Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You May Have Heard...

Mike from Devon, England has sent his two sheep, Esmiralda and Ermintrude on a tour. They first visited Andrea in Paris, then they decided San Francisco was calling them and visited Lynn. Recently they spent a few days with Cris in Oregon where they had a tea party with Annie. Today, they decided to make a stop here in the Washington, DC area before heading up to the North Country to visit Suki.

Earlier today I received a call from Reagan National Airport, and the woman on the phone said two fluffs with purses were asking for me. I said I would be there soon. So I headed down to Alexandria to pick them up. Right away they wanted to go into the city. We hopped on the Washington Metro right at the airport and in 15 minutes we were on the National Mall.

Let me tell you these two are chatty. Here is the conversation I overheard on the Metro:

Ermi: Do you think she will take us to a proper pub? I would love a pint.

Esmi: I hear they do not have proper pubs here. These buildings are far too new.

Ermi: Really? Where where do you suppose they meet their mates?

Esmi: Do I have to tell you everything, Ermi? They use a Blackberry to meet their mates.

Ermi: I have never been to a country where you meet your mate on a fruit. These people appear far too large for that. A banana would make more sense.

Esmi: You are a fruit, Ermi! A Blackberry is a mobile. You know, Mike will not let us have a mobile.

Ermi: You have lost your mind, Esmi.
Then we are walking across the Mall near the Washington Monument when this brief conversation took place:

Ermi: Do you think we can see Baaa rack O' Baaa ma?

Esmi: I understand George Bush is making him stay in Chicago until next month. One more thing, Ermi, no matter what Cousin Sally told you, Baaa rack Obaaa ma is not Irish.

Ermi: Someone needs to throw a shoe at George Bush for doing that to Baaa rack.

Esmi: Ermi, you are so slow - that happened days ago.

We had some fun, seeing the capital and the White House (although they did not want to go in). They enjoyed The East Wing of the National Gallery, too. Later we wondered over to the train station, because they thought they should begin their trip north. It will take them a while on the train, then a bus and finally Suki will try to get to them by car. It will be Friday before they can get to her place in the North Country.

They collected their tickets and the last I saw them they were headed for the platform towards New York City - Starbucks in hoof!

What a lovely duo!

Thanks Mike for allowing them this whirl wind tour!


Sabi Sunshine said...

wow what a reading kim.. feels like I am in the tour. Listen I tried you to send you an email .. I have no idea if you have received it Please let me know your email. I have one painting that i really like it found on the interent i want you to look at it deeply and tell me your feelings about the painting

take care

~Babs said...

What a fun idea, this traveling duo.
It's a very cute drawing Kim,,,did you do it?

I had a comment all ready about the shoe throwing and the baa-baa part,,,,,but I guess I'll just leave that alone.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh those two. sounds like you had a great day. So glad you got a photo of them in front of the monument. But those girls are cards arent they? I think they will love the trip up north by Train. Annie is moping around here. She sure misses them.
Thanks for sharing this day with them. :)))
Love the drawing and the dialog. :))

Lynn Cohen said...

I'm just checking up on the girls. So glad they made it to you safely.
Henry V is pining for his new friends. We all miss them terribly.
But nice of you to show them around and love listening in on their politic'OL conversations!!! LOL
You got a dynamite photo of them too, terrific rendition of the two.
Did they ever get their pints I wonder?

Mikes blog said...

It was great to hear just how E & E are getting on, they are such chatterboxes sometimes, it is as if I threw a pebble into a pond and the ripples go on for ever!, thank you so much for looking after them.

Andrea and Kim said...


I am going to respond to this one a little differently...but will go back to the usual way later.

Sabi, I sent you an email, did you receive it? I am glad you liked the tour.

Babs, these two are a real mess, but they are also a lot of fun. Your note made me smile :)

Cris, poor Annie! I can see why she missed these two characters. I clearly laughed my way through some rather serious places. I think they are going to have fun with Suki, too!

Lynn, I have no idea about them getting their pints. I don't think they would like what they find on the train. Ahh, poor Henry V, it is hard to have such little time with new friends. These two were totally oblivious about who was around them, but it is Washington and people say hilarious things all the time about people in power places.

Andrea and Kim said...

Mike, it has been a real pleasure! I loved listening to the two of them and their accents took be back to my time in England. They are lovely...and so is their chatter.

Thanks for sharing everyone.

Andrea and Kim said...

Mike, you know I mean they took me back to my time in England.

sukipoet said...

Kim, these gals sound like lots of fun. They are a riot. Just like a british comedy television show. Hmm, I'll see if I can buy some beer before they get here. Wish I knew what they might like as I know nothing abt beer. Thanks for the scheduel. I'll go pick them up in bellows Falls tomorrow when the bus comes in. This will be quite a change from the bustle of SF and DC and probably even OR

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, these two are more fun, well more fun than a bundle of wool!

These gals might like Oatmeal Stout (they might be used to having Young's Oatmeal Stout in England). I know you have a lot of the microbreweries up there which brew this (I had to ask for help as I am not a beer drinker, either). These birds (in England this is what they say instead of "chicks") are really keeping quite a scheduel (I laughed so hard when I read this) here in the states. I am thinking they are going to crash big time at your house! Whew, they needs something slower. I just hope they have left the coffee alone for a little bit. Brew them a proper cup of tea...which I think is a lot more warming anyway.

Thanks Suki...eager to hear what they entertain you with!

Unknown said...

Baaaaaaa:):)what a lovely picture in front of the monument and you are a real scriptwriter:):)
I'm laughing here about those two fluffs with purses and such lovely big eyes:) I commiserate with them for not getting their pints though...
The shoe-throwing and Babs's comment made me smile too:)

Dianne said...

Dear Kim, this whole sheep story and all the cartoons have made very entertaining reading, you have sent me off to blogs I have never seen before!
Will have a look and see how Suki entertains them!!
Love Dianne x

Sabi Sunshine said...

kim, i replied you back

Dianne said...

PS, the blog lists seem to have gone a bit wonky, I nearly missed your posting, it appeared half way down my list, rather than at the top. I have just undated mine and it shows the photo but says the update occurred 10 hours ago rather than 1 hour!!!
There seems to be a gremlin in the works!!!!

Mim said...

I can't wait until they get here after Suki - and boy - that Baaa Rack comment is a classic! Glad you and the girls had a good time.

San said...


Just kidding of course! Love this post, Kim! Adore this wooly twosome. OH, the places they will go! Especially fueled with that Starbucks.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

Yes, poor is sad about those pints. I am glad this gave you some laughs. We kind of had a few giggles here about it, too.

Hi Dianne, I am glad you are finding some other blogs to explore. Isn't that cool? You know I think blogger has gone wonky quite a bit lately. Sometimes it seems as though that happens in blocks of time.

Sabi, I will try to get back with you tomorrow once I can get myself a little more organized with my emails. Thanks!

Mim, thanks for visiting. You are in for a real treat. You liked the Baaa rack? I am glad.

San, that Starbucks can be amazing fuel. Hopefully, Suki can settle them down a bit. :)

Karen Salva said...

This is hysterical, Just saw your link via Suki! My friend's hubby, and hence in-laws, are from England and I almost spit out my coffee on the proper pub and pint comment. I do believe the monster in law said the very same thing the day before my friend's wedding. Suki's will be the perfect spot for them to re-group. Thanks for my morning entertainment!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Karen,

I have to tell you we sat here and laughed our heads off when I was posting this. I suppose our time in England kind of gave me some language to play with.

I am glad you enjoyed it, and hope you get as much mileage from it as we have.

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you will return. We have a great time here.

soulbrush said...

well i can certainly see where your daughter gets her writing flair from, how cute.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Soul,

Thank you so much...this is quite a compliment. I also have to tell you my daughter is a much, much better writer than I!

I am glad you enjoyed the little story!