Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doodles and Thoughts...

Here is a little more doodling with the Inktense pencils. Sometimes, I just like to lay down colors to see where they might take me, and this is not any exception. What usually happens is I end up journaling on these bits. If I use a disposable technical pen (like the Micron), I will doodle a few lines and add a few word thoughts. I suppose some people would call this visual journaling, however these are not in book format...does that matter?

My apologies for not posting a lot these days, but it seems as if I am continuing my role as "glue" here. Are you ever the glue at your house? Do you find yourself doodling/journaling over other art from time to time?

I promise to work on more thoughtful posts very soon. Have a Beautiful Day!


sukipoet said...

Hello Kim. I dont think journal pages need to be in a journal. To keep them together you could place them in a lovely handmade folder. Or, bind them together perhaps.

I hope you are doing ok as glue person for your house and have a bit of down glue times for yourself. I hadnt thought of it before, but I do believe i am a glue for mom. I think she could live alone, however that would only be with someone who would drive her to dr, do evening meal and change her bed, and shop for groceries etc. IE: if my bro wanted to do that. But I am sure she is glad to have another person present in the house, the company. so, I guess I am the glue here for Mom. Interesting way to think about it.

sukipoet said...

or just leave the journal pgs loose.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Sweet Suki!

You know, I have all of these journals...one where I write about art, one where I complain (I call that one my b**** book), one where I write the things I am grateful for, etc. etc. etc....then I have these loose pages of thoughts. They probably need to go into some kind of portfolio because they are all kinds of sizes, etc. I really should be thinking about things like that, too. But I get these projects going and doing them is what becomes important, then I leave them...bits and pieces everywhere.

You know what, I think you are absolutely the glue for your mother. I know it has to be very difficult for you, but if I had to guess I would say she is at a place where she is so much happier having another woman in the house with her. And I am also guessing, in her own way, she is grateful that woman is her daughter. I am sure she is grateful to have your brother close, too. But it sounds as though you are the one who is the gentle, empathetic soul. That must bring her incredible comfort.

Yup, you are the glue girl, too! :)

Thanks Suki!

sukipoet said...

Kim thanks for your kind words. Also, good idea to try non-dominant hand. After tomorrow which is a special day. Not that my drawing is that special but.....

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, you are so deserving of those words...no doubt at all.

A Special Day? Are you going to tell?

And your drawing is awesome! Don't forget it!

Thanks Suki!

Katiejane said...

Kim, don't worry, we'll still be here when you get back. No one is creative EVERY day. Relax.

P.S. I like Suki's idea regarding keeping journal pages in a box. Hadn't thought of that.

Andrea and Kim said...

That Suki has good ideas, doesn't she? And today is her birthday!

Thanks Kate...sometimes the people in my life take priority over everything. :)

Unknown said...

Kim, I love the idea of loose journal pages. And you doodling with colours and inktense is great. It looks like a storm coming on!
If you consider that all those bits of paper you write on are your OTHER journal, you can always fantasize about a fine box or something else to put them in. A treasure box! And the glue, well I'm the emotional, thin and etherical glue at home, whereas my husband is the practical, solid, superglue, and the cat is the softfurred, funny glue...

Have a wonderful evening doodling and playing with your pencils or paint!

Wurzerl said...

Dear Kim!
I' m looking for a long time your picture from Friday, October 3 and the new one from yesterday. Both are so different - but they have one common thing: "they are both great"!!! I love the colors and the ease in the brush.
Thank you for the answer in my last comment, I will show some Chinese painting in November. Now I have a lot to do in my garden - Winter will come soon!!
Have a great time Wurzerl

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Wurzerl,

Awe, thank you. This means so much from you one of the greatest garden artist I know!

I look forward to seeing your Chinese painting on your blog this winter. I understand how you have a lot to do in your garden to prepare it for a big sleep.

Winter will be soon in your part of the world. We have cooled down considerably, however we are not cold at all. Will you have snow soon?

Thanks Wurzerl

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea, I somehow missed your post here...I tell you I am nuttier these days! Sorry!

Yes, the idea of loose journal pages is gelling with me now, too. I think I needed to hear Suki say go for it. I am going to re-show some today of things I have done in the past. I am also considering just how to save these in some kind of box or portfolio. Exactly...why not?

The glue...well, I think many of us are some kind of glue to all kinds of people. When I say that, so many people don't get it, but it is the way I am feeling right now...and there have been times when I would day I feel like terre firma, too...a firm base to hold people up and walk upon! LOL But now it is the glue. I like the way you have explained different kinds of glue and you are so right. You might be good old white glue at home, Andrea, but I can say you are very much a superglue in this art blog world.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful post.