Friday, February 15, 2008

Do You Keep A Sketchbook?

You all know I am love my abstract art. It is very much how I think and how I move through my life. Clearly, that would carry over to my art. I am very interested in process. For many years, I did not keep a sketchbook, but recently I have started doing that. Sometimes, I doodle little recognizable images, but most often I do not.
Please excuse my finger here...this is a little sketchbook. I was thinking about meditation, obviously when I did this little sketch. I have always wanted to use this image in a large work, but the opportunity hasn't presented itself.

And sometimes I combine some journaling with some images. Who knows what you might read be cautious :)

And I do play with color, too! This is in a moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

And some days I just want to color...sorry about this image. These are metallic watercolor crayons. It is brutally difficult to get a clearer image quickly with this medium. I didn't think you would mind, though.

The most important thing is to just have fun!

Do you sketch nonrepresentational work? What kind of sketchbooks do you like? Would you share your sketchbook with other people?

Have a Wonderful and Creative Weekend! And Let Me Know What You Are Thinking and Doing.


vivien said...

I sketch a lot and my sketchbooks are where I work through ideas, sketch for fun, work around ideas and stick in stuff that interests me - figurative and non-figurative


my sketchbooks are a great resource for me to go back to, though i don't reproduce what's there but work on from it, just using it as a starting point

Unknown said...

Hi Kim, I love your Sketchbook. It looks so familiar to me, that is funny, isn't it? I always sketch a lot too in my Moleskine,(but you know that already), when I'm on the road, and colour the sketches afterwards with watercolours. I love to share these things, as they speak so well. Sketches are so communicative, for me.
I especially love your "meditation" sketch.
Have a wonderful weekend

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Vivien, I am a lot like you in that my sketchbooks have always been an inspiration to me. Having said that, I am thinking that just may be changing. Lately, there have been some ideas creaping in I rather like to think about in a larger format. I use them TONS when I travel and when I am out and about.

I am off to take a look at your sketchbooks. Thank you for the links.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Andrea and Kim said...

Andrea! Why does it not surprise me my sketchbooks look familiar to you? No shock there!

Which moleskine do you use? The watercolor one or the sketch one? I always carry a small sketch one in my matter where I am. I have a watercolor one which is larger, and I use that when I travel. What kind of pen do you use for your sketches you add color to later? I have never settled on a single one, but would like to do so.

Yes, the meditation sketch is one of those gestural things. Then I played around with the gestural mark and ended up with this idea. Still wondering, though.

You have a lovely weekend, too, Dear Andrea!

~Babs said...

No, I don't really use a sketch book. I used to have one of sorts,,,filled it up and somehow never got around to replacing it. I do snatch up napkins,,,McDonalds bags,,,whatever happens to be handy at the moment.
Enjoyed seeing yours!

Lynette said...

I started to keep a sketchbook a while back but I'm afraid I mostly neglect it. I would think of titles for something I was working on and jot it in there. Kim I really like your sketches and especially that last one with the round shapes hanging by strings. This would make a great surreal painting!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs! I used to not keep a sketchbook unless it was required for a class :). I think it was the rebel in me at that time. But then I found moleskines and was hooked! Absolutely hooked. They make some small ones which actually stay together when they hang out in my bag. I started using those and now I have several around and use those little books for just about everything.

Hey, show some of your napkin and bag drawings! Now wouldn't that be a great sketchbook? The Napkin and Bag Book! :)

Gosh Babs! You always inspire me.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Lynnette! See what I said to Babs about how I began with the sketchbook deal. I have to say, unlike many others in the blog world, I do not do this every single day. The moleskines are not cheap, but I think the main thing is finding the right sketchbook for you is the important part of keeping this going. I have even seen some nice instructions for making your own sketchbook on the web...although, I am sorry to say, I can't remember where. If I find them, I will let you know.

I am glad you liked some of these sketch examples. The last one...what a doodle. I did that when I was telling a little child friend a story about friendly bugs. But I am glad you liked it and will look closer to see if it might become something more.

Thanks Lynnette! You always give me some wonderful things to think about.

Anonymous said...

Great sketch book Kim....

I use mine also and let my imagination direct me. It is very relaxing and very often it gives me more ideas.
Sketching every day is a good idea even on napkins :)
I usually throw those napkins away....I guess I shouldn't!

Have a great weekend.


Andrea and Kim said...

Ah Thank You Danielle.

That is true, it is very relaxing to just play with the sketchbook. I would love to be able to give myself some sketch time each day. The issue with me is I am still trying to keep up with my here and one on the phone :)...and husband (who can be a relatively needy man). Therefore, I just do not take the time each day to sketch. I can often go back into old ones and find inspiration, though.

True, why not glue the napkins in the least the sketch part of them?

You have a great weekend, too, Danielle! Thanks for giving me so much to consider.

~Babs said...

I never met a man who was not needy. Nope, don't think so. Never.

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh My Friend! I am laughing so hard! But I think you are right! I love this man dearly, but my gosh he has his needs! Even my son says so!

Still Laughing!

Anonymous said...

I have several sketchbooks I've purchased over the years... with the intention of using them to sketch ideas. Most often I use my camera to capture nature images for reference.

I am currently reading "Spirit of Drawing, a sensory meditation guide to creative expression". This book has refreshed my observational and sensual techniques and stimulated me to actually use my dusty blank sketchbooks.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Chewy,

I use a camera a lot, too, Chewy. As you can see, I mostly use my sketchbook for thinking about what the camera can't capture. Cameras are fabulous!

Thank you so much for the book information. I am going now to look it up. It sounds very interesting. When you get some things in your sketchbook, let us have a look/see.

Thanks for visiting, Chewy.

Belinda Flores-Shinshillas said...

Kim, No, I don't use a sketch book. I should, but I put on canvas or paper evething that is in my mind. As a project I am going to start doing this practice that can be very helpful.


maz said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Kim. I've enjoyed reading about your sketchbooks- very inspiring and I'm resolved to use mine more constructively...I have maybe a dozen moleskines or other deliciously tempting notebooks dotted around my space, in the car etc... for writing as much as visual ideas. I'm a bit erratic when it comes to getting my ideas in order, a true scatter brain. I've enjoyed blogging as it does help me find some kind of order! (Sometimes) Talking of inspirational books I've just ordered 'Art Forms in the Plant World' which looks SO interesting- watch my blog for a review!

Andrea and Kim said...

Belinda, You do have a lot in your mind, that is for sure. I have to say it surprises me to know you have not kept a sketchbook. I honestly thought you would be one to do that. Do you journal, since you are also a poet? Maybe that is your sketching.

I have to say some reasonable things have come from the sketchbook recently. As I am here thinking of it, though, maybe the sketchbook thing has also come about since I have to remain so mobile. Belinda, you always give me something to contemplate.

Do let us see what happens from your sketching. I can imagine the sketchbook will be breathtaking.

Andrea and Kim said...

Maz! I will for sure keep my eye out for your review of the book! Thanks for the heads up on that.

Yes, I hear you about being scattered, but when we have so much on our minds.... It sounds as though you are a journaler. I have done that for many years and find it gives me a place to "leave" my thoughts for the day. I have lots of those I have filled over the last 15 years or so.

Try the sketching while you are waiting in line. One thing which sometimes works for me is to put some color on the page when I am in the studio, then I can just doodle myself silly when I am out. :)

Thanks for visiting. I will be back to your blog to poke about more.

The Artist In Me said...

Hi Kim! I definitely own a sketchbook. As I told a friend, I sometimes do more writing in my sketchbook than I do sketching (all of which either fuel my work or are included in my work). To carry it is more of a habit learned from college, but I see where it is crucial for me to jot down ideas and thoughts as soon as they occur.

Andrea and Kim said...

I know what you mean. It sounds as though this has become a life habit for you. I can't say I am in the habit place yet...that is another long story! :)

As you know, then, keeping a sketchbook is way cool.

Thanks for visiting here today.

Simone Maynard said...

i think documenting in journal or sketchbook form is so important, not just for artists either. This is one of the reasons I keep a blog. I use it, to some degree as a visual diary. hope u r well.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Simone, it is lovely to have you visit. I totally agree with you about keeping a sketchbook or journal. I do both, actually. I have been journaling for many, many years and find it hard to give up as it keeps me focused on the things which are important in my life. For me, there is something about feeling the ink glide across the paper which is appealing. I have heard many people say keeping a blog is far more personal for them than the kind of journal I keep here. If you saw my journal, it would be far too confusing :)

I am well, thank you Simone! I hope you are doing well, too.