Monday, June 16, 2008

So Many Gifts!

On Friday, I received a beautiful package in the mail. This package was full of treasures from our dear friend, Suki. She not only created the beautiful gifts with her art, but also with her words.

This photograph shows the items which were in the box. The wrapping paper was so beautiful. You can see that as a background for these items. The golden ribbon tied up the blue was also very beautiful. The card in the upper right corner was made by Suki and included a description of the meaning and the intention of the artist.

There were three books in this box, as well. One is a small magazine written by Rice Freeman-Zachery who also writes Notes from the Voodoo Cafe. Another book is Shaun Mcniff's book, Art Heals: How Creativity Cures the Soul. I am a great fan of Shaun Mcniff. But the book I am really excited to read right now is Suki's own novel, Catching the Light. Now if you are interested in this book and another secret title, please visit Suki's blog as she is having a little contest to give some books away.
Another gift in the box from Suki was this tiny Japanese book she made! Isn't it adorable? I really love the design, the paper and everything about it.
Look how tiny this little book is....and my hand is definitely on the small side.
Suki also read on this blog how I collect tiny pottery, so on her recent trip to Cape Cod, she stopped in at Diane Heart Pottery and purchased this small pot for my collection. Look at the detail of this little piece and the colors. It also feels so lovely in my hands.
Inside the little pot were these shells from the beach in Cape Cod along with a piece of sea glass. Suki picked these up for me during her trip. I am so very touched with this effort. I also have a collection of shells from around the world, but I did not have any from Cape Cod!
Now this is one of my very favorite pieces in the box. This is Suki's card! She hand makes these...a little piece of art for each person who receives her card! On the back, she has handwritten her email address!

I receive so many gifts from blog friends each day on your blogs. This package was a lovely extra. I can't stop touching these items...something you can't do digitally! :)

Thank you Suki....and Thank You All for all the many treasures and gifts you share with me and with everyone you meet each day! Artists are so generous!

Now go and visit Suki's blog and see the treasures she is giving away!

Today...I send you each a big hug, a beautiful day and Love!


Unknown said...

Kim, what a treasure, this package, I love to look at it too:) and the packing is so beautiful too.

Everything looks so special and precious, so made with love and one really would like to touch the little card, to feel the rosy parts on there!

Thanks for sharing Suki's gift with us

sukipoet said...

Thanks Kim. It was fun to put this thank you together and I'm so glad you get pleasure from the things I sent. Blessings to you, suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea! This was fun in a box by Suki!

I have to say it really did feel like a lot of love went into this. I have received a lot of love from others, too :) She did put so much of herself into this package, though, but you can see that on her blog, too.

There is a lot of love going around among some blog artists!

Thanks My Friend!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Suki...the greatest pleasure is knowing you are my friend!

Thank you!

soulbrush said...

what a lovely surprise,suki is one in a million.

Andrea and Kim said... are right! I think she is a keeper! :)

Thanks for your lovely visit!

~Babs said...

That Suki!
A treasure she is, and her treasures she shares!
Wonderful gift!
Love it all, but especially the little pot. I'm starting a collection of those to have on some shelves at the lake. The shelves are actually an old cabinet that we've modified.

Is that paper some of her handmade? Gorgeous!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

I just love these little pots. I often purchase one when we are in Montana...but I also find them other places, too. I am normally not a collector of things, but I find these little treasures come in handy, too.

Yeah, there are a lot of lovely artist who read this blog...I feel so blessed with all of you.

Lots of keepers here! :)

Thanks so much, Babs!

Katiejane said...

Oh, Kim, how blessed you are. What a treasure box! I can't say which thing I like best. I had just about as much fun exploring the box as you did, I'm sure. Suki is a wonderful spirit and I feel privileged and honored to know her.

Andrea and Kim said...

You said it Kate...I am so very blessed with everything in my life! I really am...and one of the areas of my life I am particularly blessed is with this wonderful group of artist and readers who visit this blog! I feel as though this group is amazing.

Suki is a very wonderful giving and loving.

I am blessed to call so many people here my friend...

Thank you so very much, Kate!

San said...

Precious gifts, Kim. And clearly informed by Suki's intuitive knowledge of what would please you.

I love the way you mention how good the little pot feels, how you have to keep touching all the gifts. The tactile is so subtle and profound.

Andrea and Kim said...

You are right there, San.

It is funny, when I go to a museum, I am always yelled at because I keep putting my hand out to things and the guards alway think I am going to touch it! And the truth is I want to, but remember just in time. My mother still tells me I am like a child when it comes to touching...I don't think it is something I will outgrow now! :)

Thanks so much!