Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quite An Experience

Just 3 hours after I had taken the photographs of the deer in our yard yesterday, we had a series of severe storms which came through the area. On the first wind gust of the first storm, look what happened:

This is a red oak tree from our next door neighbor's back yard. This is a photo of our front yard. My son saw this tree fall from his bedroom window. Needless to say, he was a bit shaken by seeing this fall past his window. We had just come in the house, but at that point we gathered ourselves and went to the basement to weather out the storm.
This is where the tree fell across the fences and landscaping into the front yard.
I took this photo from our front porch, so you can see this tree in the yard. It barely missed our house.
The fire department came by for a visit and to tell me there was extensive damage throughout our large county. Our electricity was out (for a total of 14 hours) and they turned off the gas service to our neighbors house as there had been a great ground shift there when the tree fell.
This is our neighbor's house. Thankfully, this is the garage, so they can still reside there.
Isn't this interesting?
Look at where it is...

When my son and I were in the basement, this is what it looked like out the window there. It was raining very hard, so this downed tree looked quite strange out the window.

This morning when I went out, I found out this is really minor damage in our area. There are streets closed off because there are still trees across electrical lines and unstable buildings. We are lucky to have our electricity back on, because others in the area are not so lucky. The weather forecast calls for more storms today. Since it is to be close to 90 degrees F, I hope we can keep our electricity.

Today, I am feeling very grateful.


Unknown said...

Kim I just left a comment saying that I'd been spooked by that tree too, passing by my window... Wow, I am very glad to know that there is minor damage only in your area!
And the pictures are great and I love the firecar and the little green leaf hiding behind the pillar:)

Andrea and Kim said...

We are very blessed here at our house, that is for sure.

Isn't that leaf stuck there amazing? When I saw it I knew I would be showing it here. The power of nature to be artistic is incredible in so many ways.

Thanks Andrea!

Katiejane said...

Kim, we got the storms first, but it looks like you got the worst of them. We had tree damage in our area, but not us personally. That looks scary and too close for comfort.

At our other house we lost some 50 year old trees to storm damage and I remember what a chore it was to saw them up and get rid of them. I hope your neighbor's garage is still usable.

Even today the news is saying that 200,000 people around Cincy are still without power and the churches and rec centers are open to anyone who needs relief from the heat. (It's in the 90s here too.)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Kate,

Yes, you sure did get those same storms before they arrived here. Did the results of the storm make any challenges for your work? Are you in or out of the post office? Either way, it has to be difficult in that business.

We are very lucky here. There is a tremendous quantity of damage in this area, as well. There are also people here who are without electricity. Our temps today were not quite so high as yours, but that too is heading in this direction. I have to tell you I do not look forward to it.

Our neighbor's garage is going to be down low on the list for repairs in the area. Even the tree removal most likely is not going to happen until next week. There are just too many more challenging issues around.

50 year old trees! Eeek, that is do difficult to hear...and to deal with!

Thanks Kate!

Are you

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the storm damage Kim! It's very scarey when that happens isn't it? We lost a tree last year to severe storms, it didn't damge anything other than itself, and now I've got more space in the garden so it had a good outcome! I hope your damage isn't too bad and that you have have a nice weekend with calmer weather! Jess x

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Jess, You know I think these things always have a good outcome when you can see them. For me, I know I am going to be buying a NOAA weather radio this week! There is one good thing.

This weekend, we are only expecting some very high temperatures...close to 100 degrees F (about 37 degrees C).

As always, Jess, it is good to hear from you.

San said...

Oh, not, what a beautiful tree for your neighbors to lose. But I know everyone is relieved that damage wasn't worse--no loss of life or homes.

Kim, I loved that glimpse of the front of your home. It looks grand and gracious. Suits you, milady.

And that leaf clinging to the column--beautiful (in a wistful kind of way.)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi San,

Yes, we have some incredible old trees in this area. Our county has a goal of 40% (I think) canopy cover in the next few years. If the State will stop clear cutting areas for staging purposes, we might meet that goal.

This experience, with this particular tree, was such an easy thing compared to what is going on in other places...even around the corner.

We have some plans for the front of this house. One day, I will show you the front yard. Would you say I am a relatively private person? If I had my way, we would have tall hedges like they have in England! :)

That leaf caught my eye right away...I love the way mother nature gets creative.

Thanks San!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

OH MY.. I am so glad your family and home are OK. That is scary.
Does this happen very often there? I am not sure where you live.
Yes that leaf was amazing. So was the fact that tree didnt do more damage as it was.
It looks like a lovely neighborhood too.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris,

Yes, we are doing fine here. I am quite grateful as so many people around here did not have the luck we did.

We live in Northern Virginia (the Washington, DC area). Our county has a lot of trees and actually that is what drew us to this particular home (we have only been here about 15 months). I think usually it is snow which causes issues, but you just never know with storms...and this has been quite a year for them.

The funny thing about that leaf was it was from another tree...the leaf on the column was a maple and the tree which fell was an oak. Maybe that makes it even more amazing!

Thank you...this is a nice quiet neighborhood. I like that.

Have a Beautiful Weekend and thank you for visiting me.

Lynette said...

OH Kim that is SOO scary and thank goodness the tree missed your house!! I thought about you because we were getting the tornado watches and warnings for several days, but I could see on the weather map that the worst of the storms were north of us. Is it horrible hot up there now. It felt like 101 degrees here today and the same for the next several days. I'm so glad that nobody got hurt at your house! That's a great shot with that little green leaf stuck to the column!

~Babs said...

Very scarey stuff, these storms are producing!
We've had similar goings on in our area,,,trees, power lines, transformers, etc.
But we personally have not been affected,,,,,color us grateful too!
Agreeing with San,,,,the house suits you! Grand and gracious, yep!

Andrea and Kim said...

Lynette, it is brutally hot up here now. It is supposed to feel like 103 to 105 today! Clearly, this is a sharp contrast to our lovely spring weather of last week!

I am glad you liked the shot of the little maple leaf on the column...that caught my eye right away.

I am glad all is well down your way.

Andrea and Kim said...

Babs, it really did feel like we were back in OK there for a bit. You get so much experience with this and have had a ton this spring, too.

That is funny you think this house suits me. If I had my way, we would rehab an industrial building or something like that...of course we would have resale issues then. I am really more attracted to western homes or alternative housing. But when in know.

Thanks, Babs!