like that. Did he do that or was that a quirk of nature?

Dianne said...

Hi Kim, I love your snow photo, we don't see snow here, except sometimes on the mountains - your son seems to enjoy photography.
This painting is really taking shape, the blues are amazing, what blues do you use? Have you painted on this kind of format before? The inserted piece looks great, how did you attach it? Whenever I paint on this shape, figures of dancers usually appear, this is one of my favourite themes.
I see you also let your paintings evolve!
Happy painting!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris,

It was really a quirk of nature (with a little help) as an oak leaf had fallen on the bench and he lifted it before he took the photograph.

I am glad you liked these blues and the segway was another gift from Jonathan.

Thanks Cris!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Dianne, I know a lot of people do not like snow, and it is a challenge if you have to get out in it each day. When I was younger I really did not like the cold weather, but once we lived where there were not any changes in the season (in my mind, anyway) I grew to look forward to winter and the comfort of fresh, cold air.

My children are really wonderful and have a good eye for details. I love photography and the kids have always enjoyed having their own cameras. (It took my husband some time to get his arms around photographs without people.) So maybe that is it. Jonathan is really good with video documentation, though.

The blue here is indigo. It is the first time I have used it (I am encouraged by Elis Cooke, do you know her work?) and truly love the effect. I also love using Paynes Grey. So those dark, rich blues feel right to me.

I have done some with this long narrow format and sometimes like to use them in multiples. I attached the canvas bit with acrylic medium. I had painted the stretched canvas prior to placing the little bit on, though. Then I began with the working in of the two pieces. I still feel there needs to be, even if subtle, a vertical element on the right side...I don't know if it will be just a brush stroke or exactly what it will be. This does have several layers of the clear glaze on it, so maybe that part will be kind of floating above the rest.

You are right, I kind of have to have these hanging around for a little bit to get a feel for what I want or need to do. I have two others of this size upstairs also started...not sure how they are going to move forward, either. :) For me, it is all about what feels seem to be doing that as well.

Thanks are a wonderful addition to this blog interaction. Thanks for making me think.

soulbrush said...

that first picture is so unusual, he has a good eye. love the art, and that extra pink just makes it...let it talk to you, try other things, maybe some more pink somewhere higher up to compliment the bit you have...don't clutter it, keep it simple, it's very striking actually just the way it is. btw i haven't forgotten about the 'truth' piece i am working on, and will send it in before 31st. hugs to you.
word verification is nosiest( i love it as i am very nosy!)

sukipoet said...

I thought that was a leaf at first glance. Somewhat like the leaf on ice. As I look at your painting the horizontal elements, the stripes sort of, seem to be moving. I kid you not. I like the combination of painting on top of painting. And now I am urged to try indigo. Never used that color. Whatever you end up doing to resolve the painting i am sure it will be wonderful.

FIVE degrees below zero here today.

Unknown said...

Kim, my dear collegue (LOLOL) I just love the format, this long format with the little collaged canvas on it. Looks great, the vertical size gives this something really special. And the snow swallow is beautiful
I wish it would snow here in Paris but then traffic would stop too immediately leading to a big big chaos:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Soul,

Thank you, I will tell Jonathan what you said. He will just smile that gentle smile of his, but know he is touched by your words.

Now this is interesting. I didn't say anything about what I had used in this painting and that does look like pink is copper paint. Isn't that funny? I don't want to mess with this too much, so that is why I am kind of living with it for a bit, so your words are well taken. Thank you.

I will tell Elizabeth to expect something from you. The deadline is not until 31 December, so an email with attachment makes that easy, right?

Thanks Soul.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Sweet Suki!

You have a lot of experience seeing images in snow, and it is a lot like the leaf on ice. We have a lot of oak trees here in our back.

Really? You think those horizontal strips appear to move? Very cool! I may not touch it, then or at least that area! Wow! Thanks for the insight. See, that is why I love to show you all these give me even more insights I have not recognized! I love it!

Do try the love Elis' work and have seen a lot of indigo there. It is lovely, truly lovely.

Oh my, do stay warm Suki! We have been in the upper 20's maybe peeking into the low 30's today. You are very cold to be sure...probably too cold to even snow. I suppose that means some good time for a bit of creative work for you? I hope!

Thanks Suki...I have been thinking of you a lot! Hugs!

Andrea and Kim said...

I hear you Andrea about the snow stopping traffic...the same happens in Washington, DC, too! :) Often we get some significant snows, though.

I am glad you like the format I chose for this one. It just seemed right, for some reason. I have to say it if quite fun to use these. The other thing about them is I can do these on the table while I have a large canvas on my easel, so that makes me feel good, too.

:) So you like being my colleague? I am glad because I like being your colleague, too. :)

Here is a hug for you!

Elizabeth Whitmore said...

I'm making plans! I'm coming home and can't wait to get there. :)


Dianne said...

Dear Kim, thanks so much for the lovely detailed description of your process here - I love to read how artists go about their work! T will have a look at Elis Cooke's work when I get a moment. My poor husband seems to have slipped a disc in his back and is having great difficulty even getting up and I am fairly busy nursing him at the moment, so not much painting getting done!
I must get myself some Indigo! I love dark blues. We don't have the selection of the various paint makes and art materials are incredibly expensive here. I am paying about 12$ for a 2oz tube of Golden paint, what are you paying?
So love to chat with you, Kim!

Unknown said...

Kim hello, it SNOWS here today, a very wet snow but it snows!:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Sweetie,

I can't wait for you to get here, either. There are lots of plans on this side of the country, too. Soon, soon, soon!

I Love You!


Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Dianne,

I am so sorry to hear your husband is in such pain. This is terrible. I hope he is soon pain free.

You and I are very similar in how we like to read about an artist's process. I know there are those who don't believe in sharing their processes, however I know my outcome is going to be different than someone else's outcome. I also want the success of everyone.

Golden is expensive. Depending on the color, a 2oz tube can retail for $7.50 to $16.00 (US). I never pay list price, however, since I order from an online source. You might find savings in doing that even if you have to pay international shipping rates. It is something to consider. There are certain items, however, I will only use Golden brand.

I love chatting with you, too, Dianne!

I really hope your husband feels better soon...and you can have a break, too.

Thanks Dianne!

Andrea and Kim said...

Snow! Very Cool...I would love to see Paris in the snow! This is wonderful. Maybe you will have a delicious snow this year and Parisians can pretend it is the Alps just like they have the beach in summer along the river. :)

Thanks for letting me know, Andrea! Oh, I can see some of those lovely sights with the snow falling.

marianne said...

Wonderful pictures!
The first reminds me of a swallow.
The blue sky is something we haven´t seen here a while. We have a lot of rain and cold, ugly combination.......
Your painting is coming along nicely and yes I love to see the progress!
have a lovely day too Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

I am glad you enjoyed the photos. You know our weather here in the US is quite different from what Northern Europe experiences...we are a country of extremes. We get that blue sky from time to time.

Thanks for the kind thoughts on the painting. I have not had a chance to paint much the last few days, but I hope to get a little in soon...we will see.

Have a Beautiful Day, Marianne!