Thursday, February 14, 2008


So I thought I would give you all a good little chuckle here today. Do you remembe last week when I showed you that brushstroke piece on rice paper? Well, it is the upper part of this piece and the lower part is your valentine for today. You know me, I can't do anything too cute for V Day. I thought you would like this little playing around with the camera.
The other thing I thought I would point out to you today is the list of books I have placed on the sidebar. I have two list which I have just started and will add to as time moves forward. If anyone has any book suggestions, I am always interested in suggestions for reading materials. I think the Art Books are obvious, however if I don't read something else before I go to bed, I am up all night thinking about what else I need to do. I thought some of you might also be like that, so I included another list of non-Art books.
So today, I send you a lot of LOVE and CREATIVITY. Let me know what/who brings love to your life. Me? There are so many beautiful and loving aspects to my life - of course my very special family, my friends, art and you, my dear friends.
Happy Valentines Day!


Anonymous said...

I love being creative and I love what people have to say about the creative things I do.
Happy Valentine's Day, Kim

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank You Chewy! That is very true there is a great deal of love when people share from their heart!

Thank you for stopping by today! I have enjoyed exploring your blog lately.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine'Day Kim.


Andrea and Kim said...

And To You, My Friend!

Anonymous said...

Kim, are you all right?
I just log in to TMG and you seemed upset....
I left a comment asking where is the ART?
Too much discussions and hardly any art work.

Take care,

Unknown said...

Kim, Happy Valentine's Day, I love your painted heart, thanks:)
I'm like that too, I mean I'm thinking about what to do next day and lying there doesn't help cause when you lie there you do nothing so you read to get away from it:) And then I fall asleep after a page and can't help it..
Have a good day and thanks for your comments on my blog which I love

Andrea and Kim said...


I so agree with you! My day has been one of no creativity today! I have felt attacked and have a lot of hurt for others, too.

I also need more art.

Thank you for your concern.

Let's speak tomorrow!

Andrea and Kim said...

Ah Andrea! You are a dear! Sleep is so important, then I get things on my mind and can't get sleep! ARGH!

Oh well, I learn each day! Thank you for your love!

Lynette said...

((((Kim))) I hope you feel better now. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping too, it can make you feel bad that whole day. I love your painting and it's perfect for Valentine's Day!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oops, you see what I mean about sleep...I answered this on the yesterday post! Am I crazy or what? :)

Ah, thank you. I am glad you like it! I thought it was rather funny, really...with the painting last week really ending up being a Valentine!

You are so sweet! Thanks!

~Babs said...

I'm saying the same thing to all my Blogger Buddies,,,,May you ALWAYS have enough love!
Also loved the 'surprise' valentine painting,,,,,,too cool!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Babs! I am glad you like the valentine painting!

You know what? Right now, I am feeling so very loved! It is amazing how you really do get what you ask for and need!

I have some of the most incredible people visit me here. I wish I could give each of you a HUGE HUG!

Babs, May You ALWAYS Have Enough LOVE, too!

You are very dear to me.

Todd Camplin said...

Sorry for the rise and fall of the artists group. As always, I will be a continue to visit. I will drop by soon.

Andrea and Kim said...

Todd! Yes, it is sad! I am glad you will continue to visit. As always your comments are always helpful. I will be visiting you, too.

colorspeaker said...

I love THIS! Violets, lavender, fuchsia! Don't Stop!

Andrea and Kim said...

Okay, Julianne. I had so much fun with this one! I have an idea for carrying it through.

Thanks for visiting me here.