Thursday, October 9, 2008


I thought I would share a few of my loose journal entries with you, since I brought up that subject.This is watercolors and ink from a technical pen. I did this so many years ago...and did not date it.
...again, watercolor and technical pen.

This one was done in a notebook, but it shows some of my doodling lines.
Do you ever do things like this? I sometimes just write in journals, however that is slowly dwindling. Even the loose pages are more prominent for me now. But what kind of pen/ink do you recommend to not become clogged with the residue of the inktense pencils or other mediums? Any thoughts there?


sukipoet said...

Kim read this this am but then off to dr with Mom which exhausted me, fingers began aching again, bee stung one finger...ach.

I love these journal pages, the combination of ink and watercolors. Reading your words of wisdom. The notebook page so unified as looking like a puzzle as you write about the puzzles of life. I do not often draw in journals however I had a wonderful book once, forget the name, that was about self exploration via visual journaling. I did the whole book of exercises. I had a very large black covered sketchbook to do the pages in. Each exercise explored parts of the self and spirit. I really liked doing that, but once done with the book that was more or less it. Most of my journals are words.

I have never used those inktense pencils so can't really answer your question about the residue. Be well, suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, you have had a real time with your fingers. I am wondering if maybe you should be reading for a few days to let those fingers heal? I can imagine how exhausting it is to take your mother to the doctor...not only getting her there (and I am sure she is probably anxious) and understanding everything about her health. But I also bet you are a real comfort to her.

I am glad you like the pages. I am not so sure how wise the words are, but I think they do kind of play into the page. I wonder what that book was you worked through? I know there are some really good ones on visual journaling, though. I seem to do better with the individual pages in this way, but would love to have some of these in a book. It is funny how I do this for a little while and then do not do it for a while. I have to say I am very impressed you followed the exercises in the book and have them kept in another book. While I have lots of these kinds of books, I have never-ever been able to follow any of them all the way through. You know I have some of those all word journals.

Suki, do you ever have issues with pens clogging because you use them over another medium ... like paint? The entry in the book (the last one) is all in ink. I don't think I said that in the post.

And watch for tomorrow...I have worked on my non-dominant hand doodles today. They were great fun. You and Andrea really inspired me.

Thanks Suki!

Unknown said...

Kim I love the watercolour paintings, I just love the fish in the middle, with the soft lines and this great blue! And the other one is beautiful too, like one of those sea-anemones, which softly wave in the water. And there are some great thoughts in your notebook!:) life is like a jigsaw puzzel, I like that:) And for the pens I use: I now only use Staedtler pigment pens, they go from 0.05 tip to 0.8, I almost always use the 0.1, 02 and 0.05, only today for the pumpkin the 0.8, the thickest one. These are the only ones that will not take offense with my watercolour them over and over again. Which means they are really waterproof. Others say so, but aren't. I don't know however, how they will react with thicker mediums, not good I guess.
Have a great Friday,

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

Thank You! I am glad you like these.

And thanks for the information about the pens. I think I have some of these and do like them. I have also found the Copics to work well for me...but I do not saturate as much as you do, either. It just seems that writing over these dry pigments tend to clog up the pens and that irritates me. Maybe I need to consider the larger tips to keep the ink flowing.

Thank You Andrea. I do appreciate your insights here.

Lynette said...

Oooh Kim I love these, they are so delicate and lovely! I've never used the intense pencils. I have my regular pencils and sometimes use a fine line sharpee marker.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lynette,

I am glad you like them. I suppose these are just the kinds of things I do for myself from time to time. For me, the best time in my studio is when I am alone at home and can turn up the music and just get lost in there. When I don't have time for that, this is the kind of thing I do. But maybe I should consider how it might translate sometimes.

I really appreciate the idea of the Sharpee. I had not thought of that and they have a lot of new products out, too. I am going to give them a try for this application.

Thanks Lynette!

marianne said...

I love the second one! I would frame it!
I don´t do this .......I have bought a journal and tried a few pages but I guess it is not my thing . Something to think about why........
I love to see other peoples journal pages however and I am always in awe.
Thanks for sharing your pages Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

Thank you for your kind words. I will have to consider framing...although I have so many things here without a place to put them :)

I think Journaling is one of those things which hits you sometime. Blogging is a great deal like journaling. For me, in my journals I can/do speak of things which I would not blog. Everyone is different...also keeping a sketchbook is a lot like journaling, too. If you have ever done morning pages (The Artist's Way), that is journaling. They say all you have to do to keep a journal is to date each entry. :)

You are welcome for these pages...thank you for responding to them.

Thanks Marianne!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I missed these. I love your doodling. Thanks for shareing your sketchbooking & journaling.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

PS. I have kept a journal for years. Mostly words but I also keep lined notebooks around so I can doodle in them or write something done I like or want I guess I REALLY journal. lol
I've kept them all too. I go back and see what kind of mood I was in and what I was doing etc.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris,

I am glad you like them. While these are just simple things I have messed around with or felt compelled to do myself, I know there are people who create some of the most beautiful journals.

Isn't journal keeping a wonderful practice? I have found it to be so therapeutic and it gets me over those bumps-in-the-road-of-life from time to time. It sounds like you really do journal...and have the resources to prove it, too.

I am glad you liked this post.

Thanks Cris.