Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feeling Good!

It is always fun to see your painting hanging in another home...or any place other than your house or studio. It kind of gives you a good feeling. This is one of the paintings I did when we lived in England. It is titled Looking into France. The neat thing is this room's opposite wall has an impressionistic painting done looking into the English Channel from Normandy, France. So geographically, they are correct. The painting on the wall was done by a previous owner of this Victorian house and the present owner doesn't have the heart to paint over it!

I felt quite honored to have such a place of honor in this house...above the fireplace mantle in the main sitting room of the house.

Does it make you feel good to see your work hanging in different places?

Now, tomorrow you can read my conversation with the very fine artist, Suki, on this blog. You don't want to miss this very exciting artist's views and insights.

One other thing I wanted to mention was if you are interested in having your blog listed on a Blog Art List visit Alex who has started a new list.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Unknown said...

This is a really wonderful painting Kim. It suggests so well the coastline, the depth of the ocean and the chill of the water, there is foam too. The eye feels so well on this blue, great blue! And the place of honour is beautiful too, with its opposite painting on the other side. These people are lucky:)

I missed you yesterday but thought you must have had other things to do... I'm looking forward to the interview with Suki very much:) !
And I'll go over to Alex and her blog , thanks so much for always being so open and generous, love

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea!

You know I really loved the Normandy area of France...the weather was so similar to southern England and I loved it so much there.

I have yet to be able to duplicate this blue here in the US. I have gotten close, but not the same. It absolutely is so soothing for me.

The man who owns this painting is so taken by it. He has done a lot of traveling and is actually involved in architecture. His sister is also an artist...very different from me, however...so I feel he has an eye for things. He clearly knows what HE likes.

I missed being here yesterday, but some things came up I did not expect with my son (good things). That is fine, I know everyone understands that.

The interview with Suki is going to be so much fun...I think you are really going to like it. She is such a varied artist and shares so much.

I think it is lovely Alex is beginning this list...it is always fun to learn about the work of other artists.

Thanks Andrea...you, too, are very generous, my dear!

sukipoet said...

Hello dear Kim. How gorgeous. I too love that blue. Well, of course having lived on Cape Cod, one just grows to love the ocean. I am always startled to see my work in someone's house. It never seems like I made it. I forget. And i am touched that someone wanted to have it an hangs it too.

Ok interview on Wednesday. I don't know why I kept getting confused. Must be the heat. So I have posted a notice on my blog. Thanks so much for your kind words Kim. Stay cool. Suki

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lovely painting. Yes it is a bit heady to see your Art work in someone elses home. I have been privileged to have seen it several times. The best for me so far is seeing my Sheep painting on Andreas wall in Paris France. Now that is a high compliment to me.
I look forward to Suki's interview. You did a wonderful job on Andreas interview.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki, Thank you so much!

The sea is amazing, isn't it? I really loved my time in Southern England.

It is still a shock for me to see my paintings in other's homes, too...do we ever get over that? It is an honor for someone to desire what we love so much. I agree.

Interview on Wednesday...it is very exciting!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Cris,

I hope you enjoy the interview!

Clearly that painting at Andrea's house looks fabulous...and don't you have one at Suki's as well? Lovely!

I promise over the next few days I will get around to my friend's blogs...it has been crazy here with internet service outages and lots of back work to take care of!

Thanks Again, Cris!

Lynette said...

That's a beautiful painting Kim and I love the blue in that sky and sea! I just read your interview with Suki and it's fantastic!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank You Lynette! It was fun to see it hanging at his home.

I knew you would like that conversation, Lynette. They are so much fun to do and she is full of excitement, isn't she?

As always, I am so happy to have your comments. Thanks!

~Babs said...

Kim that is a wonderful painting, and just look how great it is over that fireplace! I'm so glad we could see it!

Yes, it's always a treat to be able to see something you've created in it's new home,,,and know that it's new owner was moved to want it!
I too Loved the Suki interview,,,you never disappoint, Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank You Sweet Babs! It is a treat to really see these in place...that does not always happen. When I saw it I knew I wanted a photo of it in place to share here.

Babs! You are always so fabulous and encouraging! You sure do make my head big! Thank you, my dear friend!