Monday, February 11, 2008

Other Art

So today I thought it would be interesting for you to see some of the art I enjoy which is not mine. I love all kinds of art. I am particularly drawn to glass and have pieces from several people. I like glass vessels, glass sculpture, stained glass and glass jewelry. I would probably have worked more with this medium, however it is very dangerous and I did have small children at one point. I am very satisfied now to enjoy the work of other glass artist. Here are a few pieces we have:

This is Mariposa and was created by Bill Meek of Meek Studios ( ). If you have any interest in glass at all, visit Bill's gallery. With pieces like this, Bill actually uses a hammer on very thick slabs of glass, then he polishes the pieces and glues them together. Of course the butterfly had color added and was carefully crafted. I adore this piece so much.

This glass vessel was done at Wimberly Glass Works ( in Wimberly, Texas. I am sorry I cannot remember the series name. I love the way the colors meld with glass.

As you can probably tell, this one also is from Wimberly Glass Works. It is from their Bamboo Series.

These beautiful bracelets are an example of the work of lamp artist (and my friend), Lesley McIver ( ). I have several of Lesley's pieces and they are incredible. She is a true artist and I encourage you to visit her web site if you have any interest in glass jewelry.
And this is one of the pieces by yours truly. I did this as a gift for my husband over 25 years ago (he wasn't my husband then). He had done some traveling and brought back the pound note and stamps...he wanted something to keep them (have I mentioned he is a scientist and we are as opposite as can be?). I even made the frame with the help of a dear elderly friend of mine who has since passed away. Of course, since then we have lived in England and traveled a great deal more, but this piece remains dear to him (and that is what counts). I did other pieces, but this one always gets unpacked and put up.

Now I not only have paintings of my own, but paintings done by friends, too. This whimsy was created by Silke Brenker of Itzehoe, Germany. Isn't he wonderful? Silke is in the middle of a move at the moment, but I can let you know information about how to see some of her other works as soon as she can get settled. She has some wonderful pieces.

Okay, so I confess...I also love fibers! There! I said it! I spent many years with the sewing machine and have even played around with looms and all kinds of things. My friends know this and often find special gifts for me. My best friend also knows of my love of vessels (my theory is it is a woman thing, since we are vessels ourselves), so she found this very special felted bag for me. I wish I could have gotten a better photograph of it, but I just didn't have the right spot this morning. Can you see those special pieces of silk ribbon couched into the felt? I am sorry I do not know the artist of this piece.

And okay! I also love pottery. This piece my daughter gave me for Christmas this past year. She purchased it at the student art show at her University. I can't make out the artist's mark on this one. My apologies to the student who produced it. If you see this, please let me know who you are. It is beautiful. I have played with pottery a bit, but it is really not my medium. I think there is too much precision for me or I just cannot gain the control I want. The thing I absolutely love about pottery (and I have a lot of it about as my daugher enjoys throwing pots) is you know and can actually feel the artist's hand on each piece. Isn't that a fabulous thing?
So you can see I really, really love all kinds of arts and crafts, but painting is the one that has the ability to draw me in each day! I pick up other things from time to time and I will continue to do so. I am greatly inspired by all of these (and more) pieces around me and feel honored to have them in my home.
Tell me! What other art do you have? Does it inspire you? Why do you like it? Is there a particular medium you do not work with that calls you to it? Do you think you will always stay with what you are doing now?
I hope you have enjoyed this little adventure.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kim, for sharing your treasures with us this morning.
They are lovely.


Andrea and Kim said...

Ah Thank You Danielle! I bet you have some wonderful pieces, too. I am particularly fond of the friends who are feeding the birds at your house.

I always appreciate you stopping by to see me.

Lynette said...

What a wonderful treat for the eyes Kim, thanks for sharing all these beautiful treasures with us! I love the glass piece you made for your husband!

Andrea and Kim said...

Ah Lynnette! Thank you! I sometimes think it is fun to see what kinds of things other artist have around them as inspiration.

I am glad you like the piece I did. He adores it and that is what matters. The two of us love glass so much!

Thanks Lynnette, it is always a treat to have you visit me.

~Babs said...

Hi Kim,,,and thanks for the 'show and tell'.
Loved it!
Are you familiar with Dale Chihuly? Fabulous glass artist. We are fortunate that we have one of his installations at the Museum in Oklahoma City. See it at:
Also love your pottery! I am a real sucker for pottery of any kind,,,but especially rustic, primitive styles.
That is an amazing piece of art you made your husband, take a bow!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Babs! I am glad you enjoyed this little show. I do know of Dale's work! Excellent, to be sure! You are so very lucky to have one of Dale's installations in OKC!

Yes, Pottery is something very special. Oh that old pottery is really fabulous to be sure. I bet it is quite beautiful.

I am glad you liked the piece I did. It was fun.

It is good to see you back, my friend.

Cathie said...

Hi Kim - came across your link on Andrea's blog. I am inspired by your work - it is very bold and speaks to me in a loud voice. I see you live in Virginia - are you going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton? Even though you are not a fiber artist, you would find much inspiration there as it is fascinating to see how other artists interpret the world. Fiber artists "paint" with thread and fibers -- it is a wonderful show if you get the chance to visit.
Thanks for the beauty you provide here. I'll be back.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Cleveland...Welcome!

I am honored with your visit and with your kind words about my art. Bold...well, that is a good word for me when it comes to my art. Thanks! Isn't Andrea a delight?

I do not have plans to attend the quilt festival in Hampton, although I attended a large festival in Houston when we lived there. I adore fibers and have worked with them since I was very young. They were also a HUGE part of my interior design program in college (way back when). You are right, there are so many art forms which are inspirational, even if they are not one's main focus.

I am glad you enjoyed your visit and look forward to your return to my blog.