Monday, February 25, 2008

Movable Studio and Honors!

Happy Monday Everyone! Friday's post inspired some of you out there. I have noted this morning two other bloggers have spoken about it. You might like to visit their blogs. Diane writes Umbrella Watercolors and has created a pieced based on some work she did with her mother! Please visit her and see what she has done. And Paula writes Second Studio from New Mexico and has featured me on her blog today. She said she is going to try the woven paintings. Thank you both for this lovely honor. I am glad you felt inspired by Friday's post. And guess what? This is not what I have to share with you this week! We will get to that soon, but not today. Stay tuned, though. There are a few more things to do and that will be ready to share with you!

Last week, I promised I would let you have a look/see at my very cramped studio. Above you see my little music area. Now, though for a little background. For those of you who are not aware of it, we move a lot so my studio has to be very mobile. The last move we made was from Europe so our possessions arrived in 3 shipments and at the time, my daughter was also living with us. So everyone grabbed the spaces they wanted while I was unpacking things like the kitchen, and this little bedroom was left for me. I am such a good mama! :) I was so wanting to paint, I just unpacked my things and set up a simple studio. No painting...I didn't want to take the time to strip that ugly anything except plopping things down. One day, I will claim another space, so I can redo this room, but for now it is what I have.

From the door, this is what the room looks like...yes, it is also my library! :) That may change sooner, rather than later. Do you see the drying line? I mainly dry my brushes here, but lately I have been working with rice paper and also wipe off brushes on tissue (which can make for some really interesting painted papers for collage) and find drying those on that line works great.

This area sits to my right when I am at my work table and just behind me when I am at my easel. I know it looks very messy, but I know just where everything is located...and no one else can find a thing (you know I love that).

This tambour sits to the right of my easel and holds a lot of things for me. The nice thing about a lot of the items I use is they can be easily broken down and moved where I need to go next.

And this is my work is actually an old drafting board...there is a parallel bar at the top...which sits on another table. Can you see my paper storage on the table under the board?

This is not an ideal studio, but it works for me for now. If you could see what I have to do when we live in locations where we do not purchase a house you would probably be shocked! The good news about this spot is it is just across the hall from both a bathroom and a laundry room, so I have good access to sinks! I don't have to hang plastic from the walls here and I have a room!

Here are today's questions. Do you have a separate room for your studio? Do you have special needs for your studio? Do you have any ideas which will be helpful when you have to relocate a studio with regularly?

Do not forget to keep checking here, because once everything is ready, you will be the first to know The Secret.


Unknown said...

I love your blog. I enjoy seeing your studio. The last two words of your post struck me like a lightning bolt. I have been focusing very strongly on The Secret for the past two weeks. It is amazing(wonder if we're talking about the same secret?:))

Have a joyful day!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Cindy! I know The Secret you are talking about and keep it the main focus in my life, too. But this blog I keep to my art experiences. The secret here is a project I am excited about and have been working on for a little while. Come back tomorrow (probably) to see what it is all about.


~Babs said...

Well deserved honors Kim; congrats!
Your space in many ways looks like mine. I have a small converted bedroom also, which is running over, and it looks like yours is too. What I do need is a paper sheet storage cart like you have. I have a gift card,,,armed and dangerous,,,look out supply store!
Want you to know that whatever your surprise is,,,I am extremely happy and excited for you,,,(!!)but I may not be here to say so. Having a run-away Mother/Daughter long week-end. Museums, Galleries,,,Restaurants and seeing "Chicago".

Andrea and Kim said...

Yippeee! Babs! I am glad you are going to be going with your daughter on a long weekend! Now that is going to be so much fun! I will be eager to hear all about the fun you two had! This is exciting! Really!

Whew! I was so worried my "studio" would be worrisome. The funny thing is we have a lovely daylight basement which is being reserved for the infamous train layout my husband dreams of! Yes, not one bit of go on that, but the dream is there.

Thanks for stopping by, Babs, and Have a Tremendous Weekend with your Daughter!


Unknown said...

dear Kim, It is very interesting to see where you work. I love this creative chaos, all the tools, paints and things. I like the black thing where you store lots of things right beside your easel! It looks awfully functional!
And the drying line is a great idea!
The thing about rooms you do not paint before moving in: you can throw around paint better without feeling bad about the stains on the walls. Ahhh, one day we will all have a big big studio with lots of different aereas for different things, at least that's what I'm dreaming of:)

Andrea and Kim said...

Ah, me too Andrea! I dream of a lovely studio space! But I belive dreams come true, so I know it will happen for both of us! You just have to keep dreaming and maintain your focus!

It is a wild room, to be sure! The tambour is an excellent tool! I really love it a lot and have used this one for about 8 years now. This particular one is a nice plastic (is there such a thing?), but you can purchase some lovely ones in wood (expensive). The drying line works great. Little hooks are just above the door frames, so you can't even see the holes they make...then just string. It works great for drying brushes and paper!

You are right about not painting and being able to splash paint about! One day, I will move the books to another location and get into a space with more light!

Thanks, my friend!


Diane Widler Wenzel said...

Thank you for sharing your bedroom art place. I am fascinated and find it very informative. Mine is also in a bedroom and I posted photographs of it November 7, 2007.

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh, you are so welcome! I always think it is lovely to consider the surroundings of someone when they are being creative! For so many years I designed boxes for people to work...and I could never understand how they could take it in those places. I am glad you enjoyed this tiny tour!

I am off to see your space!

Thanks for stopping by!

San said...

Thanks, Kim, for these glimpses into your environment. I'm a peeping tom at heart when it comes to seeing how other people work.

Answers to your questions:

My studio is the left-behind bedroom of my college-age daughter. She took most of her furniture when she moved into a house, so her room has fairly ample space for working large. When she comes home, I clear out for the visit and either work in the garage (if it's not too cold) or in our little stairwell room, which has awesome light. I make do, which is what people who make art do. Special needs: better light for working at night. Ideas for relocating: see above I guess. :-)

I enjoy your questions, Kim. I still intend to do a post one of these days, inspired by your color question a while back. It's percolating...

Andrea and Kim said...

San, you are the greatest! It seems we all end up working in bedrooms! I have also had studios in when my children were little and I needed to be closer.

You live in a lovely place for great light. I miss the light of the western part of our country and of south central England and northwestern France! At least those are my experiences. I am sure there are other quite wonderful places, too.

I am glad you enjoy the questions. They help me, too. I think when we can get an idea why we do things, then we can give ourselves the permission to change them. :) I know, I know! I have lost my mind.

Thanks San!

marianne said...

Fun to visit your studio Kim!
When I did the post I had just tidied the place up a week before, but normally my desk is so full with things that I often wonder how I can work there?!
I see you have a lot of stuff as well ;)
Why are you moving so Kim? Is it your or your husbands work. The answer is probably in your blog somewhere before I knew you.
have a nice day and wonderful creations, I look forward to seeing them!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Marianne!

I didn't do much tidying, I can say. I work with a lot of stuff around me...for some reason I always have done that.

My husband's work moves us about. We have not lived here but less than 2 years. We were in England 2 years before that. This is our home base, but it looks as though we will be off again before very long. :)

Thanks so much, Marianne! I had a fun time at your blog too.