Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Contemplation 8

As promised earlier this week, this is the other painting I worked on this past weekend. As you can see, I chose to use more rice paper. This was one of tissue weight which began with cleaning brushes off. At one point I even pressed a small wet canvas into the middle of the whole thing. I began to really like the way it worked and wanted to include it into a painting.

This is Contemplation 8 (Dreams) of Mixed Media on 18 x 18 deep, gallery wrapped canvas.

There are a lot of layers of glazing on this particular canvas edge. The border around the rice paper application is applied with a palette knife. If you click on the image, you can see there are lots of colors in this including a bit of copper. The center emblem is actually more of a wine color than black, too.

I do not think the gestural marks have any meaning, however if you know different please let me know.

As Elis said in yesterday's comments paper (and in my case, rice paper) takes the paint is a very appealing way. I think that is exactly why I am drawn to using it right now. I also find the tension created with a variety of textures appealing, so applying it as a collage type item works the best for me. As you can see in Contemplation 8, I have the smooth surface where the glazes were added, the heavily textured surface of the paint applied with the palette knives and the rice paper add three distinct textures to this relatively small canvas.

Here is today's question...How do you use textures in your work? Is it literal? Or maybe it is subtle. I would like to hear from you on this subject.


Unknown said...

Hi Kim, This is a very interesting painting, I love the way you positioned the square into the rectangle! And the surface is so intriguing (do you say that?). The marks add movement and balance the straight lines. love the dots.
The border lines looks like a fence, and the surface within the fence like something protected.
PS: your french is quite good!:) Thanks for your lovely comments on the "la journée de Miss Doodle" blog, it is always good to see your there!
Have a wonderful day

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Andrea. I like the skewed square, too. It just seemed right to do that. And placing the rice paper one in line with the canvas edge needed to happen for me too...with all of the other things happening... at least that was in my mind.

One would say the surface is intriguing. That is a good way to explain it. Thank you so much...I like the idea of the fence protecting the inside part!

My French...well, Andrea if you could see what it takes for me to write that! LOL I know it is so simple, but I have this huge dictionary here. Then I have to check things online...some of the words with the accent marks are copy/pasted because I don't have accent marks on my keyboard! LOL But I love doing it and working on my French by visiting your blog. It is a lot more fun, that way! And why not make it fun?

Thanks Andrea for stopping by! You keep inspiring me!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I like the movement in this piece. On the whole it projects something very reassuring to me - makes me feel good to look at it.
I am very happy that I have discovered your blog. Thanks for commenting on my work.
I am also busy working with texture in different pieces. I love the texture of hand-made paper, layering and altering the feel of it. And adding more with hand-stitching and/or paint.
What you are doing with the rice paper is a lot like monoprinting, something I also enjoy doing.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Laura! Thank you! I love movement in art a lot, so your comment about movement is very welcome. I am glad this makes you good to view it...that is also a tremendous compliment to me as I wish for my art to bring pleasure and peacefulness. Thank you, again.

Texture is an incredible element and rice paper does bring that to just about any piece. Layering the rice paper is also a beautiful way to approach the that idea.

It sounds as though we like similar things.

I am glad we have found each other's blogs! I know I look forward to returning to yours.


San said...

I too like the tension you've created between the various textures. I'd already enlarged the photo to look at that intriguing thick fringe. Then I read that you accomplished it with the palette knife. I don't use the palette knife. I really should try it more often.

Question with regard to textures: in my work I'd say it's a more subtle thing. The texture tends to lead me a bit rather than the other way around.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, San! Sometimes the palette knife just seems to be able to do what I need it to do.

Now about texture in your work. I have just come from your blog and am absolutely in love with the painting you have up there now! I want to talk about it in tomorrow's blog. It is absolutely fabulous. I would not say the texture in this painting is subtle! It is fantastic! I can understand how the texture leads you along, though!

By-the-way, the story you share there is so very touching! Thank you!

fiona long said...

This is wonderful Kim! I love all those colours, especially the copper. I had a bit of a copper obsession over the summer. I love the three contrasting textures. Of course I'd love to see it in the flesh as textural work is so hard to capture in a photograph.

I love using texture in my work. It's very important to me. I use anything at hand, wax, sand, coffee grounds, you name it....Glue and acrylic medium are therefore my friends! I have done many paintings of flowers and fruit in which I incorporate their seeds into the texture of the paint. I like the idea of somehow using part of the essence of the plant. It provides a talking point too.

Texture is important to me as I'm a very tactile person. I consider a painting a sucess if someone wants to reach out and touch it. When I see your paintings Kim, I can feel myself wanting to reach out and touch them!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Again, Fiona! You are right about textural works appearing different in the flesh...although the one you have on your blog right now...that was in the exhibit at the Royal...sure shows exceptionally well.

Ohhh, I had not thought of coffee grounds! Good idea...and tea leaves, too? I will have to try that! I love the idea.

You are right, using the essence of a plant in using the seeds is grand. Do you find acrylic medium preserves these organic materials?

You know I always want to touch paintings...of course they get mad at you even if you think of it in public (and I get that). Ohhh, what a compliment that you want to reach out and touch them. I run my hands over them all the time.

Do you know you can click on the image here and it appears large, so you can see very fine details? That helps some to try and figure out what artists are doing.

Thank you so much Fiona...I am always honored with your comments here.

fiona long said...

Ah! Bless you Kim!

I think directional lighting is one of the best tricks for showing texture off. The lighting at the exhibition was great. I love that feature on your blog where the picture enlarges if you click on it. That really does make a difference. I would never have seen the copper otherwise.

I get quite frustrated in art galleries, not being able to touch the work! (Of course I understand why and manage to restrain myself!)But I do consider the level of my craving a measure of a work!

I always used to use PVA instead of acrylic medium and 10 years later, the seeds are just fine. I hope they continue to remain so!

I love commenting on your blog Kim. You always ask such thought provoking questions!

Elis Cooke said...

Hi Kim
I really like this piece too... I wish I was better at sticking to a theme like you are with your Contemplation series and Music series... I'm always all over the place.
Re: texture... yes, yes yes! I love the mediums especially molding paste and crackle paste... I like to mix absorbent ground with molding paste so it gets thicker... I love cloth, cheesecloth, linen, string as well... but mostly I use the handmade paper i make for texture as I can make it really thick so it sticks out alot on the support... i think of that work as building... sculpting with paper almost. it is a very different process for me. namaste Elis.

Lynette said...

Kim, I love how this one turned out! I can see two little eyes on a shape that is definitely reminding me of a dog. I can see his ears and nose! I need to experiment more with using texture, something I haven't done much of come to think of it. I did try using paper towels and collage medium but it was almost flat when I finished.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Fiona! I like that feature, too, with enlarging the images on blogger. For me, it makes a HUGE difference to be able to see so closely when we are talking about something like painting. While I can't help with "touch-o-puter", this is the next best thing. :)

I have never used PVA. The acrylic medium works well for me, but it can get a little toxic smelling! I sometimes have to walk away from it.

Thanks for returning, Fiona! I always appreciate your input

Andrea and Kim said...

Elis, I am all over the place, too, there are so many things happening in between these paintings. And consider how broad these themes are. Every time I have gone into a gallery, they ask me about my body of work and/or the series I have done. So I thought what the heck, I can group these into some kind of series. I think Contemplation will grow very large, though...and who knows what form Music will take. :) Let me clarify that happened mainly when I was in England.

I am glad you like this piece.

Thank you also for all the good advice you have shared here about texture. I love your handmade papers. They do stick out nicely on your work! That is something I have never gotten into, but it does sound interesting. Maybe with another studio space...

Thanks Elis, your comments are so appreciated here.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette! I am glad you like this painting. I love working with textures, but you already know that. I hope you will also like some of the things I have to show you with my next posting.

Ah, paper towel...there is one I would not have thought of. I suppose different paper towels would come out different, the towels from public restrooms would be different form the ones you might have in your kitchen.

There are tons of cool choices for textures here, Lynette....and there is not any time like the present. :)

As always thank you for visiting me and leaving such lovely comments.

~Babs said...

Really like the finish of this Kim.Great bordering.
As for texture? I adore texture!
You manage to really get a lot out of the rice papers. I'll have to try those. I usually use gel mediums with acrylic,,,and with oils, just a really heavy build-up of paint.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs!

And you are a master of texture!

I really do like this rice paper for now. Elis makes her own paper and that sounds also quite interesting...although I can't imagine the space that might take...but I can imagine the great way it might take color. But Babs, give the rice paper a try...I am sure you will get some beautiful things from it.

On this is straight acrylic medium. I don't know why I did it that way...just used it straight from the pot.

Thanks Babs!