Monday, February 18, 2008

A Few Weekend Bits

I played a bit in the studio this weekend, and actually began a new series. But more on that later. My studio is small, but I insist on working on large canvases. I know it makes no sense, but I just can't help wanting to put my entire self into the work. So I end up playing with some other things while I am working on one large piece. And here you will see the result of some of those bits and pieces. Do you recognize this? It is similar to a sketch from the sketchbook posting on Friday. This is rice paper (but your probably already caught on to that) with paint brushed and splashed about, crumpled when it was wet, flattened back out and some sweeps of copper paint added. Well, I had been wanting to do something with this image, so I just popped it on this paper. Of course the paper and the crumples made getting the lines smooth an issue. Part of me says they need to be more crisp...that would be the part that wants contrast. The other part of me says the blurred lines add to the meditative quality...that would be the part of me that probably wants this to be better than it is :) I know it is just a bit of paint on a paper like a doodle, but what do you think?

These are two bits of paper which are not attached to each other...just lying there. The bottom one is actually rice tissue paper, with the same kind of crumpling and folding for creasing, with color added. The top one is heavier rice paper which has not been crumpled, but only had paint added to it. The silver will see something similar again - maybe later in the week. What do you think here?

Now I have a question for you. As many of you know I have to keep my studio portable since we move about with some regularity. I have been searching for an easel I can use when painting on the deep canvases so I can get at all edges at any time. Something in the back of my mind says I saw one in use in a studio in England, but for the life of me I cannot find any such animal. The one I think I saw had a feature where you could attach the canvas frame to the easel and this allowed all the edges to be free of touching a surface. And I think it even was made so you could "spin" the canvas to get to all edges easily. Why didn't I ask when I was at the studio? Well, that studio was on TV. Has anyone out there seen anything like this? Do you know the type of easel it is called? Do you know where I can purchase one? Hanging on the walls to work, right now, is just not an option for me. If you have other ideas, I am listening....

So I begin with lots of questions this week! But I believe it is going to be exciting around here, so come back to see what is up!

Here is to a beautiful, CREATIVE week!


Leah said...

oh, i like the image that came from your sketchbook. it makes me think of a unique language, a letter in your own personal language.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you Leah! Mmm, well, I am not that great with words, but maybe I could develop some type of language with some of these funny little sketches I have about! :)

No idea about the easel, uh?

~Babs said...

hmmmm, that first image makes me think of a kneeling figure.
Love the layered look of the second.
As for the easel,,,,I am no help,,,I have a big old desk, and I prop the canvas against the wall to paint.(with plastic tacked to the wall)
I do know that IF they have Hobby Lobby where you are,,,,they have a weekly ad in the newspaper,,,they often run their easels at 50% off.This includes the really large nice ones.This is where I always shop,,,,I just wait till what I'm needing is on 50% discount.

Might also try some of the online houses, Blick, Cheap Joe's, etc.,,,but I'd imagine the shipping would be high.

Michael's always has a '40% off any one item' weekly coupon. Don't know if they carry easels though.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs,

Yes, the first one, in my sketchbook, was labeled "meditation". You see very well, because the second one has lots of layers. It is kind of fun to "clean" my brushes, etc. on this paper and then see what happens from there.

As for the easels. I have one I use all the time. I am just looking for this particular type where I can fix the canvases on the back and get at all edges easily. As you would expect, I know Hobby Lobby, but that is a western orgazation. We have Michael's here, though. Mainly, I use online shopping since I can far beat any local prices that way.

Thanks for all of your insights and help here. It is always a pleasure to see your name pop up here.

Anonymous said...

I can see that you used your sketches to create more paintings.
Very, very nice...

That easel you describe sounds quite interesting...I never saw one like that.
Maybe if you keep looking online you may find something similar.
Good luck with your search.

Talk to you later.


Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Danielle! Sometimes you just want to hang out and do some things in the studio. I was feeling that way this weekend, but I also needed something to do while I was waiting for my main project to dry.

I only wish I could find that easel. I think the studio was at the Chelsea College of Art in London. I might just have to write them and ask! I will post it here if I can find it.

Thanks Danielle.

colorspeaker said...

Wow...this is my favorite one yet. A dreamscape.
Just what I needed today...

Andrea and Kim said...

Really? Thanks, Julianne! You rest, the flu is a brutal thing this year.

Feel Better!