Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Big Thank You and Music 1

I want to thank everyone for visiting here yesterday. Being able to share another artist's art and story with you was so very rewarding for me. I hope you all enjoyed learning about Andrea and her work. Please continue to visit her blogs as they will inspire you, bring you joy and with each visit you get just a glimpse into the life of this beautiful person. Again, thank you all for playing along with us while we prepared the conversation and for your tremendous support and visits yesterday.

My personal goal is to continue to have conversations with artists on some regular basis. It takes some time to pull everything together, but if I can do one or two a month for now that would be good. I promise no more dragging you along, either. I will tell you when to expect one! Additionally, if any artist has an interest in being a part of this with me, drop me a line via email: artist[at]KimRodefferFunk[dot]com (sorry for the dead link, but you know why).

This is the first painting of a new series for me. The series is titled Music and this painting is Music 1 . It is 30" x 40" Mixed Media on deep (2.5") gallery wrapped canvas.

With this series I am listening to a CD a lot - even if I know it very well. Then, I paint while also listening to the CD. Each painting in the series will have a gestural mark which is made while listening to a particular song on the CD. While I don't have permission to share with you the name of the song, I will share here on this blog the name of the CD. Music 1 was painted while listening to Josh Groban's Awake CD. If you are into contemporary classical music and do not know of this need to find one of his CD's to listen to. He has the most amazing voice for such a young man.

I have started the next in the music series and hopefully I can share that with you next week! At least I am focusing on that! In the meantime, you can contemplate on who I have chosen next. Anyone out there who already knows...shhhh!

So today I leave you with these questions. Do you work in a series? Do you think it is important? If you work this way, how do you come up with what the series might be?


Daphne Enns said...

I like this piece with the drips on individual objects. I also work with music from time to time.

I would listen to the same song over and over to maintain a continuous line of creativity.

It has been a long time but perhaps it's time again. It is certainly working for you.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Daphne! Music is a great inspiration. Sometimes I wonder if it is because we become more relaxed when listening to music. But I really think it is because the work just evokes so much emotion and probably more from highly emotional artists. :)

Show some of your music pieces on your blog...that would be great fun.

Thanks again for your kind words about this painting.

Kim Hambric said...

I usually work in a short series: 3-12 pieces. My goal (now) is to always work in a series, but that doesn't happen every time. I am often "spent" after one piece. Sometimes the thought process continues piece after piece & I can't stop. Sometimes I work in a series to use up scraps (not usually my best series). I do think working in a series is important. But I do have to acknowledge my short attention span & must frequently change course.

I ALWAYS work to music. When I did my Modern Dance Series and Women Singing series, I would often listen to 2 or 3 songs over and over until a piece was ready to be sewn. Music is very much a part of my art. An entire series may start from just one song. I have been inspired by Ethiopian music, Stan Getz,Janis Joplin and dozens of others.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Kim, thank you for visiting me today. So do you ever work on several series at a time? I do that! I also can't focus totally on one set or types of painting.

Music is really awesome for lots of reasons...not to mention supporting other artists.

Thanks Kim.

San said...

The "Music" painting is most appealing, Kim. That ropey thing--aren't I eloquent?--running off two edges of the canvas seems portentous and magical. Must be leading to the next in the series...

I haven't really worked in series. YET. Never rule out possibilities.

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh San! Your kudos mean a great deal to me! Thank you! I hope to have the next one ready to show you next week...I should be in there working now...but when I saw your name pop up, I just couldn't help myself! :)

Series...Whew! You saying that has left me off the hook! I love it! I have organized my web site around it, but clearly it is all so loose, too. I have always felt you could create a body of work out of most anything...more or less a way of talking than a way of working.

Thanks So Much San!