Thursday, December 4, 2008

Painting in Nature and Natural Painting...A True Ramble

On Tuesday morning, my son came in and said, "Bring your camera and do not dawdle." He took me outside on our deck where some water had frozen on top of a glass table. In the ice, some oak leaves had fallen and frozen. When he pulled up the leaves, this is the kind of imprint which remained in the ice.I was reminded of this beautiful image nature made when I read Dianne's post today. Earlier I had asked Dianne about painting in 'Plein Air' and any concern for debris which might blow onto the wet canvas. In the post, she talks about how she rather goes with the flow allowing to happen what will. As Dianne talked I thought I should like some leaves to fall where they will on a wet canvas. Would I also appreciate the debris kicked up from the neighbor's landscaper's blowing machines? (Truth be told, I can't stand those machines and all their noise.) I am not sure I would, but that isn't a natural act, either. Isn't this just like allowing the muse to take you where it will and creating with what you are given? Isn't that what nature does? So is this called natural painting or natural creating?

Don't you think the same is true the way Andrea creates the Metroheads on her daily commute in Paris? It is not 'Plein Air', but it is what is natural for her each day. Suki does similar creations, too, with her wax collages and the well series she is working on. I suppose Dianne has a greater opportunity to paint outdoors with the milder weather in South Africa and I am glad she does - her paintings are amazing. I think the rainy months in Paris might make watercolors difficult for Andrea and the very cold of the North Country would prohibit Suki and the mediums she uses, but in their own way it is natural painting. When you follow your muse can you also say it is natural painting? While I do see the difference in natural and 'Plein Air' paintings, I think that 'Plein Air' is also natural. Okay, I am circle talking now. I will leave it at this, but would love to hear your thoughts. Do visit Dianne's blog as she has so much to share. If you haven't already read the post just before this one, will get a real chuckle!

I also wanted to say my heart goes out to Suki who has recently lost her mother. I send you lots of love, my dear friend.


Unknown said...

don't know what happened, left a long comment and then it wouldn't keep it...
This picture is wonderful, and nature is the greatest artist, wow. This "print" is a beauty!

Thanks for this post, it's so interesting, your musings about art and the way you directly connect it to people! The falling leaf on your canvas outside is for me the man who hits my arm when he passes by to get himself an unoccupied metro seat, or the constant rattling of the metro which sometimes blurs the straight lines:)

I'll go and discover Dianne's Blog,
have a wonderful day

sukipoet said...

Hello dear Kim. Thank you so much for doing this thoughtful post, for linking to me too. I just love the leaf image on ice. Too bad ice melts as it would make a cool painting. I love too your story about your son telling you to come outside with your camera. What a delight.

Thank you for your words about Mom.

I have read many of the posts on Dianne's blog, just recently and love how thought provoking and art focused they are, though I havent had a chance to comment much on the ones that especially moved me.

My paintings often have debris in or on them, esp oil as they have such a long drying time. Of this might be paint brush hairs though. I pretty much have given up being perfectly smooth and clean on my surface as it is too hard for me. Nature always has her way.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Andrea,

I really hate it when I write a long comment then loose it. Sometimes I do remember to copy it so I can paste it down if something goes wrong, though...sometimes I do not remember, too.

Well, Andrea, I do get going sometimes and don't know when to keep my mouth shut :) I had not thought how the arm jostling or the metro car shaking would be your leaf falling. Now, how delightful is that? I suppose the way to say it is a true artist can take what appears to be a blunder and make it intentional, right?

You will enjoy Dianne and her blog. She is a true delight to get to know.

Enjoy Andrea!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Dear Suki,

I can hardly believe you have come here to post! While you are constantly in my thoughts these days, I fully expected you to be consumed with your brother and son. I have to say, I have missed you terribly and am quite honored to have you comment here, though.

I am glad you like the photo and the little story. I keep thinking how I might make this into some kind of painting. It is floating in my head and I do have some other images of these leaf imprints. So we will see. I take this as a tremendous compliment from the woman I consider one of the best nature photographers I know.

Suki, you have touched my heart in so many ways and you life with and now without your mother's physical presence continues to fill my heart with tremendous emotion. I can hardly express to you what I am feeling. You are a tremendous and generous person I am honored to call my friend.

I am sure you will have the time to go through Dianne's blog in the future and she will be delighted in your comments which are always so thoughtful.

As you know I am not near perfect, but I have a lot to learn about letting go sometimes.

Sweet Suki, take good care of yourself and know you will have lots of people by you tomorrow as you move through the day.


~Babs said...

I love ice images. When we had the huge ice storm a couple of years ago the beauty of it was outstanding. Once you could see beyond the ruin, that is. I think of that aspect often,,,"beyond the ruin" ,,,,whether it be in old buildings falling down,trees ravaged, wildfires,floods, etc. It's all natural, and all beautiful,,,,,once we see beyond the ruin.
Even, as with our friend Suki's Mom's passing,,,,there is the beauty of the new sunrise for her.

Heading over to her place now, and also to see what Dianne is up to today,,,see if maybe it's more baboons!

Interesting post Kim,,,be warned: we've come to expect them now!

~Babs said...

Oh, and PS:
Each one of my works of art is guaranteed to contain at least ONE cat hair, with the occasional Oreo crumb.

Andrea and Kim said...

Tee Hee Babs, cat hair and Oreo cookie crumbs! I love that...forget the sand, bring on the Oreos!

You know I love ice images, too. Oh, and when the sun comes out after an ice storm it is like a wonderland. The greatest thing about ice is you have to stay in (so in my opinion only the fools try to go out on is that for being ugly?).

I like this idea of yours seeing things "beyond the ruin". It is true, though, there is a lot of beauty beyond many devastation is another thing all together. You are right, too, there is a great deal of beauty in what is beyond.

Well, Dianne isn't talking about baboons today, but her post is very interesting. I think the baboon story is one of the funniest I have read in a long time...well, that and the story of your boyfriend. :)

Oh dear, have I set myself up? I honestly just ramble here. The cool thing is when I ramble, I also learn a lot from you guys!

You are a real keeper, Babs! Thanks!

marianne said...

I don´t like to get things in my painting which doesn´t belong there..... Something to think about for me.....Love the ice painting and that your son calls you is a sign he knows what is important for you (he loves you), isn´t that sweet.
I have been thinking about a post from a few days ago and that we talked about ideas coming to you in the night (early morning)
I notice them clearly now and I seem to wake up by creative ideas or solutions.
This night I got an idea for a painting. Normally I would let go of the idea again during the day as they don´t seem so important any more, but this time I will keep it in mind and paint it later.
I am looking for a patern in these ideas wake up moments.......
Well I am going to sleep now : Let´s see what tomorrow brings.......
Good night and sweet (creative) dreams!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

I have never just let things be in my paintings, either. Just today I picked off some debris which had apparently been picked up by my brush. Maybe I, too, need to let that go a little better.

Yes, my son and I are very similar in that way. He is very, very dear and I am lucky to have such a 19 year old son.

Oh gee, I did not mean to cause you to wake in the night, Marianne, however I am glad it is with creative urges. :) I will be so excited to see what comes of these dreams you are experiencing. The other thing about these creative dreams is sometimes I do not recognize them as such until I have done a painting...then I realize it looks kind of like something I have seen before and wonder if it was a dream...colors and patterns. It is interesting to contemplate. My husband would say we need a team of researchers to figure us out.

Sweet (yes, creative) dreams, Mariane!

Anonymous said...
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