Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In The Spirit of Testing

This is just a small 8 x 10 acrylic I did as a test on a canvas board. I had used the board for something else before this and you can see some lines running vertically from that earlier test. I have rather liked this piece and kept it around. Actually, my Horizon Series sprang from this particular test painting.

So do you test out your paintings like this? Or do you have a different method. This is not the only thing I do, but more on that later on.

Do you keep older things around your studio which doesn't relate to what you are currently working on?


Daphne Enns said...

Hi Kim.

Yes, I keep my older work. I have one that I'll start over again at some point. Others are complete and I don't think that I'll try selling them anymore since they are my first pieces and while they are good and complete I don't do that type of work anymore and at the time reinvented the wheel every time. It didn't occur to me to make a series back then (I think that I was thinking like a designer back then-each floor plan was different). I want to keep those to see where I figured out that I was a painter.

I'm thrilled to see where your Horizon Series began by the way.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Daphne, thank you for your thoughtful comment. It is interesting to think about series, isn't it? I sometimes have problems with them, thus my reason for working on more than one at a time. I never thought about seeing it all through the lens of design where you have one project, then move on to the next one. That makes all the sense in the world, though.

I have kept all that design work, but I am contemplating a future series incorporating them. What would that mean? A way of leaving it behind or a way of blending it with what I am doing now?

You and I probably have a lot we could talk about with our similar transitions.

Come visit again, soon.

Lynette said...

What gorgeous colors in this piece, so soft and lovely! I do have some old paintings and they are stacked up and sitting in the floor right now. I look at them every now and then and see if something can be done with them.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Lynnette! It is so different from my darker things. I like these colors, too.

Ha Ha Ha! I thought most artist probably had "Test" pieces hanging out with them. Like you, it is good to keep them around and see if there is inspiration there or possibly something else might be done with them. I keep thinking of collages with some of my old ID drawings, too. I have years and years of those things! And ID sketchbook stuff! I probably should pull some of that stuff out to see what might be one...well, sometime maybe for some series down the line! :)

Thanks As Always, Lynnette!

Unknown said...

Hi Kim, I like your test a lot! I browsed your blog and looked for the horizon series, are they here? I found other paintings which reminded me horizons, (I love the red red one:) but none was called like that.
Oh and I answered your question on my blog:)
have a wonderful day with all your canvases and paint

Anonymous said...

When I'm doing a canvas painting I test the colours in a sketch book with acrylic paint first. The colours might change once the painting is underway, but it's important for me to do that as I like to have a starting point.
I have older paintings on the walls which are VERY different, but I still like them. Others, however, stand in the Corner of Shame waiting for me to paint over them, and I do, and I do it with relish!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Andrea,

I am glad you like this painting. I have always liked it, too. If you go to my web site, you can see my Horizon Series. I did most of them when we lived in England.

I will go to your blog now to read your reply.

Thanks Andrea

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Jess!

You make me smile! I know I also have a corner of shame! I like those words :) Funny! I often paint over old things I don't like, too. But there are some I find are helpful to hang out with a bit. This is one of them. And some, I paint over so much they are too heavy to take any more paint!

Yes, a lot of artists do the painting test in a sketchbook. I tried doing that with the current painting, but I got so involved with the canvas, I forgot the sketchbook. So I don't think that is going to work for me! You seem to be far more organized a painter than I, anyway! :)

It is always good to hear your thoughts on these things, Jess. You have a lot of experience to share!

Thank you!

~Babs said...

Beautiful piece Kim. Soft, serene color. Somehow makes me think of boats,,,oars,,,rowing.
Or a Regatta maybe.
I never, hardly ever throw anything away. Have used many old paper and/or canvas pieces in collage work. I have tossed a few paintings,,,,but I feel rarely is one a total loss,,,,almost always can be "re-purposed".

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Babs! So a Regatta! I had not thought of that one. I always saw this piece as the sun rising in a summer sky.

Yes, like you, I rarely toss anything, either. I wonder what that is? I just always think there is some way to use things. Kind of like seeing things I put in recycle or the garbage as something I might use in the studio! Is that being a pack rat? frugal? no, I think it is being green. :)