Friday, June 6, 2008

So Many Gifts!

Each day I come to this blog wondering what I will talk about. This week not only has mother nature given me some ideas as gifts, but also blog friends have given me gifts of ideas.

In response to my post on Slow Art, Andrea sent me this book which had been introduced to her by her brother who is also a creative person. I had never heard of The Discovery of Slowness by Sten Nadolny. It is a work of historical fiction about the life of Sir John Franklin who was a 19th century Arctic explorer. I have just started this book, but already it is proving to be a very good read. Thank you so much Andrea! I am going to very much enjoy this very thoughtful gift.

This morning I wake up to two emails which are also very worthy of mention here. The first one is from Robert Genn who writes The Painter's Keys newsletter. He is talking about clones of paintings being made. He has experienced this happening with his own works. He speaks of the importance of mastering your own technique which cannot be cloned because it is not YOU. I can't find this online anywhere, but if you will email me in the next day or so, I will forward this newsletter to you. If you are willing to wait until next week, it will be on Robert's site.

The other email I received is from our dear friend San Meredith. San sent me the link to a short video of a Finnish rock band known as The Leningrad Cowboys who are in concert with The Red Army Choir. They are performing an American Southern Rock song, Sweet Home Alabama. Now while this video is great fun to watch (you really need to see this), it also made me think how important ART is in bringing people together. It truly is a common language.

Thank you to all of these people who have given me so much not only for this blog, but also just for me. You are all an inspiration!

I hope these send you into the weekend with lots to think about.


San said...

The book from Andrea sounds fascinating, Kim.

And I'm glad the Leningrad Cowboys made you smile. Whatever it takes. Right?


Andrea and Kim said...

San, I think you would like the book Andrea sent. It is a beautiful read so far.

Oh, that video was incredible. There are some others on YouTube, as well. Thanks for the gift!

You are right, whatever it takes! And we need a lot more whatever, I think. :)

Thank you for ALL of your gifts!

Paula In Pinetop said...

I read that same installment by Robert Genn and found it quite interesting.

I believe the masters would instruct their students to copy their work and then name it "for van gogh" or whatever........

On a couple of occasions I've done little studies of Pierre Delattre's work just for practice. He is such a wonderful artist and has recently moved his studio/gallery from Truchas NM to Taos NM. With the price of gas, I'm not sure when I'll ever get back up there, but I do so admire his work.

How in the world would anyone ever dream of making a copy of something to sell????? My gosh, what an abandonment of one's own soul, creativity.

I think the book sounds like a good read.

Have a great weekend.

Andrea and Kim said...

I can't imagine, Paula! It is amazing to me, as well, but we are a different culture, too. But if you want to make a difference in the world market...well, you know...

Teaching yourself is different. And no one can make an exact copy of anyone's work (by hand, mechanical and digital reproduction is a different issue). As Robert said, they have not had the same experiences he has had, so they can't bring the same thing to the canvas. I think the greatest issue is the one artists have always had and that is the general public doesn't know enough about the fine arts to know, see or understand the difference.

This is an interesting subject which I think probably needs to have a lot of discussion.

Thanks Paula and have a Great Weekend!

~Babs said...

Very interesting post,,,lots to read and ponder.
Thanks Kim!

Lynette said...

That sounds like a wonderful book Kim! I hope you have a wonderful, creative and storm free weekend! :)

Andrea and Kim said...

weekend food for thought, Babs!

Thank You!

Andrea and Kim said...

It is sure proving to be a great read, Lynette.

We should be storm free and very hot.

You have a great weekend, too.

Thanks, Lynette!

~Babs said...

I saw on the news that you are having 110 heat index there!
Whoa,,,,kinda makes Ponca City sound good, huh?
I see you sitting in front of that a.c.,,,,,,right where I'd be!

Andrea and Kim said...

Yup! Yup, it is kind of hot here, Babs! You are right, PC looks pretty darn cool, right now...and I remember actual temps at 110, but that was in August and much less humidity!

You are right the AC is on along with fans! I don't do well with the heat...give me the cooler weather.

Is it hot in OKC today, Babs?

Thanks for the visit my friend!

Unknown said...

Hi Kim, I'm glad you like the book, and oh, I still have to look at that video, but I know the Leningrad Cowboys from a movie by Akis Kaurismäki, a finnish director well known here in Europe, I wonder whether these are the same:)
Ok I'll be back tomorrow, just wanted to say that I always like your posts and the subjeccts you are talking about,
have a wonderful start into the week,
here in Paris it is warm but not hot, today we went down to the river Seine just to be able to look at the far away horizon a little:)


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

I really am enjoying this book and will let you know more as I get further into it.

You know the Leningrad Cowboys? That is cool...I was thinking of changing my look after seeing their costumes...particularly attracted to the hair and shoes :) I just adore this clip.

I am glad you are enjoying the weekend there. It is so brutally hot here. I am in the AC with the ceiling fan going full blast. I don't handle heat very well...probably a lot to do with hormones, too :)

Ah, the Seine...such a lovely river. Do they have the beaches all set up and ready? That always tickled me...sand, umbrellas and the whole nine yards.

Thanks Andrea!

Alex said...

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Lynette said...

Kim, it's been so hot here, and it's felt like 110 every day for almost a week. Arrhg, it makes me long for fall. Thank goodness for AC!

Unknown said...

Hi Kim:) hope you are fine, out there in the heat. It was almost hot here too, today. They set up the beach in July I think, I hate this thing, I mean when you stay on one of the bridges and look down onto the Quai you only see human bodies like sardines in a flat long tinbox, walking along and looking at those lying on the sand. How can anyone who has his head on his shoulders lie down there in a bikini until he/she is red like a cooked crab??? Oh my, I don't get it:) I'm too old for that stuff, probably. (AND do not take heat so well myself these days, LOL)

Vikki North said...

Hi Kim,
First time to your blog. I really enjoyed it. And the pictures of that storm! Wow. That must have been frightening. I also went to check out your site. Very pretty. You are a 'blue' girl- (by color not nature.)

Anyway, I'm a California Artist. My name is Vikki North. Come visit.

Andrea and Kim said...


I tell you what, I have never been so happy for AC since we left Texas! ARGH, it has been hot! It has been so hot I am feeling ill.

Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Vikki and Welcome!

I am very pleased to have you visit and will be visiting your blog to be sure. Do check back here as I will be having a fun conversation with another artist later this week! We have a lot of fun here.

I hope to see you around again, very soon.


Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Andrea,

I hear you completely about the people sunbathing. I don't get it either. And completely understand about the heat getting to you...I can hardly breathe here in this mess.

When I first saw those beaches along the river there in Paris, I thought it was so is just as though people treat it like a huge beach along the ocean! Funny!

Thanks for visiting me today. I really appreciate it!

Andrea and Kim said...

Alex, thanks for the heads up!