Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Blanks

Today I do not have a great deal to share with you. While some of my blog friends were nursing sniffles, going to art shows and going along to high teas (you know who you are), I was painting the walls in my foyer and stairwell. And I can tell you they are looking much better. I still have a second coat to apply, then I move on to the upstairs hallway. The walls in this house were all painted in Caucasian and Asian flesh tones or wallpapered in similar hues and that does not suit me or my furnishings very well. So I have slowly been changing these walls.

When I paint walls, I spend a lot of time considering what I would do if I knew I would be in this house for the rest of my life, what I might talk about on this blog, or what other tasks I need to accomplish. Maybe that is why I paint canvases - with those I do not think of such things. But I paint walls in the same way I paint large canvases - sometimes painting large expanses while I dance around and then getting up close and getting tiny details. Do you find there are similarities in painting no matter what you paint? Do you have particular things you think about while you are doing non-creative, rote kinds of tasks?

I did a little canvas painting (you know the big red one), but I am not near ready to share that with you at this point. In the meantime, how about a little dumpr manipulation? This was a photo of some flowers (you can make them out, I am sure) sent to me by my best friend for my last birthday. They are in a handmade, pottery vase my daughter gave me for Christmas last year.

Are you having a good day today? It is my greatest wish you are doing just that!


marianne said...

I love these round images!
I have just been called and tomorrow I'll have to go to Johannesburg, will be back friday. See you then........
love >M<

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Marianne,

Well, at least it is not an hour's notice, I suppose. Please have a safe trip, and I will be watching your blog space.

Be Safe!

San said...

Your swirled flowers are cool, Kim.

What do I think about when doing rote tasks? 'I'll be glad when this is done.' :-0 Truth be told, it can be nice to get into a rhythm on such a task. It can feel calming and enclosing.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks, San!

Yes, I think that same thing about some tasks, too. But I suppose I am happy to paint walls sometimes (I wouldn't want it to be a career or anything) and let my brain wander.

Thanks San!

~Babs said...

Hi Kim,,,,
An awesome manip,,,,I remember the vase of flowers.

Good for you, getting those walls painted! We sure could use some of that here,,,but all efforts of that nature are put into the lake place right now, of course.
I love painting walls! Give me some music and a brush or roller & I'm there! I did just that a week or so ago with some Neil Diamond. He's coming to town,,,I saw him in concert years ago, and he was fabulous,,,,but the cost of tickets today,,,,WOW!
Anyway, yes,,,I enjoy painting walls,,and texturing them too. For me, it's peaceful.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs,

You have a very good memory...I posted that photo 7 months ago.

I can't imagine keeping up with two houses as I have problems with one! LOL

Well, you should take the hit, in the name of art, and buy some of those Neil Diamond tickets! A little bit of "Craklin' Rose" might be nice! :)

Thanks Babs!

sukipoet said...

'That's a nice Dumpr. love the colors. I like to paint walls too as long as they dont have to be perfect. Like Babs I put on some music and get all paint covered as I roll or even use a brush. When I first moved to Mom's I posted abt painting my bedroom walls which were a dizzy melange of flowers. I painted the walls with a brush not a roller.

Not sure what I think about though. My mind just floats from one thing to the other, I'd imagine. Like when I walk, then too the mind just churns through this and that on it's own little rota. What colors are you painting your walls?

sukipoet said...

ps to Babs. Go for it (Neil) You and he only live once.

~Babs said...

Kim & Suki:
No can do on the concert.
It's sold out,,, scalper tickets are around, of course,,,,, from 250.00 to 785.00.
I don't think Neal wants to see me that badly!
Actually, I can't think of anyone I'd pay that to see,,,unless maybe if Janis came back.

Andrea and Kim said...

:) Suki, we sound very similar, really! Music, painting, etc. I, too, like to do it when I am not watched over.

I have painted a very slight gray, just so the walls will push back from the woodwork. I also have an interesting wall which backs up to the staircase and I have painted that a very dark gray which has some blue in it. The paint I use changes a lot with the light...which I adore. I will take a photo and post it later this week for you to see. I am not sure how it will come out, but you will get an idea.

Thanks Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Well, Babs, I am sorry you have to give up on Janis! Sad! Well, I don't know, I bet Neil would love to see you at his concert, and I bet he is really glad he sold out, too! Well, go buy yourself a new CD or better yet, a DVD of him in concert. I love those sometimes.

Sorry, Babs!

Lynette said...

I'm with youall, I am happy as long as I have some paint out. It's great exercise and a rest for my mind when I am painting the walls or ceilings. I painted the living room a wicker color a couple months ago but still need to do more painting in the house and out on the deck and around the windows outside.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I used to like painting walls but now with my back problems all I can think of is, When can CON paint it. LOL
But I put on music for all my painting jobs. It quiets the left side of brain so I stick to my creative side of painting. I find I can draw better with something going on too.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oh I forgot.. that is awesome how your tulips came out on Dumpr

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Kim :)
When I'm painting walls my mind wanders and it feels as though I'm sorting my thoughts out. Even years after I've painted certain walls, I get reminded of either what I was thinking about.For example, the morning Princess Diana died I was painting the garage door. Gladly, that garage is no more, because we extended our garden but look how the memory lingers!x

Andrea and Kim said...

Lynette, it sounds as though you have some good wall painting projects going at your house, too. I suppose it is the time of year...the good news is we are enjoying getting these done.

Thanks Lynette!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Cris!

I hear you...wall painting is a little hard on your back and dealing with it for long stretches like that makes a huge difference, too.

But yup, gotta have that music going and just let the mind gotta love that. Maybe those who don't like this kind of thing just don't like the direction the brain takes them. tee hee!

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, Jess, I had not thought of that, but you are so right. Gee, what a brutal time for the world when Princess Diana died. I so remember just where I was then, too. My husband was watching tv and I was asleep...he woke me up to tell me. But memories good or bad do return when you think of where you mind went while you were painting or doing a similar task...another way of painting memories, right?

Thank you, Jess!

Danielle M. Le Bris said...

I am back.
The house restoration is almost done.
Now, I need to paint the walls etc...just as you are doing :)
I have a show coming up this November so I am very busy preparing for it.
I hope that your summer went well.
Talk to you soon.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Danielle,

It is so very good to hear from you, and to hear your renovation project has gone well. To have your space in such turmoil is very difficult, but I bet you are pleased with the results.

Painting...yes, it is an ongoing job, but so very satisfying once it is complete.

You have a lot going on to be sure, but I suppose that is busy. Is the show close by you?

My summer was good, very busy with family and making sure everyone had what they needed. Basically mother kinds of things :)

I am so glad you are back and painting.

Thanks So Much Danielle!

fiona long said...

Hi Kim,

I'm sorry I've been away for so long! Busy summer, then start of term, and art show season, I've realy neglected the blog world for a long time! I've missed you!

What a great thing to read too. My wonderful old art teacher in Lyndhusrt said that his wife would despair whenever she asked him to do any decorating as the result would never end as she had hoped. He loved the mark making and the brush strokes so much he could never end up with an even surface! I can imagine you wanting to try out new things on the walls!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Fiona, it is lovely to have you back in blog land! I have missed you a lot, too! And you also had your travels to Turkey, right? :)

Wall painting - well, it is rather relaxing for the most part. I really like to do it when I am alone. I like how your art teacher described his experience...maybe that is what goes on here, too. I also find myself making marks, but also use the roller to smooth them out. One of the things I think about is what would I do, if I only had to satisfy myself?

Awe, Fiona! It is so lovely to have you back!

fiona long said...

Aw! Thanks Kim! Yes, Turkey was wonderful!

I'd love to see what you'd do to the house if you were allowed to run wild with it! ;0)

Todd Camplin said...

I agree, I love painting everything. My friends grandfather painted Every piece of furniture in the house, even the couch. I can only hope I can be as bold of an artist as he. Always a joy to visit.

Andrea and Kim said...

Fiona, you may be the only one who would like to see what I would do with my house if I were allowed to run wild with it! LOL The one thing to remember is I live with a very structured engineer! We keep each other balanced. :) Okay, so we TRY to keep each other balanced.

I bet Turkey was phenomenal. I am glad you enjoyed it and look forward to those photos. I just need to get these walls painted, then I am having a lot of people here for Thanksgiving meal, so that will be my next "out-of-studio" project.

Thanks Fiona

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Todd,

Seriously? Even the sofa? Wow! I wonder how that was to recline upon?

I am afraid I am doing very straight forward painting here...sad, isn't it? Oh well, in my studio at least there are some unintentional "flings" on the walls.

Nice to have you visit, Todd. I am just barely keeping up on the blog these days.


fiona long said...

hehehe! Yes, we need to have some balance don't we? Adam says he wants an artist's flat. I don't think he understands quite what that is yet!

The Turkey photos are up on Facebook.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Kim hi:):) love your introduction and I admire your paint-craft! I don't know if I could do a good job on walls! Have a wonderful day,
talk to you soon

sukipoet said...

Hi KIm, wow you have a lot of comments here. I look fwd to seeing your grey walls. I know what you mean abt the color changing with the light. I painted one small kitchen wall Sante Fe Sunset I think it was called and it was so beautiful and indeed different at each time of day.

Babs, how funny. I just watched a video about Big Brother and the Holding company and of course Janis and realized again how much I loved her esp the early stuff. She is so interesting to watch too the way she moves.

D.M. LeBris where is your show. I live in NH near Keene so maybe I could come and see

Andrea and Kim said...

Fiona, I can imagine Adam wants an artists flat as long as Fiona-the-artist resides there with him! :) And you never know, he very well may know just what an artist's flat might be like and knows it would be appealing to those in his business, too. Right?

I am eager to get to your Turkey photos...maybe this afternoon.

Thanks Fiona

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

I am sure you could do a beautiful job on walls :)

I feel as though I have painted so many houses...well, I have, really. Between painting walls and making window treatments (of which I stopped counting at something like 143 windows), I have seen a lifetime of work!

I look forward to talking more, too.

Thanks Andrea!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

I have spent the morning putting the second coat on the walls I worked on this weekend. So hopefully I can show you soon. Yes, sometimes these walls look gray and other times they appear more blue...either way they are great. I have walls in my dining room which look lavender sometimes and gray other times. I just adore that.

And I hope you can get over to Danielle's show. She does lovely work. You can check out her blog, which is listed in my blog list, where she tells a bit more about that show.

Thanks Suki