Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work in Progress

This is a 30" x 40" canvas I have been working on...doesn't look like much, does it? That is because it isn't. I just have not gotten any further with it than this. My husband thinks it looks like tanned leather...nope, just canvas and acrylic.

I wish I had more to show you today, but this is it. I do have another quote from the Audrey Flack book, "Art & Soul: Notes on Creating".

Being Commercial
If you can't make it good, make it big.
If you can't make it big, make it red.

Honestly, I did not read that before I painted this canvas! Isn't that funny, though? Does that mean I am commercial since this is big and red?

I hope you are having a lovely day!


sukipoet said...

That is pretty funny kim. Audrey said some audacious things. Looking forward to seeing what happens to this. The red has a lot of energy and power to it.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hey Suki, do you think it is funny I painted this big, red canvas? OR do you think it is funny I am leaning towards commercial? :)

You are right Audrey does say some amazing things...I just thought this was so funny since I had painted this canvas! I sure hope I get some time later on to work on this more. Today I went to the eye doctor and he informed me I have an eye infection. Yuck! Well, the product I have to use makes my vision a little funny for a while...maybe it is time to get the left hand going again when the funny vision happens! :) I guess I am full of silliness today!

Thanks Suki...I look forward to result of this as well!

~Babs said...

Love that comment,,,,BIG AND RED!
If you lived here, peeps would think you were talking OU football!

But either is good, big OR red!
Whatever you do with it, I know it will be powerful,,,,,red just has an amazing energy!

Geeesh, hope your eye infection clears quickly,,,,that has to be uncomfortable, at least.
(I like silly!)

Andrea and Kim said...

Ha Ha Ha Babs! OK is a big football state...rather like Texas, isn't it?

Well, we will see how it all works out. I am eager to see, myself. At least I have this base done.

Awe, it is irritating for me. But eyes, you know...don't want to mess with them. It is a little uncomfortable to be sure, but hopefully I can get it past that point quickly.

I like silly, too!

Thanks Babs!

marianne said...

Love the quote.....never heard of it but it makes sence.
Love your red canvas, indeed red is the color of energy .
I have to catch up with blogging and tomorrow I have to go to work.......

Unknown said...

Kim hello, good morning:) big and red and mysterious:) I can't think of you in terms of commercial but who knows?:) It sure looks mysterious to me, like many of your paintings! I hope the drops which bring you blurred vision will help you soon to chase the infectin!
I'm very curious what you will do with this canvas:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

You are so very busy! I know what that feels like...I am sure we all do.

It was so funny about that quote. I had painted that canvas, then the quote popped up, and I wondered what kind of message that might be?????

Be safe and enjoy your trip.

Thanks for taking the time to visit me, Marianne!

Andrea and Kim said...

Good Morning, Andrea!

No, I can't think of me in terms of commercial, either, but I thought it was funny and wondered what others saw.

A mysterious a painter who paints mysteriously! I need to dig a little more into myself. :)

Yes, I am very ready for my eyes to be cleared up. It is annoying. I have ordered new glasses and sunglasses, I need to get busy to pay for these things! :)

Thanks Andrea....and stay tuned to see what happens with this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Have you read the book by Julia Cameron, The Artists' Way? I'm a great believer that when we're in tune with it, the universe smiles and creates 'coincidences'. I think you're on the right path!x

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Colorful Jess!

Yes, I have read that book and refer to it a lot. I have to say the morning pages (which ended up not being actual morning for me) were fantastic. I have a very difficult time following any set program, so I kind of picked out the things which worked when I thought I was in need.

I am glad to hear you think I am on the right path here...that means a great deal from you, dear Jess!

marianne said...

There is no such thing as coincidence I think.
I have everything packed just some minutes to relax and I will go to bed early.
Thanks for your understanding Kim!
hug >M<

Andrea and Kim said...

Ah, Marianne, maybe you are right...this I was supposed to read and understand in some way. I will contemplate that very subject.

I am glad you are prepared and ready for a good night's sleep.

Here is a hug to send you off...

sukipoet said...

Kim I meant, I think, that I thought it was funny you painted the big red canvas and then opened up the book and found that quote. Hope your eye infection clears up with alacrity.

Andrea and Kim said...


I was just teasing you. I knew... :) Your intentions are always so kind and good.

Well, I am working on that eye infection thing! Apparently it will take a bit of time.

Thanks Suki!

Anonymous said...

"Big Red" like the cinnamon chewing gum.

Andrea and Kim said...

Ha Ha, Chewy, I never thought of that product. You are so right!


fiona long said...

That's a funny quote Kim!

I think there's an element of truth there. Big makes immediate impact and it could be used as a way of cheating ;0)

As for your's wonderful! It obviously has a great warmth to it but a wonderful depth too. I feel myself being absorbed. There are some great Rothko elements to it. You go girl! xx

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Fiona,

I thought it was funny, too! And you are right, BIG makes an immediate impact, but maybe impact is part of the whole...can that be?

I am glad you like this piece and it does nod towards Rothko (one of my personal favorites). You know, I also think that large also helps ME be pulled in easier. So your point is well taken. I am now working on this canvas utilizing a form I have become rather obsessed with lately. Hopefully, it will work out and I can show it here before too long.

Thanks Fiona, it is wonderful to have you back!

fiona long said...

Yeah. There's definitely nothing wrong with big. I wish I had the guts to go bigger sometimes! What's stopping me? Space and material cost constraints probably. Maybe I should just go for it sometime?

I look forward to seeing what you do with it next!

Andrea and Kim said...

Fiona, it is clearly not the guts to paint big, it is most definitely the space! This canvas (30" x 40") is as large as I can go given the space I have to work. So many times I have wished I could paint a really large canvas (for starters how about 5' x 6'), but I think I will have to wait until I can have a different studio.

Once I get these walls painted, I will focus again on this piece.

Thanks Fiona!

fiona long said...

Yes, I would love to do something enormous like that too! Perhaps the answer is to work on panels and attach them later?

Andrea and Kim said...


That is a good idea, indeed. You know me, I always have more questions. I love the way it makes me feel to physically move a lot when I am painting big. Sometimes it is the main reason for me wanting to paint! :) Do you have that?

fiona long said...

Someone who has lots of questions will never stop learning.

Yes, I love the movement and the getting messy and experimenting and discovering new things. That physicality of paint, or anything else in art, is very important I think. :0)

Andrea and Kim said...

I thought so, Fiona! I am such a process person, it sometimes over-shadows the end result!

I am glad you don't mind my questions...I just can't seem to help myself and you pose so many good ones.

Thanks Again, Fiona

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I'm not generally a fan of red, but find this painting actually rather compelling...really fine just the way it is...then, it seems I often think that with artist friends' unfinished (or barely begun) work--once I remember a guy I knew who had this amazing abstract which, to my eyes, he ruined by making it more representative...then, nobody's asking me to edit their paintings, and that's probably just as well....

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Yoga,

If you like this minimal work, you might like some of the other pieces I have done. I have a transitional blog where I post newer works which have not made it to my portfolio web site. You can see some other minimal paintings at:

I know what you mean about these minimal works. I love them a great deal as well. Large, so I feel as though I can become a part of them and minimal for the same reason. I am a huge fan of Mark Rothko's work, so maybe this is some of the reason for a peek of this minimal work from me.

And Yoga, although I may not have asked you for your "edit" I am grateful to hear what you think of these works. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am going to see if I can't find you out there, since I love yoga...although I am not cynical about it :)

Thanks again for your visit and your comment.