Monday, June 23, 2008

It Is About Time....

I guess you thought you would never get to see any more paintings from me. Well, here you go. As I have said, I have been working on several at once, but have decided to call this one done.

So here is a quick shot of one which will go in my Contemplation series, however I have no idea what to sub-title it (suggestions are very welcome). This is acrylic on a 12"x24" staple-less deep gallery wrapped canvas. Some of the paints have some inference colors added and the more orange hue is in copper acrylic. There are about 50 layers of the clear glaze on this getting any reasonable photo was not easy. Doing this painting was like dancing! I had a great time with it.

I had a very busy, studio-less weekend. I hope your weekend was fun.

Look for me back here on Wednesday with my Conversation with Fiona Long. I know you will enjoy what she has to share with everyone.

Until then, I look very forward to hearing from each of you!


sukipoet said...

An amazing painting, Kim. All those layers. And how your hand was steady enough to paint all those waving lines!!!I don't know. They are great. They sort of remind me of a bunch of telephone wires pulled apart. You know, how they are different colors? I feel a lot of energy from this painting. Maybe it is the linking in my mind of the lines with electricity. Were I to sit and contemplate before this, I think i'd get lots of ideas and zip.

sukipoet said...

PS I love the message at the top of your sidebar. Well written. I hope you find a gallery. Unfortunately my people can't help your people with that. As my people know nothing. I remember back when I was married to that sculptor. I wanted him to have a gallery and was gung ho to be his "agent." I would have done all the leg work, as it was back then. Slides, letters etc. NOw i have no idea how you do it. But, he would have none of that from me. So much for my vision of someone else's life. Course, underneath all that ambition which was focused on him was the ambition, albeit hidden, for me to have art that might work in a gallery. HMMMMMMM> Best of Luck to you Kim in finding a gallery. Your work is so fine and deserves to be seen and enjoyed by other's.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Suki! I am not sure about a steady hand, but it was great fun. It seems I often want to paint undulating lines...I am not sure why. But I am glad you like them. Phone wires...I had not thought of that. I am not sure what I was thinking about...well, I suppose I wasn't thinking and that was the point, uh? But the wires being different colors...yes, I do see that now.

Well, Suki Dear, don't sit before this too long as you have so much energy anyway. You are always working away with tons of energy going in lots of directions.

Thanks so much for your very kind and thoughtful words, Suki. As always I appreciate them very much.

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Suki, thank you so much...getting a "well written" from you is amazing for me!

I will have to beg to differ about your people not knowing anything...I think you (meaning your people) know some of the most amazing things. Too darn bad your ex-the-sculptor didn't have the foresight to know what he had turned down. Gee, what I would give to have my spouse promote my work professionally.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my paintings. Hopefully there will be someone's people out there who will feel the same way you do about my work and contact me!

This is really a fun, great comment, thank you!

Paula In Pinetop said...

Oh I like this. It is like, "above" and "below" and all that energy keeping them linked in to one another.......hmmmmmmmmm. Now I'm thinking......and after your last post, holy cow, too much thinking !

I also like your note about looking for gallery too, just not brave enough to say it just yet.


Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks is about time, isn't it? I am glad you like it, though. I have this thing about horizons... how about this thought. I am not sure we should be thinking while we are creating...we should be in a non-thinking mode, I believe. Do the thinking before and after...what do you think?

I am glad you like the side bar note...get brave, Paula...take the risk! :)

Thanks my friend...I so appreciate you visiting and commenting.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Very intresting painting. 50 layers of clear glaze. wow the patience. very good. I will have to come back and study this and the rest below more. I have been so busy I havent been able to get to all the blogs I like to read but tomorrow I am getting DSL FINALLY and I can get to more.. I am just sick of dial up.. takes me forever to get to a blog to even comment. Will look forward to another interview. Keep on painting.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Cris!

I do find the glazing so meditative. That is positive, but it is difficult for me to decide when to stop!

Yeah! You are going to wonder how you got along without DSL once you get it going! Believe me, you will be so grateful!

You are going to love the interview.

Thanks Cris!

Unknown said...

Kim, I see like moonlight on the river, and the fresh grass and things that grow and live in between. It is a wonderful painting, and I guess the many layers of glaze really give it a shine, so beautiful:)
The colours are awsome. Very special,
I'll have to come back to look at it several times

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Andrea...that is cool. I had not seen that either. I guess I have been so involved with the process intention or anything else hasn't meant a thing to me with this.

Yes, the glaze really gives the shine...maybe that is the moonlight you see.

Do let me know your thoughts as you return to visit!

I am glad you like do I!

~Babs said...

Kim, I don't think I've ever seen you work with this much green before, and I love green, ya know!
I know this copper color has to be really awesome with it,IRL.
It's a great piece!
I'm thinking "It's About Time" would be a great title,,,,as in time in the glazing process, time to seek Gallery representation,,and time all wrapped up in those wonderful marks separating the blue and green. I think time is something everyone could relate to,,and see or feel it in the work.

I'm going to be doing some copper with black for a couple of pieces soon.I'm looking forward to it! Time is not on my side right now, for much painting,but soon,,,,

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs, I don’t work with green a lot. But this has been the greenest spring I have experienced, and I know I am very influenced by the colors around me. I am glad you like this piece, though…that means a great deal to me.

And “It’s About Time” is a perfect title…just perfect! I really like it a lot. The copper paint is great fun…I am working on another piece with it now, too. And to combine it with Black…well, that would be just absolutely stunning. It sounds very elegant, really! Now you have me going wondering what you are up to! And you know how I adore black!

I know you are so very busy right now, but soon….yes, soon you can hold up in your studio and paint…and we will all be very happy when you do.

Thanks so much, Babs! I know your time is precious right now!