Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You might remember in April I posted about Babs sending me a painting she and her grandson had made as well as some seeds for my garden. then in May I posted where I had planted those little seeds and they had sprouted. Well, today I am showing you how they are looking this day in June.

Don't these look wonderful? I have moved them to be near a railing on our deck, since Babs says they like to climb. As you can guess, I will be showing you how these grow throughout the summer.

Now this morning is lovely is much cooler and the light is dappled in my yard. The birds are singing and there is a baby faun living in our back yard - it is so small...complete with spots on it's back.

My son was going to walk into our village to his job this morning, so I decided to go along as we needed a couple of things from the grocery store. As we got to the rails-to-trail path, I hopped on my bike and went along leaving him to read as he walked. As I was stopped waiting to cross one of the streets a man on a racing bike was on the other side. He said he liked my basket and added, "you look so French!" I really laughed, but thought of Andrea in Paris. I don't look French, at all...just my bike, maybe. My features come from further north in Europe and a bit of Native American blood. I thought I probably looked more like someone in Denmark, Norway or Sweden on my bike. What do you think?
But as I was returning on my bike with my fennel sticking out of the top, I did get lots of attention with my basket (one I had to special order as they are not common here) and cruiser bike. Most of the people here do not ride their bikes with a great purpose (some use them to go to work, but that is a new thing), but use racing bikes more for exercise-not as a means of transportation.

It is just a beautiful day here, and I wanted to share it with you. This post is not so much about art as it is about life...but I will be posting again later today as I am not going to be near my computer tomorrow morning.

I hope you are also having a lovely day where you are!


Unknown said...

IT'S THE SUNFLOWER AND THE FENNEL,lol, must remind people of France and the sunnier part in the South:)
It was nice to hear about your morning and how you ride the bike to get groceries! And to hear about this faun, how cute that must be! Have a lovely day, here in Paris the sun is shining but I have to dive into the metro and look at my sweet metroheads.

I'm looking forward to Babs's plantbabies' evolution! They look so delicate and I love this green!
Good luck for them and the little faun,

PS Funny that your sun is reading while walking, did I get that right, LOL!

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, I can see that, but the guy who said that didn't see that part...just the basket with some cloth in it! LOL

Oh, I can't wait to see the new Metroheads. Through you, they inspire us all!

Aren't those plants something? I love the way the green and the purple comes through in the leaves...they make me wish I could do those lovely watercolors as you do :)

You did read that right, Jonathan reads while he walks along. Taking books away from my children is like cutting their limbs off! It irritates him he can't read his books at his job! LOL Thank goodness he doesn't read while driving.... :)

Thanks Andrea...

sukipoet said...

KIm, I love it that your children both love to read. I agree. I ususally have any number of books going at the same time.

The basket is pretty cool and how great that you draw attention to it's "greenness." According to NPR lots of people are trying to be a) more economical and B) more green but I don't know how widespread that REALLY is. Anyway, I can think of no higher compliment than to be taken for a frenchwoman. :)

Your plants are growing, your thumb is getting green. I wonder if they are morning glories as they climb or clematis? a surprise to come.

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, my children are amazing that way...but I suppose it is a good thing since we are talking Vermont and Goddard Colleges! LOL You have to be a reader to make it in those schools.

I really am loving this bike basket. My daughter has one on her bike and says they are popular in LA (she does not own a car, so this is helpful on her cute pink bike with pink basket). She encouraged me to get one, and I am glad she did. The nice thing for me, is I get to go part of the way through some woods and then on a special trail...I only cross streets with cars.

Yeah! Who would not love to be referred to as a French woman? As you can tell it really picked me up! :)

You know, Babs has told me the names of these plants...they will get blossoms, then they will have seed pods...purple! I will have to look up the name, though. Maybe she can remind us, too. I am sorry I am terrible remembering things like this. I just love the beauty. She promised I could probably grow them...I didn't touch them with my hands, though! I am excited!

Thanks Suki!

Anonymous said...

Kim, you must have looked so glamorous to be mistaken for french! Thankyou for your cheering words. :)

Andrea and Kim said...

OMG Jess! It wasn't that at was this man hand no idea, I am sure! If you could have seen me in biking shorts, regular shorts and a tee-shirt I bought in Scotland when we were there. I really needed a shower, too! LOL That is funny to think I looked glamorous!

Thanks have made my day!

Katiejane said...

I like your bike and basket. I want a bike like that because it hurts my back and wrists to be leaning over the handlebars of the bike I have. I want one with speeds, though.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate!

I really love this bike for the same reasons you are talking about. This one is just a cruiser style...not a true cruiser. It does have speeds and it does help on the hills around here.

The basket I had to special order, can even get them in wicker which is also very cool!

If you get one, show it to us!

Thanks Kate!

~Babs said...

So fun seeing how your plants are doing Kim!
Mine are just starting, barely,,,,to want to vine. We've had so much rain that all my plants & shrubs have some kind of nastiness going on,,,a fungus, mold,,,,I don't know enough about gardening to realize which it is.
I'll be taking a photo of mine as they start to vine, soon.

I admire you for your bicycling. I don't have that kind of energy,,,down hill is great,,,but usually, you have to go back up at some point!

~Babs said...

PS: The plants are called
"Bean Hiacynth"
But I never remember how to spell it properly,,,,the y might not be in the right place.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

These are the most fun plants and I can't wait to share the seeds myself next spring. I can't wait to see the photo of your plants or for mine to begin to vine.

Also thank you for the name of these...I knew you could come up with it quickly....and you never have to worry about spelling here, you know that! :)

As for the bicycle...if I can't do a hill, I get off a walk. I really don't care one bit what anyone else thinks...although sometimes there are family members who care. LOL It is the craziest thing about going down a hill and at some point needing to go back up it again! Don't you hate how that works?

Thanks Babs!

Anonymous said...

My "magic beans" from Babs are happily growing in my garden. Bean Hyacinth.

Andrea and Kim said...

They are great fun, to be sure! I feel so honored to have these special treats from Babs!

Thanks Chewy!