Friday, February 1, 2008

What do you think?

Here is an expresso and a lovely Mocha for you on this February 1! Enjoy!

Let's go into the weekend with something to ponder. Is that new for me?

Yesterday, Nicole Hyde ( posted a link to a Variety article ( about Sarah Jessica Parker's intentions to produce a reality show based on the art world. According to the article, it would be a competition between 12 artists in a reality show setting.

Now, I am not much of a television person, but my intuition doesn't lead me to have a lot of positive feelings about this. I am not opposed to television, but competitive art making in tight time constrictions and under a ton of pressure while television cameras are rolling doesn't sound like a recipe for good art to me. What do you think?

When we lived in England the BBC ( ) ran an interesting series called Art School ( where well known personalities took an intensive two week art course at Chelsea College of Art and Design ( ). These were people used to the camera and the pressures associated with it attending art courses. They were not visual artists, but it did show the challenges of this work as well as the rewards and they were not in competition with each other. I have to admit, I did enjoy watching this series. I think it ran for something like 4 weeks or so. I can't remember exactly.

My impression is these are two different types of shows, both reality, but the focus is different. I may be completely wrong about that, however. I will be interested in hearing your impressions. Here is my question to you:

Do you think a competitive reality show based on art will have an impact on the arts? What and/or How? Of course, we never really know until it airs, right?

I look forward to hearing from you. It is interesting to ponder.

Have a Beautiful and Creative Weekend!


vivien said...

I certainly wouldn't produce good work under those sort of conditions :( not time to consider or quiet to think and competition???? no. My paintings aren't about competing

I can't see it producing good art, just more reality tv fodder :(

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Vivien! I so feel the same way about my own work. Like you, time is critical and a quiet mind. A good question, you are right, what is your painting, your work, about?

It does seem so true, "...just more reality tv fodder" and it is sad!

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kim,

I sure could use a good cup of cappuccino or a cup of hot cocoa.

We are having an ice storm in NH; not much light to work by.

I have been painting all day though. Experimenting...:)

Have a great weekend.


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Danielle! I wish I were there to make you one! I heard about the ice storm. We just have cold rain here today, so it is dark and dreary here to day, too.

I can't wait to see your experiments! That is exciting!

Glad to see you here...

Unknown said...

Hi Kim, I guess it could have an impact on the arts if someone is watching it and then feels inspired to make his own art, i.e; if it inspiration to others.
Otherwise I think it sounds very very superficial and I have doubts about the outcome.
Have a good weekend

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea! I think I do agree with you. TV here in the US is so driven by these reality shows. It is really amazing.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for commenting.

Have a Lovely Weekend, there, too!

~Babs said...

Impact on the arts?
Naw,,,,I doubt it.
Amazes me how lots of people will
watch anything that's served up.

As for me, I'll take you up on the cappuccino, and snuggle back to my book!

Andrea and Kim said...

Babs! It sure is amazing, and there is a lot of stuff being served up by a lot of people these days!

The cappuccino is on me! I am just about to join you with the wonderful book!

Have a Great Weekend!

Andrea and Kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynette said...

oooh what a yummy looking photo!! This sounds like an interesting show and if and when it airs, I sure would like to see it. I know that there is no way I could make art with cameras rolling and in a TV setting like that though! I think I'll just stick with 'Survivor' hehe!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hey Lynnette,

I am sure if it makes it, we will hear about it.

The pressure for me would also come from the competition and the irritation of so much being cut away that was important just so they could show the fighting. At least that is my impression of how it works.

San said...

Hi Kim, although sometimes I'm inspired by a deadline, a lot of the joy of making art for me is the solitary nature of the pursuit. I wouldn't think such a "reality" show--which is pretty far removed from the reality of most actual artists--would have that much influence.

Then never know...there are all kinds of evil influences out there. ;-) Believe I'll go grab a latte.

Andrea and Kim said...

After that one...some of us need a strong drink, San! :) I think this is the common thought on this issue. What I think about is the young person out there who is struggling and the $$$ look really good to them. They go for this thing and it actually sets them back if they get back up at all. That is the main thing I think about.

You are right, "you never know"

Thanks San, it is always good to have you visit!

Belinda Flores-Shinshillas said...


Working under pressure is not something new in art, in fact I like to work under MY OWN pressure. The art with capital "A" is different from a Hollywood reality show, real art does not compete it learns from each other and most importantly produces change in societies. And to be honest nothing from those shows will ever change anything. The motive behind this kind of things is never a true one, never sincere.

The produces and so called actress are only doing this for the money. So do not worry about it, it will not do anything to real art… that one that all of us that really care do.

P.D. When real Art comes to this world it takes time (a lot of it) for people to understand it. So if this comes true some day it will not affect our work.

Belinda Flores-Shinshillas said...

Thanks for the cappuccino,


Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Belinda, you are very welcome to the cappuccino!

You make a very good point about REAL ART being very different from any Hollywood reality show. Actually, any reality show is very different from any life, isn't it? And the fact of creating art and having art be accepeted takes such a long time. I think that is also what makes a huge difference in these 2 shows, too. The BBC production was all about what it takes to study art and about how much it involves being present, the time, the energy, etc. Where the one being explored by Hollywood is more about pitting artist against artist for the sake of a show and the result of money. You are right it is nothing ever sincere. And that, alone, is not going to impact anyone who cares, at all, about their art. The speed of Hollywood alone, will not allow for that to happen.

You just keep painting and writing, my friend! You have so much to say and so much to share. Thank you for taking the time to come here and continue to share.

Simone Maynard said...

my hatred of reality tv just got stronger. though i must admit - i would probably watch it if it went ahead and reached my tv.... the curiousity would get me - but for all the wrong reasons. the idea of this show is a worry.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Simone,

It is amazing how something like art can take this form. Like you, I would also probably watch it a time or two because of my own curosity. In some ways we are all interested in the lives of others, if it is real or not. Even art can be that way, if you think about it and depending on what it is you understand about what you see.

Thanks for visiting. It is always a pleasure to hear your thoughts on subjects.

Anonymous said...

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