Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mindless Doodling

I know this is not a good photograph, but bear with me here.As many of your know I really like to do these doodles. And as Andrea has encouraged me, I am working on playing in my sketchbook each day since getting into my studio is not happening all that often. I also do these things because I am a process person. I love the process more than the end result. Are you and end result artist or a process artist?

Now, this is a funny thing I wanted to ask you and show you. You might be able to note some of these shapes are outlined in black and some are not. When I first did this, I use a gold pen to create the lines on watercolor paper, then I used the Inktense pencils as the color for the shapes made by the gold pen. And because I love the process so much, I decided maybe outlining each shape in black would be interesting. I even considered layering the black as texture in some shapes, but changed my mind on that. And since my time is limited these days, I haven't completed the black lines, but I thought it would be interesting for you to see the difference. Basically, I will use the exploration of these doodles for ideas for future art. Do you think the black lines attract or detract?

I hope you are getting more time in your studio these days than I am. I am snatching some bits of time, so I hope to be able to show you something before very long.

Have a Beautiful Day!


Unknown said...

Kim, what a doodle, it is great and I like the black lines, you put the in so delicately so that I see them as shadows which enhance the deepness of the coloured fields so that it adds a dimensional quality. Did you already try these sort of lines "building" up your painting on a canvas? I like the black lines cause they are really delicate. I think I wouldn't like them if they were real black streaks.
So great that you dedicate time to your 'sweet) doodling:)
Oh and, I like the process and the end-result. When I am in the process, I don't really think of the end-result. But then I am very glad when the end-result appears and I can call it that:) Which is sometimes difficult to do...

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

Thanks so much for your insight on this. I honestly wish you could see this for real...while it is honestly a doodle and can have a more sketch-like quality, it also is a lot more intense than it appears on my computer screen. I felt is was important to keep those black lines really small, because if they were thicker they would "fight" with the gold lines (I am using a 0.1 disposable rotoring). One of the things I want to do is use a smoother paper as sometimes these pencils catch and are not as smooth as I would like. Since these are doodles, I do not want to get into tube watercolors or acrylics, you know?

No, I never think of the end result and maybe that is why I have to walk away a lot from each piece...I have to take myself to another place and view it from there as opposed to being caught up inside it.

Thanks so much, give me so much more to consider here.


sukipoet said...

Kim it's great you are finding a way to keep your hand into creativity even though you cant get into your studio these days. I too like the black. It reminds me of the way people emphasize depth and shadow when they letter. I am very much interested in process, it is true. However, I feel a sense of satisfaction when something finally comes to rest and I can call it finished.

San said...

Kim, your doodle reminds me of a wild piece of freeform stained glass. Great jewel tones.

I don't know if I'm process or end-result. I can get absorbed in process, but I'm also mindful of the end result. Often when I call a painting "finished," I will then go back to tinker with it, swinging back to process. When it comes to the process/end-result continuum, I guess I'm bipolar.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Suki,

Yes, shadow seems to be the idea of these black lines.

I can understand how you feel that sense of satisfaction when something is deemed complete. For me, when I decide something is complete, I care far less about it than I did while I was in the process. It is not that I don't like it, but I am so ready to move to the next project without any more thought to the final product. Is that why I have a struggle with putting things on this blog? I don't know...

Thanks are amazing at making me think.

Andrea and Kim said...

San...I love those jewel tones.

You make me laugh so hard...a bipolar kind of process/end result swinger! LOL!

Thanks San!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I like this piece as is. If it has black marks then it is just right. when I enlarge it I get blur. but I LOVE the colors and design.
Kudos on the daily sketchbook drawing. I joined the drawing a day group again this year. Hope I can keep up with it.

sukipoet said...

Kim, interesting clarification. You care less about the work when it's completed than when you were working on it. In that case, I'd have to agree. I don't care so much about my completed works in fact often give them away although if someone wants to pay for one thats okay too. I sometimes like to look at old work to remind myself who I was back then and what I was doing but yes for me the interest and draw is in the working out of whatever in itself.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris,

Yes, there is a lot of blur because I didn't use a tripod to hold my camera...I just wanted to take a quick snap. In addition, the paper has such a texture that I don't even have to know I am moving the camera.

I give the sketching a shot. I am clearly not good with the kind of pressure to be bound to it, but usually get to it if I don't pressure myself. :)

I will be watching your daily sketches....

Thanks Cris!

Andrea and Kim said...

Suki, we are very similar in why and even how we it that INFP? :) Anyway, are you like this with a lot of other things, as well? With your art, you are so generous with showing your works in progress and sharing your processes and I think that is an amazing, amazing talent. Even your writing, you are so wonderful about allowing us to peek in and "watch over your shoulder"! Yes, I think you are even more like that than I am as far as loving the process more than the product.

Thanks so much, Suki. Your generosity and kindness is amazing ...most amazing!

Sending hugs and hopes for a great weekend.

marianne said...

O Kim your post made my desire for the Intktense pencils alive again!
I would really love to try them!
I also hope that I will get some time to paint soon and you too

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

I am so glad this brought you to consider the inktense again. Don't you think that is one of the most exciting things about reading just never know when something will create a spark for you to grab to fan into a flame.

You have been missed, Marianne!

Have a Lovely Day!