Wednesday, October 22, 2008


When you have night dreams, what are they like? Do you have specific images which come to mind and sometimes tell a story?

That does not happen to me very often. It has happened from time to time, but I often dream in swirling colors or swirling colored lights. I get the story in some way I can't explain, but the images are just colors. As I said usually the colors swirl together and create soft edges, however one night several years ago the colors were more sharp against a dark background. They were like streaks falling obliquely from over head. The story wasn't that awful, something which didn't cause me alarm anyway. But the way the colors appeared actually work me.
The next day I painted this and did not realize what it was until I saw it again and realized it was the dream. What was interesting was how the colors kind of bounced when they hit something I could not see - and to see I remembered that (without really remembering) when I was painting was also interesting. What do you think? My family would say I was weird, but they would expect nothing less.

Do you dream in images or maybe only hear sounds? Do you dream in color? What ARE your dreams like? Have you ever painted them?

I am continuing to work on this painting project here at home. Hopefully I will be able to share it with you before too long.

I wish for you a Very Beautiful Day!


sukipoet said...

Kim, wonderful post about how dreams influence you. Lovely story about the dream and the ensuing painting. I dream in images and maybe some dialogue going on but I'd say most of my dreams are scary or intense, moving fast, flying, running, trying to do things that dont work, violent occurances and on and on. I have never painted them consciously. Not sure if there are colors.

I love to write about and talk abt dreams though. So fascinating that there is this world within conscious being that takes place when I sleep or at least that I tune into when I am asleep. Thanks KIm.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

You know I have had flying dreams, as the feeling of flying above the colors (sometimes the colors have chased me, but not often). And one of the things I have learned to do is somehow become conscious in my dreams...I suppose just barely waking up. If you can turn and ask what the "person" or "color" wants when they chase you, then they might give you some information which might help you in your waking life. Like I said, since my dreams are not realistic images, it is difficult to explain them with words.

Maybe if you would consider painting or drawing some of these scary dreams, then you can understand them or consider the message they intend to bring you.

Sometimes, I think there is a fine line between my conscious and unconscious brain.

I also love to talk about dreams, so maybe we can get something going in how art and dreams might relate. What do you think?

Your insights here, Suki, are always so delightful...thanks!

sukipoet said...

KIm I have no idea how I found this, via someone's blog just a few days ago.

very occasionally I am "awake" in my dream thinking I'm awake and then I really wake up and know I was dreaming. In the past I read reams of books about dreams and dreaming and read about facing the beast of whatever sort that is chasing you and asking it what it wants but I have never done that. Have you heard of the Senoi tribe. I may have the name wrong. They being talking abt dreams with their children from day one. They gather or did once anywya, every morning to discuss the dreams of the night before. dreaming is as much a part of their life as watching TV news is to us.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

I am going to check out this site. Thanks so much. I think dreaming is very interesting.

Sometimes I hear noises in my dream (like a doorbell) and I have been able to access in the dream it is not our doorbell (or whatever) and continue with the dream. Now my family thinks that is odd. I don't know, but I do know I have done that.

I have not heard of the Senoi tribe, but their idea of evaluating dreams is very appealing. I will try to give a search for them, as well. And you know what, I have always thought of dreaming like listening to a story or watching a movie. Maybe that is why I love sleeping so much!

You always have such a lovely way of getting discussions going, Suki...I am glad you choose to do that here. Thank you again.

~Babs said...

Ah, dreams!
So much to contemplate,,,very interesting post, but first I must say I adore this painting Kim! (is it large? It feels huge)
I see many thoughts and emotions coming through in beautiful jagged shapes of color. I'd hope you wouldn't be doing much more to it, if anything at all, as it looks finished to me!

I dream in color, yes,,,sometimes techno-color.
I don't seem to dream as often now as I once did, though I would guess I'm just not remembering them. ?
I have a vivid memory of a dream of my Mother, (before she passed) where she was once again a young woman, all dressed in a summery colorful dress and ankle strap high heeled shoes,,,she was all dressed up in the style of the
It wasn't a dress I recognized from any old photos,,but it was so perfect for her.I wish I knew what the dress fabric was called, very light weight and 'floaty',,,floral,and flipped around her knees as she walked down the sidewalk to meet me.
The breeze was blowing her natural auburn hair lightly, and she was gorgeous. It seemed so odd to me to see her dressed that way, as of course I'd never seen her like that,,,,the age, and the style, the clothes. When we were young,there wasn't money for her to be stylish.
She just smiled at me as we walked by each other on that sidewalk,,,,we didn't speak,,it was like I didn't really know her, but she knew me. It was a happy dream,,,,,,don't know what it meant, other than maybe I was just inventing an earlier time of happiness for her, carefree youth,,,stylish girl,,,enjoying life before marriage and children, free to be her!

Such an interesting post & discussion, thanks Kim,,,,,and you too, Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs, I am glad you like the painting and it is complete. I thas looked like this for quite a few years now. It is 24" x 30", so not so big, but not tiny, either.

What a beautiful dream of your mother in a time before you even knew her. And the way you describe the dream brings the image so clear to my mind. I love these descriptions and love it you have shared your dream here.

And your description reminds me of something else. When I meditate, I can come up with images and stories similar to what you describe, but I never do it in my night dreams. It is so interesting to think of how this works.

Dreaming in color is a huge thing, too. I know a lot of people say they only dream in values of gray...I find that amazing, but people swear it is true.

And I think your dream could probably be analyzed in any number of ways, but don't you think a lot of it depends on where you are/were with it all?

Thank you, Babs, for jumping in here and sharing so much. You always give me so much to consider.

Unknown said...

Kim, I look and look at this painting and it is as if I was hiding in a woodshed, outside the sun is shining bright and I am happy and close my eyes halfway and see the sun shining through the cracks between the boards, and enjoy the colours which sparkle like all the colours of the prism:)
it is very comforting and indeed like very nice dream.
I dream in colours too, but can't remember now if I have painted one yet, I think I have but do not remember what it was. I'm such a butterfly mind...
Anyway, it is all but werid:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea, I thought you would be asleep by now :) Maybe that is why you are seeing this painting as a woodshed with light flowing through the cracks. But I adore the image. I know what you mean about closing your eyes about half way and seeing light like this...good point. You always give me lots to think about.

I cannot imagine you have not painted a dream, Andrea. It just seems like something you would do. And I adore your butterfly mind...I hope it stays that way.

Thank you so much for your insights here, Andrea. I appreciate them so much.


Katiejane said...

Gee Kim, I'm not sure anyone could paint my dreams. I usually dream I'm in some out of control situation, like I discover I have too many dogs to groom in the allotted time, or there are more dogs coming into the kennel than we have room for. (This dates back to when I owned my own salon and kennel, but I still have dreams about it eight years later!)

And just the other night I dreamed that I went to work at the post office and they had moved my mail case somewhere else in the building (the building was part library and part department store) and no one knew where it was. I was wandering through isles of clothes and past walls of books, but never found it. I have these types of dreams all the time. ??????

My dreams would look like Van Goghs.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kate, well, I bet you could paint how you feel in your dreams. It sounds like you really get told a story, though, and are trying to work out some issues with the work you are doing in your waking time. Do you ever dream of creating stained glass?

LOL, you are right, Van Gogh might be able to help you get an idea of what your dreams might look like on canvas! :)

Thanks Kate!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Interesting post and comments. I love the painting. you dream in tecnicolor. :)
At the moment I cant remember what I dream. I did have a dream when I was little that had to do wtih a family living in our neighborhood that had their house burn down but in my dream the kid, a boy about my age and poor, was in a car driving to his home and it drove off a cliff and he lost his arm. It haunted me for years. I never knew why I dreamt that. Because it was his house that burnt down. it finally went away. I wake up from me Falling in dreams. And I think I dream what ever is going on at the moment. I do remember one dream after my Mom died that she was actually alive and we had tossed all her things out and she was so upset. Now that was a haunting one.
Hmm Guess I do remember some. but nothing I want to paint thats for sure.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris,

You sure do have some scary dreams, and I don't blame you for not wanting to paint them. Why give energy to those dreams?

Do you dream in color?

Thanks for your insights, Cris.

Anonymous said...

Wow...your dreams sound very cool....Seriously, mine tend to be more confused social situations...then, maybe that's why I express myself solely in words rather than paint....

marianne said...

Can you please leave your address at
See my blog
hug >M<

I'be back later to read your post!

Andrea and Kim said...

Yoga, I love my dreams and love to sleep...maybe because of them. :) I wonder what your dreams are saying in confusing social situations for you? I stand in awe of those artist who express themselves successfully with words. I really struggle with that from time to time and it really irritates me at times like this when I can't seem to find words to express what is in my head. Then again, maybe it is best that what is in my head stays right where it is!

Thanks Yoga! It is lovely to have you here to join in the conversation.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Sweet Marianne,

I have visited you this morning and sent you an email, as well.

Now, you have a safe trip back home! We will catch your beautiful mandalas on the flip side, okay?

Hugs back!

Unknown said...

Kim I read your answer to Suki in which you say that you have learned to become conscious in your dreams, that is very interesting and I wonder, how you do this, can you teach me?:)
I will not post today, lack of time, but sometimes it is good too to give people two days to react on a post or to have time to go and "see" them on their blogs:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

You know I am not sure how I learned to do this, but I remember reading it was possible and could help you to gain information about your life questions or things you needed to be aware of in your waking time. I think once I began to be aware of this, I was able to do it from time to time and it has just gotten easier. I guess for me, it was just being aware I could consciously interact with my dreams that made the difference. It is helpful for me, personally, but many people think I have lost my mind.

And I am agreeing with you about allowing a day between posts. I have come close to doing the same thing lately.

Thanks Andrea...I hope your busy day is a Very Good One!


Unknown said...

Kim, thanks so much for this answer, I'd like to try this, I mean go to bed tonight with the firm wish to remember what I'll be dreaming. I know that it works with the clock, when I tell myself that I have to get up at six and really want it, I do not need a clock. So it should work with this too. Thanks so much for inspiring me, and yes the day is busynice:), hope your's too...

Andrea and Kim said...

...and Andrea, if you jot down the dream or the memory when you wake up you can also teach yourself to recall it better later. I know I did that for a while, anyway. At least it worked for me.

I am glad your day is a good one! I am kind of busy here today, but not anything over the top. Yesterday was a busier day for me with trying to get that second coat of paint on the walls. Now the completion is out of my hands.

I will catch up with you soon...

fiona long said...

Wow! What a dream! How clever of you to capture it!

Last night I dreamed that I was making muesli in India! And getting lost which is common for me in the dream world.

I keep a dream diary, sketchbook (although I've been horribly lax with it over the last few months). I use coloured pens to get them down quickly in the morning as I do dream in colour and strange convoluted tales. I find the process interesting but slightly frustrating since I can never capture what it was really like. You're so talented to have captured your dream to the point that it gave you deja vous! I hope that one day I'll be able to do the same. Perhaps if I try using paint!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Fiona,

Wow, can you imagine painting muesli? That would be fun. Were you getting lost in the muesli? That would be the kind of dream I would be as part of the muesli! LOL

You know I have kept a dream diary, too, but it kept waking me up in the night (to record in it), so I gave it up. When I was doing it, though, I didn't draw. I would write words about the feelings it evoked. I seem so focused on my perceptions and it evades me even in sleep.

Try Paint, Fiona...I bet you could get some incredible paintings.

Thanks for your great, insightful comments!

Juan Bielsa. said...

Great post, Kim. And lovely painting created from your dreams!

My dreams are pretty real, with colors, perfumes...

Like you, sometimes I "profit" from my dreams in my art. In fact, I've written very long poems reproducing a story lived in a dream. My dreams are, in general, very, very poetic. In a dream I only dreamt in pink; all was pink: windows, houses, fields... there lived lovely pink people. I awoke with a sensation of freshness.

In ancient Egypt, dreams were extraordinarily important; they were a revelation of truth.

Kim, thank you for sharing with us these beautiful experiences, which can be very useful in all creative processes. And thank you also for your generosity.

Juan Bielsa

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Juan,

Oh, you have scents in your dreams! I love that idea. I keep wondering how we can encourage these things in our dream time. I am sure there is a way we can probably learn.

I can imagine your dreams to be very, very poetic. When I read your poetry, I am often transferred to some level which I then can't put words down to explain. And I do think your dreams are an expression of what is truth to you or of what you might need to know in order to seek the truth for yourself.

I think you and my other commenters are the ones who are so generous in taking the time to leave your thoughts here, Juan! I learn so much from each and every comment.

Thank you so much for your visit and your comments.